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Name: Bricky

Age: One day old

Appearence: Bricky is about 8ft long, from beak to flailing tail. It's appearence is that of many bricks that have been fused together, along with patches of fur, eyes, and occasionally a tendral. On it's back are two 6ft long blue and red feathered wings with polka dots on them. It also has three arms ending in crab claws on it's back, in front of the wings, these are black. It has four long and moderatly thick muscly legs ending in clawed feet, and for a head it has something that resembles a gryphon, but with two curling horns, an elongated beek with serreded teeth inside it.

Species: Brick monster Chaos spawn.

Abilities: It is able to fly, slash things to pieces with it's claws, pince things with it's pincers, and vomit either a highly acidic acid, or a stream of warpfire.

Bio: It was created when Luc turned a section of wall into a chaos spawn for matt. ._.

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Millennium Collector

Name: Lord Stefos Griffindale

Alias: Stefos Klarkson

Age: Unknown (but claims he's 23)

Race: Dark Magician (trying to blend in with Earth's culture)

Appearance (normal): purple hair, green eyes, purple short sleeve shirt with an eye of Horus on the front and back, denim pants, chain belt, brown boots

Appearance (Battle): Look at the Dark Magician card

Weapon (Normal): His fists

Weapon (Battle): his magic

6/23/2012 #212
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Name: Daregos

Age: 3000

Race: Blue Eyes White Dragon

Appearance: Look at the Blue Eyes White Dragon card's picture for this info

Occupation: Stefos's mount


Name: Jeanue Griffindale

Age: Unknown (but 3 years older than Stefos)

Race: Saint Joan

Appearance: Look at the Saint Joan card

Love Interest: Rumored to be Laughing Lurker

6/23/2012 . Edited 6/24/2012 #213
Phantom of War

Name:Marcus Windrunner

Alias:Marcus Storm

Age:refuses to say

Race:Hapy's brother

Appernce:black spiky hair, blue eyes, he wear a long tench coat, a black sleveless shirt, two combat boots, black torn jeans, and a red scarf

Appernce:(regular true form)long wild black hiar, golden hawk like eyes, wears a black sleaveless mucule shirt, two arm guards, black fingerless glaves with torn black jeand, his scarf becomes longer and his feet grow into hawk feet complete with talons and grows two brown feathered wings

Appernce:(War form) red slitted eyes, his hair gets a tints of gold as well as black, his wings grow and become dark as night, he also wears black studded leather armor with the studs taking the color gold, his scarf becomes tattered and golden, his shins aquire gold leg guards, and he becomes exetremely aggresive.

Weapons:(normal)his fists

Weapons:(True form) claws attacked to his arm guards and talons

Weapons:the tonfa blades, the claws on the arm guards, and talons

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Name: Thelodrin

Age: Unknown

Race: Green Phantom King (Duel Spirit)

Appearance: Look at the Green Phantom King

6/23/2012 #215
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Name: Ander Ashburner

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Shapeshifter (3 forms)

Appearance 1: blueish-white hair, elf ears, tanned skin, blue eyes, grey shirt, black hooded cloak, red pants, black boots

Appearance 2: same as the first, but female

Appearance 3: A silver dragon with bone armor

Weapon: Varies between forms (a sword in main form, a gun called the Rapid-fire Nanogun in his female form, and ice and lightning breath in his dragon form)

Inspired by: A vast combination of things, including my want for a shapeshifter

6/26/2012 . Edited 6/26/2012 #216
Millennium Collector

Name: Leo Branston Jr.

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Seibah Lion

Appearance: a red haired man in a lion outift


Name: Leo Branston Sr.

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Skeleton

Appearance: blue glowing eyes, bleached bones, armor

6/26/2012 #217

Name: Ignis

Age: Roughly 14

Appearence: He is a normal Flamedramon, with the exception of a layer of chainmail he wears under his main pieces of armor. He stand's roughly 6'6. In his dark form, he looks like this.

Species: Flamedramon, partially corrupted by dark energy.

Abilities: Like all Flamedramon, he is highly skilled in the use of fire attacks, being able to manipulate it to a great extent. Due to his specially crafted armor, he is highly resistant to fire based attacks, with it being forged from a fireproof material. He is also quite strong, and fast, being able to outrun normal humans, and lift quite a bit. He is also skilled in close combat, his large claws doing lots of damage to whatever they cut. In his dark form, he gains access to dark versions of his normal abilities, along with gaining heightened damage resistance.

Bio: Coming soon.

