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If they are new to the school, they can come here and RP for a bit. OR others too.

4/4/2011 #1

the car pulled up on the curb and. Annabeth looked across the lawn before sighing. There were few people on the lawn. Annabeth shuffled to the side and onto the lawn. Waving behind her as her aunt smiled and drove away.

4/7/2011 #2

(I own two characters that are in this chapter and their friends, four of them I guess, I'll write apps for them after, k?)

A new girl, Rebecca thought. I wish her luck.

Cassidy eyed the girl with cold eyes, crossing her arms and smirking. Her two followers, Frankie and Andie, smiled too.

Cassidy caught Rebecca's eye before heading to the new girl.

"Hey, Rookie! Why don't you introduce youself?" Cassidy looked back at Rebecca's pleading face.

Cassidy disobeyed her twin, using her magic to make the girl drop her stuff.

(sorry for making my character rude, but she's a bully. Nothing personal. You can be like that too if it's in your character, but not to other PEOPLE, as in users.)

4/7/2011 #3

Annabeth frowned turning her head to the group of girls. Annabeth loten she called over her shoulder

4/8/2011 #4
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