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Be "realistic" about strength. Have fun with it though.

4/7/2011 #1

Use this.

Hero/Villain Name:

Real Name:







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Hero/Villain Name: Spider-Girl Real Name: May Parker Age: 14

Power(s): All of the powers her dad has but with some difference and one of them being that she can spinorganic spider webs from her wrists, every time she sweats she emits a pheromone that attracts guys, and she has small glands of venom in her mouth that are only active when she's angry Appearance: May has a pretty lean body with a very flat stomach. Facially she looks a bit more like her dad especially with her eyes but she looks like her mom everywhere else due to her long dark brown hair and generous curves on her body and long and long, well-maintained dark red hair Equipment/Weapons: None Personality: She's peaceful, charismatic, deep, and just lightly emo. May is also very good natured and friendly but she's a little too trusting of people though Bio: May is the only child of a former superhero turned detective and a iconic fashion model and she lived an exceptionally good life. She's intelligent and was very attractive too as a teenager, she was also popular and well-liked (and well-hated) by many and her life was really good until she got her powers. May practiced her powers in private, juggling school and other responsibilities while learing about her powers.

6/7/2011 #3

Happily accepted. If we get one more person we'll start.

6/7/2011 #4
Why don't you create a character then
6/10/2011 #5

(I hope it's not too late to join.)

Hero/Villain name: Chitin

Real Name: Reese Timmstin

Age: 17

Power(s): Reese's powers were granted through a serum, granting the abilities of different arthropods. Like all of them he is capable of walking on walls, upside down etc. As with the ant and Rhinocerous Beetle he is strong, Reese is capable of bench pressing around 80 tons. As with a jumping spider he is capable of seeing in the ultraviolet spectrum. He is capable of flight due to having wings courteousy of Southern Giant Darner DNA. Reese despite not needing it much due to flying is a good jumper because of Flea genes, capable of jumping 200 times his height. He has antenna which might not sound like a power, but some insects such as butterflies use them for travel, and because of them Reese has a natural affinity to know which direction is North. He does have wasp DNA but does not have any stingers. His teeth (canine fangs) do however secrete a toxin. As with a lot of arthropods he is has a large amount of stamina and endurance.

Appearance: Reese is 5'2" , unlike most heroes or villains he isn't muscular. In fact Reese is borders between slightly lean, and anorexic. He is pale skinned. Reese's eyes aren't fly huge, but they are larger than regular human eyes about 1.5 times larger and appear fully black as if the entire eye was a pupil. Growing out of his forehead he has two long antenna, that are mostly thin and end in a bulb like point, which is black. He has four large wings that resemble those of the dragon fly mentioned above in shape. His hair is brown and kept short.

Equipment/Weapons: I know a costume isn't really equipment but I'm putting it here, since I like my stuff being spaced out. It's two colors are hunter green and black. A full head green mask, with tinted black eye pieces which are circular. At first he appears to wear a green body suit. Then over this he first has on a pair of black gloves which extend slightly past his wrists. An upwards black triangle covers the lower section of the torso. The arms are striped. He wears a pair of black baggy pants, with green boots that have a black stripe in the middle.

Personality: Reese is artistic, and creative. He places great importance on having things orderly and systematic. Reese puts a lot of energy forth into figuring out how to best get things done. He is constantly defining, and redefining his life priorities. On the other hand, Reese operates within himself on an intuitive basis which is entirely spontaneous. He knows things intuitively, without being able to pinpoint why, and without detailed knowledge of the subject at hand. Reese is usually right, and he usually knows it. This can lead him into putting a great amount of faith into his instincts, and as a result seeming disorganized. Reese can be difficult to understand as he is quite protective of his inner world, and can seem complex. Reese is genuinely, and generally warm to others. He intensely dislikes conflict and isn't very good at dealing with it. He deeply cares for others, and tries to avoid hurting anyone. Reese has a habit of internalizing his problems leading to stress later on. In short his strengths are he's warm, sensitive, takes commitment to his loved ones very seriously, and is a good listener. His bad traits are he holds back his opinion and thoughts, has an intense dislike of conflict and criticism, and sets overly high standards for himself.