Other: He has a fondness for cooked fish.

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Name: Greymare Kain

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Magic Book

Appearance: (editing in later)

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Name: Aiden Shadebane

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: grey hair, blue eyes, black Super Saiyan 4 fur on only his whole arms, a grey tank top with a chestpiece of armor on it, white shorts with black khakis under them, silver armored boots

Weapons: two claw like weapons, a floating Phoenix Spear, and Greymare Kain

Inspired by: The Protagonist from "Nier"

Theme Song (Normal Combat): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA_oW4mXCTA&feature=relmfu

Theme Song (Enraged Combat): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2BTGgq-8Ps

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Name: Tyr Coldhart

Age: 78

Gender: Male

Race: Merconian Dwarf (So rare, they were said to not exist)

Appearance: Black hair and full stubble, green eyes, pale skin, dark blue tattoos made to look like a metal helmet on his face, runed armor covers his body

Class: Warrior

Caste: Royal

Weapons: A speaking energy stealing axe named Plague and a shield with a red dragon that is rumored to glow when Plague steals mana

Strength: B

Agility: C

Endurance: A

Mana: D (can gather mana absorbed by his axe)

Cunning and Luck: Both C

6/30/2012 . Edited 6/30/2012 #221

My OCs:


Name: Alec

Gender: male

Race: German Vampire

Age: (looks 28) actually around 192 years old.

Abilities: high speed, strength, and control of shadows gives him the ability to teleport himself and items and can make shadow coats for protection from sun.

Weapons of choice: silver long sword and shadow blades.

Physical description: 6' 5'' about 185 pounds. chocolate brown eyes that turn silver when he gets hungry. Medium length dark brown hair that look black when wet. He has a pale compilation since he cant really get much sun. Most of the time he wears a long leather duster that goes down to his ankles also it has many pockets.

Bio: he is a young vampire lord that gained his freedom from his former master then killed him in a fierce blood rage. He later found a mate in the form of an immortal named Cassandra she later disappeared during a battle with another vampire faction, he has yet to find any traces of her. Since the loss of his mate he can be vary moody and is quick to anger.


Name: Neko

Race: Japanese Neko Loli Schoolgirl

Age: 19

Abilities: extreme strength and expert knowledge of all heavy weaponry

Weapons of choice: (team) 210mm heavy mortar (solo) AT4 Anti-Tank Rocket and M107A1 50. cal. Anti-Material Rifle

Physical description: 4' 9'' with emerald green eyes and Black hair that has white tips. In place of human ears she has a pair of black cat ears that have white tips like the rest of her hair. She wears a wite and blue schoolgirl uniform with a skirt that goes down to her knees. she has a slight tan but it is not overly dark.

Emotional description: she can be shy when meeting new people and is picked on by her sister, but in battle she is a fierce fighter.

bio: see Kitsune's


Name: Kitsune.

Race: Japanese Neko Loli Schoolgirl

Age: 19

Abilities: extreme strength and expert knowledge of all heavy weaponry

Weapons of choice: (team) 210mm heavy mortar (solo) M60E4/Mk43 Mod 0/1 GPMG(Genral Purpose Machine Gun) in 7.62mm and twin M1911A1 .45 callibre pistols

Physical description: 4' 11'' with bright hazel eyes that look yellow in certain light. She has rusty blonde hair and in place of Huaman ears she has a pair of fox ears that are the same color. she wears the same school uniform as her sister , but has a paler complextion.

Emotional description: She likes to poke fun at people and harasser her sister but she is inwardly nice.

Bio: (for both) Neko and Kitsune are the twin daughters of a Cat God who is their mother and a Fox Demon who is their Father. Since they were related to these two powerful deities they always had abnormal strength, and during their first year in highschool they became facinated with military weaponry and started to study any and all information about the subject. after graduating highschool a year ahead of the rest of their class and with premission from their parent the started to travel were ever they could as mercenaries for hire.


Name: Zander

Gender: male

Race: British Werewolf

Age: 23

Abilities: can shift in and out of wolf form quickly in humand form his senses are sharper and he has greater than normal streangth and speed.

Weapons of choice: (Human form) 13'' combat knife and m 1911 subautomatic pistoles (wolf form) claws

Physical description: about 5'11'' with sandy blond hair and light brown eyes that turn yellow in wolf form. he wieghs abot 195 pounds and has very taned skin from working in the sun. (wolf form) a lare sandy wolf that is much larger the any current breed of canine weighs about 210 pounds

Bio: use to part of British speciel forces and during a mission was attacked by a rouge werewolf and was nearly kill befor his squad mates could save himonce the change took over he lost all controle to the wolf and kill his friends. he now has gained controle of his in beast but works as a solo mercinary so that nothing like that happens again. also he is a sucker for a cute girl.

