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If you have a story that you want me take on, post them below! Hopefully this time my email will tell me when people are posting on the forum until before -.-

8/2/2011 #1

Dear Voice4TheMute,

Will you please stop making such great stories in a reasonable amount of time. Why don't you go on a vacation... PERMANENTLY! Also, leave Lisa Miller alone and go back to writing your Kim Pine POV stories. Lisa should be handled with care and by someone who knows how to give her a good time. I'm not going to say any names but I think an author who's pin-name that starts with a "T" comes to mind. In any case stop being so good! Also, I'm still waiting for that Lisa/Lisa M rated story i requested about five months ago.

A concerned fan, who is differently not TrixieStixs! Yeah really not TrixieStixs.... I'm serious I'm not TrixieStixs!

8/4/2011 #2

*looks up at the replier username then at the message*


...ok! Def. NOT TrixieStixs! I'll try not to make great stories in the future and i'll think about taking a vacation some time in the future...maybe to mars. as for lisa miller, dunno...she's been receiving less love nowadays. maybe the decision to not include her as a list of characters in the Scott Pilgrim Archive list was a good idea on ff.n's part. but even if they do add her to the character list, will there be anyone that would treat her right? I mean...I only use her as a vehicle to put Scott into uncomfortable positions...i wonder who among the SP writers will ever take her and call her 'theirs'...


sup trixie! long time (well, not really). how's that chapter coming along? you know, I completely forgot about the lisa/lisa M rated you wanted me to do. now you got me thinking again...

oh..sorry about how the poll turned out. seems like your mercy vote for Headphones backfired on you =P


(if there's any confusion...yes, there was sarcasm in this message )

8/4/2011 #3

I seem to hit a road block while writing the new chapter. I can't seem to turn off this video. I just keep re-watching it and doing the dance moves with them!


But I have wrote a little bit off it so it's good. Also, if you want to see what's going to happen once i finally finish the new chapter. Watch this video...


So how have you been dude? almost done with "Final Farewell"?

8/4/2011 . Edited 8/4/2011 #4

i've been alright. "Final Farewell" as been all planned out...just haven't found time to fully type it out. I know exactly what's going to happened, the lines, and the scene all planned out...I just couldn't find time to sit down and just type it. haha. story of my life. but hopefully today or tomorrow i'll find that time and i'll grind out the next chapter.


8/5/2011 #5

The video I posted didn't even get a remark or mention in your last post! I'm depressed now. :(

I don't know how I can go on writing, everything I thought was funny and awesome in life turned out to be a lie! Why is the world so cruel! Damn you Voice4TheMute, you have cursed me with depression yet again. That's like the 5,000th time this week!

~TrixieStixs (=^-^=)

8/5/2011 . Edited 8/5/2011 #6


I can't wait for The Final Farewell to get updated. I love it. It's a great story.

I have a pretty good idea for a prequel to the Scott Pilgrim movie. It's called Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Prequel, and I'm considering writing it myself. You can do it if you want, but in return, you need to leave at least one review for every chapter of the Marvel/Scott Pilgrim crossover I wrote.

Reply to this for more information on it.

-B.V. The Epic

10/11/2011 #7

How about the story about Knives who wants to date Scott Piligrim but has to fight his Evil Exes?

9/27/2015 #8
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