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Who's your favorite character and least-favorite character on the show?

4/20/2011 #1

Well, I love MOLLY the most and... I don't have a least fav. It would be Gobe (if that's how it's spelled), but then I saw the space episode. It also could be Nonni, but then he's super cute when he smiles!

3/10/2012 #2
Shizuku Tsukishima749

God, my favorite? Uh...Gil, I guess...? But geez, Molly's so sweet, pretty, and has a gorgeous voice... So I guess those two are my faves. XD

My least fave is definitely Deema. Don't get me wrong, she's a great character. I've just always been really put-off toward drama-queen, somewhat-self-centered people...and that's how I see her. XD No offense to Deema fans, of course! *U*

10/13/2012 #3

My favorite character is Molly, love her voice and singing along with her when she sings. Character My favorite boy Gil is just him, so cute. Well the least favorite is Nonny and Deema, I do not know why.

10/23/2013 #4
My favorite boy is Nonny. He is like me in a way. He is shy and nice and smart. My least favorite boy is Goby, do not know why. My favorite girl is Oona. She is just so sweet and kind. My least favorite girl is Deema, I mean, she funny and crazy and cool, she is just.......ugh....
11/9/2013 #5
My top three would be Nonny,Goby and Oona. I can't choose between them. I love Goby's personality, Oona's cuteness and innocence, and Nonny's mysteriousness. My least favorite is Molly. I just don't like her personality and I find her somewhat an attention hog.
11/27/2013 #6
Well I love them all but I love Molly and Gil the most. Why? Cause Molly is sweet and caring. Shes very articulate and loves to sing like me. I love Gil because hes silly and will try anything if necessary.
11/30/2013 #7
I Really Like Molly And Gil The Most Because Molly's Great Persinality And Singing Voice And Gil Because He Is Supper Funny And Can Sing And Dance. Also A Really Great Couple I Kinda Don't Like Deema Because She Try's Too Act Funnny Like Gil But She Can't
12/16/2013 #8

Not to be defensive and all but you how could you think Deema acts funny like Gil? And When is Gil actually funny? I would get it if she was a drama queen in all but acts too funny like Gil? I need an answer for this one.

12/17/2013 #9
That's Just My Opinion Okay
12/17/2013 #10
Not to be mean or an instigator, but I agree with JayJay. Gil isn't really funny. He is just accident prone and silly. Deema on the other hand,Is basically the drama queen. She just embraces acting. However, she is funny from time to time :D.
12/17/2013 #11
My favorite girls are Deema and Oona and my favorite boys are Goby and Gil. Personally,I am not too interested in Molly and Nonny but they are good characters. I like Deema because of her wild and outspoken personality,I like Oona because she is seriously cute,I like Gil because he is just so awesome and I like Goby because he makes a good entertainer and he is too cute!
12/18/2013 #12

Yes I understand but I asked for a reason. Like I said beforeI'm not trying to be defensive over a Nick Jr. Character but I really just wanted to see your thought or point of view of things. And Thank you Love I think I'm on the same page as you

12/18/2013 #13
Okay U Want My Reason It Is Just That She Try's To Act Funny But She Sounds So Stupid And Hey Gil Is Kinda Funny But Dumb Too That Is My Reason
12/18/2013 #14
Can you really call four year olds stupid? They're not as smart in comparison to Nonny,but seriously,they are only 4.
12/19/2013 #15
Okay what I am trying to say is that she seems like not the smartest but she is not stupid it is just that she try's too hard to act funny
12/20/2013 #16
Well it's just a show. "Tries too hard?". Trying too hard to be funny is like trying to make a joke out of something painfully boring or emotional. She is just alright. Plus,some groups need that. Like I know in the idol groups I listen to and follow,they need an entertainer/comedian to hold them up in the entertainment world. If BG was real,either Gil or Deema would be perfect for that.
12/20/2013 #17

My mind: Nelvana's mind

Oona Molly

Nonny Gil

Deema Goby/Deema

Goby Nonny

Gil Bubble Puppy

Molly Oona

3/8/2014 #18

My favorite character is definitely Nonny. He's so cute and I can relate to him even though I'm a female. My second favorite character is Deema because she's funny and reminds me of a close friend of mine from school. No offense, but I think Deema's way funnier than Gil. My least favorite character would probably have to be Molly. She's not a terrible character, she's just not that interesting compared to the others. Other than her singing voice, I can't think of anything that stands out about her. I like Gil, Goby, and Oona about the same.

5/15/2014 #19
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