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Name: Goes by either Kratos, Reavos, or Godbiter

Age: Unknown, but is rumored to date back to the days of myth

Race: Werewolf

Appearance: a glowing red scar on his right eye, blue eyes with slit pupils, black fur on his whole body, a suit of armor customized for his wolf based form

Weapons: A huge club and dagger, but uses his brute strength and speed a lot more than the dagger and club

Occupation: Ryan's separated form for being a Dungeon Boss

Reason for Separation: Too violent to be a simple form

7/6/2012 #223
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Name: Mod (sounds like Mode) Temm (sounds like Tim)

Job and Title: Edgemaster/Edgemaster of the Whirlwind

Age: 50

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 210 lbs

B-Date: 5/09/1962

Hair: Dark Blue Wild

Eyes: white

Skin: tanned

Clothes: (will edit in when I make him in Soul Calibur 5)

Blood Type: AB

Birthplace: Greece

Family: The Descending Cult (his bodyguards), Gillzhock (his God)

Weaponry: (Alternates between...) A set of nunchaku made as sickles, a fleshy looking set of axes, a fish and a shell as a sword and shield, a crystal skull, and Soul Calibur in cane-sword form

Weapon Name: Memories of Gillzhock (The Master)

Discipline: Unknown

7/9/2012 #224
Cliche KH Fan


Name: Albem

Age: 12

gender: male

race: human

appearance: short, young, green eyes, brown hair, often wears a molted camouflaged cloak

special: magical weapon called keyblade, magical armour that can be summoned at will, and use of magic

7/14/2012 #225

New OC. V_V

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Name: Zorbarth

Age: Eternal

Gender: Male

Race: Ogre/God of Fighting

Appearance: 8'1", silver hair tied like Akuma's, skin as gray as a stone, glowing red eyes, jagged teeth, a huge dark blue Gi and dark blue pants with flames painted on the pantlegs

Weapons: his fists, two swords, and a sledgehammer


Name: Seth

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: white hair in Heihachi's style, pale skin, a gold eye and an eye patch (left eye is mechanical, right eye is blinded), white labcoat, teal shirt, black pants with a normal leather belt, brown boots

Weapons: MMA style grapples


Name: Myu

Age: 5

Gender: Female

Race: Human-type, Command-type and Flying Class Gear

Appearance: medium length blue hair in pigtails, pale skin, red eyes, red angel wings made of energy, same measurements as Morrigan from Darkstalkers, a dark blue shirt, grey pants, black sneakers

Weapons: Herself.... (she fires lasers of different elements at you, her wings can blind you, etc.)

7/17/2012 . Edited 7/20/2012 #227
Alex Rinzler

Name: Albert Shinarev

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Birthplace: Unknown

Birthdate: February 23rd, 1998

Status: Alive

Primary Weapon: M39 EMR with Magnified HWS, 20-round mag, AFG, and fixed stock.

Secondary: USP.45

Extra: Striker with Red Dot.

Personality:Calm, Unstable, lacking friends, Honest, .

Interested in: Genuine Customized weapons, Being alone, FPS, Anime. and nothing else.

Doesn't like: Being avoided even when he's not mad, labeled as retard, Called as "Mate", Losing(because he stated he always win in a fair play, and his enemy wins because of cheating.), Lies, Hypocrites, Heretic Organizations, and Fake prophets.

Faction:Artemis Incorporated 7th SAR-SADIST(Specialized Attack and Rescue-Search, Attack, Destroy, Interrogate Specialized Team, consisted of 16 Mercenaries(6 Male and 16 Female) from Selected countries(Cygnus, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, UK, Ukraine, Spain, Australia, NZ, USA, Canada, UAE, and Syria respectively.)