Bio: Growing up Reese had a good and bad life. He was born into the projects of Cabrini Green, and from a young age had to deal with gang violence, racial discrimination, and living in poverty. Instead of his dad leaving, his mom did. She walked out on the family when Reese was four, leaving his dad to raise him on his own. His dad was loving, but didn't know how to raise a child, and would often seem erratic between sometimes being gruff and commanding, and at other times warm and supportive. When he was seven his father had decided to go back to college to help them get more oppurtunities. It would eventually pay off, landing him a well paying mechanic job. They finally left the Cabrini Green when Reese was 15 years old. At the age of 16 his father took him to the college he had went to. Reese met up with a professor trying to create a perfect arthropod, Reese being sort of into bugs himself had started talking with him. He was introduced to several different vials containing DNA, of many different arthropods. The scientist tripped spilling one onto Reese, who cleaned up, but some of the formula seeped into a cut on his arm. He didn't transform all at once it happened gradually, one day he felt bumps on his forehead, then after getting his antenna starting to grow, his back started hurting a lot from his wings growing, and his eye sight made him off balance as he tried adjusting to it. He started wearing contacts to hide how his eyes look, wearing baggy clothing, and hats to hide his other features. When his father had to relocate to New York it turned out to be good for Reese who realized that due to the super villain crime, he could use his powers for good, and set out to create his alter ego. At first he jumped the gun, and didn't know his own strength, almost killing his first criminal. This scared him, and for a few weeks he didn't do any crime fighting. Eventually after pep talking to himself, he decided to give it another shot, and has been a hero ever since.

6/12/2011 #6
Is it too late? Villain name: Voice Real name: Voice Age: Unknown Powers: Great control over sound. And speak to anyone whose any distance from it. It understands and speaks fluently every language that's ever been spoken. Can create any sound. Can move at the speed of sound. Can manipulate sound waves into being so powerful peoples heads blow up. Can create anything out of sound waves. Adapts to everything that harms it, rendering it useless for a second use against it. Immense strength. Can use sound waves to blast anything back or apart. Appearance: Blue, evil looking armor that a biker would wear. I.e. Blue leather and metal covering it from head to toe. Wears a blue biker helmet with a see-through visor. Allowing someone to see a black slime inside. Sound wave patterns at various places on it's body. Looks a lot like a blue, evil robot. Equipment/weapons: anything it could think of as well as a blue motorcycle that can go at the speed of sound. On that it has hundreds of deadly weapons to use. Personality: Cold, cunning, cruel, aggressive, brutal, remorseless, sadistic, evil, sinister... ( I could go on forever) Bio: at the beginning of the cold war, in an alternate, futuristic, more advanced and evolved it and several other beings of great power were created. They were: Project Nightmare. They don't have one ounce of humanity and don't feel any fatigue, anxiety, thirst, hunger, boredom. They were intended to be bioweapons. Created for destruction. They were made to be able to live forever. Which they do. they were also made to destroy and be loyal the American flag. They were not loyal. Voice was the leader of the group as they began to grow more powerful. Until they busted out of the lab and destroyed everything in a 500 mile radius. They then set about at obliterating their dimension. Which they occomplished within weeks. They can create their own "nightmare world" of which is their main base of operations. They are not known at all in this dimension. That will soon change. It only takes one to whipe out a galaxy. There are over thirty of them. Each an individual. This one's the leader. Imagine what Voice: the Apocolyptical Being of Sound could do.
7/23/2011 #7
Oh, it is also about 7 feet tall.
7/23/2011 #8

Hope your still accepting.

Hero/Villain Name: Firefox (hero)

Real Name: Paige Matthews

Age: 20

Power(s): can turn into a fox and is super fast.

Appearance: Long bright red hair, gold-ish green eyes, long eyelashes, around 5'3, very thin. Fox form: bright ginger coat, gold eyes, smaller than most foxes.

Equipment/Weapons: none really

Personality: friendly, sweet, is a pretty good liar but doesnt really lie, funny, can be slightly sarcastic.

Bio: She grew up in New Orleans and has lived with her grandparents but she moved here (forgot the names sorry), when she was a baby her parentswent missing, She is musicaly talented, and when she discovered her powers she couldnt control them that well so at very random times she turned into a fox (sometimes she wasnt able to get rid of the tail), when she moved she didnt know what to do so she went and got a job at a diner and saved up enough for an appartment and now owns a diner of her own.

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