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8/2/2011 #1


gonna upload chapter#9 soon :D

see ya! haha

8/4/2011 #2

sweet! can't wait to double translate it!


8/4/2011 #3

Sadcore? where do you find your profile pictures at? They are awesome! The color work is fantastic as well. I really want to know.

8/4/2011 #4

Hi TrixieStixs!

I think it's from tumblr, just type 'scott pilgrim colored tumblr' or something like that on google :)

8/5/2011 #5

Thanks, I don't know why I don't google everything like a normal person does now a days... it's my gift, it's my curse!

8/5/2011 #6

Hey! Happy holidays and stuff :DD

8/29/2011 #7

sup sadcore (and Trixie if he sees this). saw your update, nice job on it sadcore! Happy holidays huh...well, if that means "happy start of school" then yes! happy start of school! on the plus side, i now have time to write. I am actually 3.9k words into The Final Farewell so i'm really starting on it. Once i finish with that story, I might be starting my fall project, "Threshold" so "St. Joel's" might be put on hiatus for now. sorry sad =( but i do have chapters planned for it so it's not dead! ...but frozen


8/29/2011 #8

No need to be sorry, it's ok! I do have to revise the chapters and make some changes (punctuation and stuff) so, it's okay, really.

Can't wait to see your new stories :)

Thank you!

8/30/2011 #9


What's your story about? I still have to write the sequel to my Scott Pilgrim fic from, like, a month ago. It's awesome.

If you want, I can beta-read your chapters for grammar and stuff.

-B.V. The Epic

11/5/2011 #10
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