Career: National Army(2017-2019), VDV(2020-2021) CR-SWAT((Cygnus Republic SWAT)2021-2022) Artemis(2022-Now)

Rank: Major

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Name: Vash Tokigashi

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Physical description: almost the same as Axyrn, except he wears a black jacket with a red shirt and dark blue pants with normal ninja sandles

Small bio: He's Axyrn Tokigashi's first son

Powers/abilities: He uses crystalized chakra and Ice ninjutsu, and seldomly uses fire style and wind style

Weapons: a sword, but seldomly his fists

7/20/2012 #229
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Name: Ivan Brunestud

Gender: Male

Age: 515

Race: True Ancestor

Appearance: Medium length black hair, red eyes, pale skin, white labcoat, black shirt, denim pants, brown boots, steel gloves with buttons on them

Weapons: His gloves, Myu, his super strength, speed and stamina, a Marble Phantasm that changes as rapidly as his thoughts

7/21/2012 #230
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Name: Azazel

Class: Monster/Saber/Berserker

Gender: Male

Age: 3100

Alignment: Villain

Appearance: A 11'11" grey dragon made out of crystallized prana

Weapon: Claws

Strength: A Plus

Endurance: B Plus

Agility: D-

Mana: C Plus

Luck: E

Fame: D (a legend in only a single empire)

(Noble Phantasm Sub app, insert above)

Name: Void's Glare

Title: The Gaze of the Sealed Monstrosity

Owner: Azazel

Rank: Unknown, but presumed to be A Plus Plus

NP Type: Reality Marble


Name: (FAKE NAME) Omnomnomnom

Title: (Real Name) World Devouring Monstrosity of Hecate

Owner: Azazel

Rank: Unknown

NP Type: Anti-Continent


Skills: Monstrous Strength (A Rank, already a monster), Murderer of the Misty Night (A Rank, only due to making absolutely no noise oddly enough), Instinct (B Rank), Battle Continuation (A Plus rank), Magic Resistance (B Rank), Mad Enhancement (A Rank, rarely ever shut off), Independent Action (A Plus Rank, kills whoever summons it first), Battle Continuation (A Rank), Shapeshifting (A Plus Rank), Riding (B Rank, Only in the form of his master)

7/22/2012 #231
Count Garnet


7/22/2012 #232
Count Garnet

(Added two!)

7/22/2012 #233
Count Garnet

(Added another.)

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Zalden the Maniac

(from GoldFlygon's MLP forum.)

NAME: Doctor Karl Montaganer.


AGE: 45

SPECIES: Earth pony.

APPEARANCE: pony code 3C2S006000FEFEFEFEFEFE02900F E0000UN1837204001000U0FEFFFF FF7FFF1B107F3FCC004CB2 (for Generalzoi's creator)00000008000000066CC667000000 00000009110784161682066CC660 66CC66066CC66066CC66 (for accessories) Wears a blue jumpsuit that covers his cutie mark. wears a white shirt underneath jumpsuit. He is aN albino pony, with red eyes, thick glasses, and a longer white mane and tail.

CUTIE MARK: If seen (nopony has) Karl's is apicture of a brain with some weird markings on it.

SPECIAL TALENT: Literally, His talent is being a know it all that likes to be a daredevil. Hes pretty smart, and can get out of a tough situation.

BIOGRAPHY:(Your character's background history. Make it good, please!) Karl was abandoned at the age of 4 in the Everfree forest, on the outside section of Equestria, by his Not so sane parents, and was literally left there to die. No, he did survive, after being taken in by blind wild animals,(unknown to any sort of being) not knowing that he himself was almost blind (his Albino-ness). Anyway, he eventually wandered off to a city at age 14, nd having the mindset of this animal, tried to survive by trying to destroy everything in sight. he was captured and put inside an asylum, (getting the clothes) escaped several times, and, being able to mimic the sounds of his animal parents, they nearly destroyed the entire city. After that, they put him in an isolation chamber and left him alone for a year, and they eventually snapped him out of his animal mindset. He then was released, and adapted to society. (well.... kind of...) He then went to school, he recieved a doctorite, and after, purchased his own laboratory in which he makes random experiments and experiments time travel and the whole bit. others call him a raving lunatic, but he then moved to Equestria to start testing again. after he was almost outcasted by society in Canterlot, and being called a lunatic by the princess herself, he then moved to ponyville. he travels around from time to time, trying to find followers of his work.

ATTITUDE:(How he/she/it acts and feels towards certian situations and/or other characters) Gets annoyed at others easily. especially if they bug him. will go bug eyed and start threatening to cut them in half with lasers. if they dont know what that is, he has to rant about it to them.

AFFILIATION:(Good or Evil) good, but would rather be neutral.

OTHER:(Miscelaneous information) can use technology well. Has made several developments to society, but is really disliked among them. Karl has crazy ideas about time travel, space, the past and future that nopony would ever have dreamed of.

Name: Devin

Gender: boy

Species: dragon

Physical description:looks like Spike, colored red with an orange belly and spikes, and like Purple, he has icy blue eyes.

Personality: Well, devin is not the sharpest knife in the set, hes rather loopy and dosent listen to Purple all that often. (much like GIR from Invader Zim.)

Background: Devin was Purple's entrance exam, and Purple hatched him from an egg, they let Purple take care of him, and consequently, Devin became much like Purple, being a con dragon and helping Purple in his schemes. then, on one fateful night, an incident with a Muffin, a garden hose, and a refrigerator turned him quite crazy, and has been derpy ever since.

Extra stuff: Devin is friends with EVERYONE. Not like Pinkie Pie, Devin will go up to random ponies and hug their legs, constantly being quite annoying to some, but he dosent really care

Name: Purple Shores

Gender: guy

Species: Unicorn

Physical description: He has a black and white mane and tail, (much in the style of Rainbow Dash) He also has a purple-berry colored body, (Put magenta and purple together and thats what you get.) He has icy blue eyes, and his cutie mark consists of a sword with sparkles around it.

Personality: Purple Shores is quite a con pony, he enjoys having money with him, and is also can suffer from emotional problems from time to time. Other than that, he is generally antisocial and can usually be socially akward.

Background: Purple Shores grew up in Canterlot, by his quite wealthy family, he was enrolled to Celestia's school for gifted unicorns at age 4, and got in successfully without any flaws, and is currently at the top of his grade, (sometimes cheating for money because hes pretty greedy.) One time, he and his partner Devin pulled off a huge scandal in the school, and both were caught, and as punishment, he is supposed to go out and learn lessons about friendship, and he has currently been to nearly every major city in Equestria, and is currently heading to Ponyville.

Special ability and cutie mark: Purple shores is an avid fighter, and plans on joining the solar guard later after school. his main specialty is magic combat and swordfighting.

Extra stuff: Well, currently, his best friend is his dragon companion Devin, who helps him recieve letters from friends in other cities, also the occasional letter from Celestia. He kinda likes Twilight Sparkle, he has heard a lot about her and really would like to meet her.

7/24/2012 . Edited 9/13/2012 #235
Millennium Collector

Name: Neil Doyle

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: (One liner suffices. We want to leave room for dev.)

Appearance: Grey hair, amber eyes, pale skin, a dark red business suit and black shoes

Bio: (A few sentances, just a basic ideal.)

Weapon: a replica Master Sword (Mystic Code), a flashdrive (Mystic Code), and a lot of martial arts training

Elemental Affinity: Fire and Ether

Number and Quality of Magic Circuits: 30 average quality circuits

Od Output: 35

Origin: Memory

Crest: Unknown if he has one or not

Sorcery Trait:

Status: Researcher, Magus


Name: Sir Jack O'Bryan the Second

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but sure as hell old enough to be a butler and a brawler

Alignment: Chaotic 'Unknown'

Personality: Aggressive

Appearance: a grey suit with gold trim, glowing blue eyes that appear to be emotionless, blueish black hair

Weapon: his fists are imbued with runes that allow him to punch both quickly and with enough force to break Noble Phantasms

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #236
Zalden the Maniac

Name: Infernatus

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: Nesothern, foxlike people who were made by the Nalako

Rank: Parrestrial leader

Assignment: To find the Terrornauts and to imprison any bad crooks in the universe.

Occupation: Leader of the mercinary team The Extra Parrestrials

Personality: Infernatus is a bit of a hothead, but he is overall a generally nice person to be around.

History: Infernatus works for the Nalako, an advanced alien race that are able to create bioweapons of massive destruction, but they are a generally peaceful race of aliens, who created the Nesothern and Nethacalypse races. They are widespread across the universe and test any other species of aliens and help them if they are in need, but they havent been to the milky way for billions of years, and for the milky way, life just 'grew' there. Infernatus anmd his team are checking there for beings called Terrornauts, basically rotting powerhouses that are able to decimate worlds. Infernatus is a fire Parrestrial, which means he can hold fire and is able to control it.

Extra: Ill have to explain Parrestrials. a Parrestrial is literally a superpowered being who can use a certain element, and use a small microorganism called the Parrestrium, a small organism that can produce one of the most deadly elements known to the Nalako, the element Quoza. quoza is a base of 14, and will burn anything that touches it. with any normal biological membrane, Quoza will dissolve it, but for Parrestrials, it powers. Ok, now for Parrestriums, they are only able to be able to infect unborn children, and once the Parrestrium is in, it becomes genetic, infecting the offspring of the Parrestrials. Parrestrials are the most biologically evolved races of beings, and are able to survive even in outer space. they dont require gases, which makes it so you cant choke them, and they only breathe radiation of every form, even radiation harmful to other organisms.

7/24/2012 . Edited 7/24/2012 #237
Zalden the Maniac

Name: Etekleron


Gender: male

Species: Nesothern

Rank: 3rd in command to Infernatus

Assignment: The Great Fireborn, Parrestrial ship 1

Occupation: Engineer and navigator to The Great Fireborn

Personality: A huge nerd, Etekleron is very smart person, who is generally nice to others.

History: Etekleron Is the Electricy Parrestrial, and is able to power any devices or technology with his hands, and is also able to shoot it from his fingers. Etekleron was Infernatus's first friend, and never wanted any power in the group, but infernatus insisted. so he became third in command for the Nesothern mercinary group called The Extra Parrestrials.

Extra:Etekleron loves technology, especially human technology



NAME: Trek


AGE: 19

SPECIES: Pegasus

APPEARANCE: Small and black, with a short blonde mane, Trek has a pair of glasses with swirly marks in each lens, completely blocking his eyes from being seen. He has a spikey tail, with his spikey mane.

CUTIE MARK: A red swirley mark.

SPECIAL TALENT: His talent is.... being a nerd. He has been able to make weapons out of raw materials, and is known to hurt ponies brutally.

BIOGRAPHY: Trek is in a group with 12 friends, who are similar in size, mane shape and tail, all with brown eyes. They call themselves "The Personality group." He and 11 others, his so called "friends." . Trek is a lonely pony, growing up alone in Ponyville, with his parents. He didn't make many friends, and dosen't play well with others. often, he is willing to make friends with other ponies, rregardless of how popular they are or how many friends they have. His social issues lead him to make other ponies afraid of him. Sometimes, he will try and hurt other ponies, just because they don't want to be friends with him.

ATTITUDE: Seems to scare most ponies, but tries as hard as he can to make friends.

AFFILIATION:(Good or Evil)Neutral, can be evil.

OTHER: He is wierdly obsessed with things from other universes.

Name: Jerry "The Multi Bot"

Species: Human Cyborg

Age: 120

Bio: Jerry is "The Multi Bot" an interdimensional, time traveling cyborg, from the year 9562. he became a cyborg after a hideous accident when he was only 19 years of age. He was redesigned after 50 years of service, made by Dr Faccett and Terry, as a project to see if they could make a AI be able to go transdimensional, into another dimension, to see if they could be able to save the human race from overpopulating. Instead it ended up killing the two doctors, freeing a power hungry AI, DeAD End, bent on killing humans and Jerry, at the heart of his rage. Jerry, after he escaped the AI, made the Endiss-70/19, an interdimensional time machine.

Personality: Friendly, willing to take others along with him, as long as they arent stupid.

WSeapons: built in electric arm cannon, able to fire off a gigawatt discharge. He has a toolkit buit right into his arm, he is able to fix almost any peice of technology, human or alien. He has four arms, that can extend from his back, which are four telescopic arms, able to help Jerry in whatever he's doing. He has a device he made, called the Doohickey 9000, which, to say, is a sonic gun-like device, it's essentially a sonic screwdriver, but, it's rather a sonic... Nail-gun.

Appearance: Jerry wears a black leather jacket, he is 6'0, with blue jeans and a white tee shirt. He has a nice face, blue eyes, and spikey hair.

Name: Gig

Race: Urken.


Appearance: Small, He has green skin and is approximately 3'1. He had an altered PAK unit on his back, that has more technology than a normal PAK unit.

Bio: Gig is part of an Anti-Impending doom plan, called, "Anti-Impending Doom". He works for a split military group, ran by Taller Yellow and Taller Green, brother and sister, who split from the Urken Empire with plans of Destroying Red and Purple's work, who, destroyed Taller Black and Gray's work, and forced Black to earth, who now currently is disguised as a human teacher. Gig is an Invader, an Invader sent to wipe out Red's and Purple's invaders.

Personality: He is mean, he likes bugging other people, and likes to cause problems.

Name: Azalorian

Species: Terrornaut

Homeworld: born and raised in space 2000 years before he became a Terrornaut

Hight: 36 feet

Weight: literally, he weighs 20 pounds, but because of his suit and tech strapped to him, its 150 pounds

Appearance: as the name Terrornaut goes, this implies it entirely. He is a huge, ugly bastard. He has a huge head, with foxlike ears, this permanant smile that looks like it was embedded into his face, His half rotten body is covered by a Terrormortal supersuit colplete with Quoza and Daoza stabilizers on his back, his suit is torn a bit, so one is able to look into his ribcage and see his internal organs. He has huge hands, with the bones showing on both hands. his hands are both 2 feet wide with 4 foot long fingers. His neck is the scary part, its nearly 15 feet long. his feet are literally huge claws with which he can use to attack with. He will not be ponified, neither CAN he be ponified.

Bio: Azalorian is Infernatus's uncle or was, by the looks of him. A Terrornaut is someone who has evolved past a Parrestrial, and has been a Phazokalite, but if you were to die in the process of becoming a Phazokalite, you basically get ejected into space, with said body having an anti gravity effect, nothing can touch it. If the Parrestrial used Daoza, he will have blue crystals growing, if Quoza, then Pink.

Azalorian is the team leader of the Terrormortal society, which currently has 78 members, and whos personal team consists of him, Ariinaa, Kraktor, Skidsadire, and Shaddew. Terrornauts have Parrestrial capabilities, they dont require gases NOR do they require radiation like a parrestrial. Like a parrestrial, Terrornauts can also withstand harsh contidions, and are even able to survive in outer space. the important fact is that Terrornauts love to kill. and kill they do, their job is to wipe out enemy worlds, by use of Quoza, but mainly to show off their stregnth.

What powers does Azalorian have: He has his brute strength, his devilishly crafty mind, and is able to use his own Parrestrium to shoot pure Quoza or Daoza from his fingertips.

Other info: Terrornauts have nothing spiritual about them, neither are they gods of any sort. They are just creepy looking coldblooded killers.

Story: The Extra Parrestrials.

Name: Dalek Los

Appearance: around 4 feet tall, with a long eye stalk, a laser cannon and a suction scanner for his arsenal. He does resemble a trash can, but has a rounded dome. Oh come on, he looks like a normal Dalek, but his color is gray.

personality: Evil.

Bio: Los was made to belong in the cult of Scaro, but They left Los, leaving in the void ship, and Los, with his improved mind, left the cult, and left the time war, to undergo torture of the highest kind. Nobody was able to escape the time war's wrath, especially to the higher beings. los was no exception, but he somehow managed a temporal shift, which resulted in him landing to the time after the war, a crippled and wounded dalek in need of assistance.

Name: Galaxia

appearance: Large, for an alicorn, black skinned, with a long blue mane and tail, with larger wings more larger than a normal Alicorn, with a large crown made from fragments of a ruined buildign and several large rare stones embedded in the crown, and rusted parts of metal, covering her hooves.

Bio: Galaxia is the opposite of Earth, created by an old military group, created by the United States of America to keep the earth from breaking out into total war, like the world wars. Galaxia was created to take place of Earth, in an event that the first alicorn was to fail in her task as the sheperd of the Alicorn race. But something went terribly wrong, instead of being a backup, she broke free, and declared herself an enemy of the humans, and the alicorns. She even hates her own followers, soon to be some of the most vile villians from MLP (tirak, Discord, Nokturne, The incarnation of Nightmare moon, other major villians) her private students, meant to upset the balance of good and evil.

Magic type: she is able to take the power of the stars, and use them for her attack and defence.

Hight: 6 feet tall.

Gender: female

Name: Earth

appearance: Simple in color, she has a green mane, blue tinted tail, and her skin is very white, and you can see where the humans stitched her together, she is able to funtion like no human or alicorn can, even though she looks very patched up. she has brown eyes as well, around the size as a smaller horse.

Bio: Created by the Restorers, a group dedicated to save life on earth. Earth was the first alicorn created, the first one made to serve the Earth Restoration project, and to save as many animal species as she can.

Magic type: She is able to manipulate the earth near her, around 10 to 35 feet away from her. she can dig herself into the ground, keeping herself safe from intruders and attackers who want to kill the Alicorn race. She knows the other alicorns, and can speak to them telepathically.

Hight: smaller than an average horse

Gender: female

Name: Nega Drekadence

Age: 97, with a lifespan of 400 years.

Species: The moon version of the Guzatorian race, which there are 15 individual versions of the Guzatorian Species.

Bio:Nega Drekadense is a mercinary, serving for the Guzatorian Syndicate. Nega Drekadence is considered one of the most 'annoying' of the mercinaries, using tactics that nobody else would use.

Weapons: Dual blades attached to his wrist, a shifter suit, he is able to phase his molecules thruout any form of matter, A quad portal device, an almost 'Literal Ban Hammer', and what appears to be shoes made of wood, and a gun, that is able to make his body into a spectral form, being able to shoot overheated ectoplasm out of the weapon, called The Phantom Gun.

Personality: A troll. just loves to troll people.

Appearance: Blue business suit, extra extra small. Nega is only 3 feet in hight, with a shorter spikey hair. His skin is blue in color, and has a bit of facial hair.

Name: Disowned

Gender: Boy

Species: Draconaquis

Physical description: He has the head of a rattlesnake front tooth of a sabertooth tiger, neck and torso of a dragon(headspikes included), wings of a falcon, lower body and left leg of a dog, and right leg of a chicken. He has an unusually long tail with a scorpion's stinger on the end, complete with venom. His eyes are like Discords (seeing their relationship) He also has venom in the one rattlesnake fang in his mouth, and can also breathe some fire. His right hand is a fiddler crab claw and left hand is a human hand.

Personality: Hes a bit insane, but generally friendly to ponies, he is deadly enough to put a pony in the hospital, and sometimes has been known to kill.

Background: (related to my story in progress) while Discord was fighting the dreaded Plurlux the Conquerer, his wife, (unknown) gave birth to their son, Disowned. Disowned was the leader of the draconaquis pack in a remote location far from Equestria, and after Discord had beaten Plurlux and had fallen in love with Celestia, Celestia betrayed the draconaquis, and Discord became jealous and made himself ruler of Equestria, while Celestia and Luna fought back. Disowned went out to find his father, leaving his own kind, to Equestria, where chaos ruled unconditionally, and after a few days after he got there, the chaos had all but vanished, leaving a puzzled Disowned to find the answers on his own. He still tries to find his father, and while Disowned can use chaos magic, He is not able to use any until his father is found.

Extra stuff: Strangely, he likes eating fish more than anything else in the world. On occasion, he tries to snack on ponies, but usually this approach fails.

The chaos magic Disowned can use is PURELY his own form, Discord cannot copy the kind Disowned can, and Disowned can never be as powerful as Discord, and cannot copy the same tactics.

Name: DEaD End, human name Daniel

Age: claims to be 24.1, is 987.

Bio: DEad End is a dimension hopping robot, Humanoid in structure, And whose primary function is to hunt other AI's in its universe. and Dead Ends will do anything to destroy such AI's. But after too many bang ups, and too many direct hits to the head, his directive changed, instead to HELP AI's destroy biological life. An annoying AI to him is called The Multi Bot, and Dead End has sworn to destroy The Multi Bot at any cost.

Appearance: In human form, black leather jacket, red robotic eyes, (wears goggles over eyes not to attract any attention that he is a robot) and jeans, in robot form, he wears a cloak to hide his machinery (cape is made of reflective metal as well) a big stop sign shaped head, triangle mouth painted on his face, with spikes protruding from the top and bottom of face, eyes in a wierd triangle pattern. the tips of his fingers are sharpened to a fine point.

Special skills: apart from being heavy, he can move surprisingly fast. his skill is mainly to hunt AI's but directive has changed for him. he can also jump into different dimensions, but at a high price of his battery running out after using such equipment twice.

Height/weight: weight: 380 pounds robot form, human form too. but he isnt fat. height: 6'3

Other: If anyone tries to stop him from hunting The Multi Bot, he will attack whoever is trying to.

Quote: "If you dont shut the F*CK up im going to tear your skull out of your head!"

Name: Mr. Droob

age: 44

occupation: unknown

Appearance: Short brown hair, green business jacket with a red tie, with brown pants. Round face, 5'9, brown eyes.

Personality: Unexplainable. Think Mr. Bean, but who is always happy and frowning. He always is more of a backwards person, always forgetting thiongs.

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Name: Tokimaru (Timeman)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Race: Living Puppet

Appearance: an elf based puppet with the same proportions as a normal man, greyish black hair, blue eyes that seem cold and calculating, a black robe with black and red pants under it

Weapons: "Mystic" Eyes of Calculation (Eyes that copy fighting and other things), steel wings, flamethrowers, Wood Manipulation to heal himself faster, Crystal Creation to make weapons and heal other people, powers of revival, even two swords, one normal and one energy.

Life: 7,500 (regenerates very fast after defeat though, and never truely dies)

Mana: "For a puppet, this is on the level of bullshit"

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brought back Goro

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