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Millennium Collector

list the appearances, powers, and other things you wish to list about other forms you may have.


Normal (Jedi): Dark red hair, grayish blue eyes, pale skin, black biker jacket, white shirt, denim jeans, black boots; Two lightsabers and The Force; RPer powers

11/26/2011 . Edited 12/9/2012 #1

Normal Form

Appearence: I stand at about 5 and a half feet tall, I wear a black jacket and black sweats. I've got kind of short brown hair, brown eyes and I'm growing a moustache. I'm also caucasian.

Powers: Powers over fire. Strongest attack is my fire geyser or my phoenix wrath. I also have RPer powers which...give me unlimited powers.


Pika Scene

Appearence: Use your imagination for the color. =w=;;

Powers: Power of electricity and fire




Powers: Powers of epicness, bitch. :P

11/26/2011 . Edited 6/21/2012 #2
Creation of Pokerus

Take note that certain forms mix. ^^

Normal form:

Appearance: Short, grey hair(not old grey, just grey) with black stripes running down the sides, brown eyes, grey cat ears, stripped cat tail. I wear a grey hoodie, brown t-shirt, black jeans, white shoes, and white gloves with the fingers takes off. I'm about 5'11 and 135 lbs.

Power: Magicka

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHerYUdPe44



Power: Magicka

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhbCkcUOKZM

Demon Form:

Appearance: Body goes completely black except for fiery hands and red eyes.

Power: Fire and Explosions

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vq3hP9Sd1sM

Sadist Form:

Appearance: Same as Normal or Genderbent if it happens except I get a crazy look in my eyes.

Powers: nightmares and matter manipulation.


Cat Form:

Appearance: Grey, tiger stripped fur, torn left ear and black ringed tail.

Powers: Teleportation




Power: Explosions. :3


Ghost Form:

Appearance: Same as Normal or Genderbent except transparent.

Power: Poltergeist

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5p9_p633xM

Depressed Form:

Appearance: Sadder looking me.

Power: Emotions

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts6CKH7Tovs

Killer form:

Appearance: Normal form except hair is black, eyes are pitch black, even the whites, hoodie is changed to white, Jeans stay the same and the gloves are blood red and still fingerless.

Power: Capabilities of using just about anything to kill.

Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0HNR7X0NzI&feature=related

Pokemon Form:

species: Umbreon


Theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFdRJzWaJIA

Cougar form

power: heightened senses and extra balance

appearance: Just a normal cougar.

Anthro form:

species: Umbreon




Both would be wearing clothes, fyi. :P

mini form:

appearance: Depends on the other form. o3o

powers: Levitation

11/26/2011 . Edited 1/2/2012 #3
Honey's Sweet Song

Normal Form:

I have semi-long, straight hair which flips up at the ends. My hair is colored golden with nartural highlights that is parted right of my head. My eyes are a bright blue and my cheeks are abnormally rosy while my nose is dotted with freckles. I ALWAYS wear my diamond-peace sign necklace and a ring that is simply a silver band and a small diamond on the top. (I stole the ring from my mom. ;3) I have on a white shirt which is slightly low-cut and over it I have on a bright blue zippered hoodie with sleeves that go past my fingers. For pants I have black jeans-shorts which are quite short. For shoes I have white high-top converse sneakers. I can usually be found with my giant headphones on with my iTouch in my pocket. (Woo. I think I hit what I look like pretty dead on. =w=;;)

Power: What ever I draw can become real and control over sound waves.


Power: Same as my normal form.

Angel Form:

Power: Control over light. Healing and magic barriers. I can also go in and out of heaven as I please.

Devil Form:

Power: Control over shadows and fire. Plus I have a gun... I can go in and out of hell as I please.

Neko Form:

Power: Being adorable~ But, uh, yah, I can talk to people through our minds and I can walk into other people's mind.

Fursona Form:

A golden cat with white paws and tail-tip. I would also have the same blue eyes as my normal form.

Power: I can get really long claws and scratch the shit out of stuff! :D And really big fangs. =w=

Psychic Form:

Power: Moving things with my mind and whips of psychic energy and giant fists of psychic energy.

Assasin Form:

Power: Assasination Skills, flexibility, freerunning and the regular gear.

Water Form:

Power: I can breath under water and control water. I can also turn the water into ice if I wanted.

Snow Form:

Power: I can control snow. I can turn snow to hail, make my breath super frosty and make lethal snowballs.

Pokemon Form:

A Zorua -

Power: All the move Zorua can learn and being a total trickster. ;D

11/27/2011 . Edited 3/7/2012 #4
Millennium Collector


11/28/2011 #5

Normal form:

I have short, messy black hair, light tan skin and cool grey eyes. I wear a black under shirt with a Triforce design and a blues checkered button up shirt that is left open and black worker jeans. I have basic black tennis shoes on that have a white trim. I'm 5' 7 not too tall but also not really short. On my face I have frame-less glasses that help my current vision.

Powers: Shadows and random items

Fursona Form:

My I have grey fur, a tuff of black hair with a purple stripe, black paws and little triangle stripes that are black all over my body. My tail is a dark shade of grey. I have green eyes and have a necklace with SK. Height-wise I'm about 2 and half feet tall and I tend to use signs as my form of communication just cause I can.

Powers: Being adorably emo. X3

Pokemon form:

I'm a cute and cool quilava. :3 Like my fursona I use signs to communicate.

Powers: Fire, being badass and cute. :3

Genderbent form:

Appearance: Hair color is a light shade green, almost teal, my eyes are caramel shade of brown and I have fair white skin. I tend to wear that school uniform which is the shirt is burgandy in color with the skirt being a dark rose. I have long-sleeve white button up shirt and the bow tie is black. I have high white socks and I have plain black shoes.

Powers: None, except for normal RPer powers and being a smarty pants.

Chao Form:

Powers: I poof in a giant robot that I pilot and cause mayhem while being adorable. :3

Gijinka Form:


Powers: Normal Quilava abilities and strengths plus mod powers

11/28/2011 . Edited 6/6/2012 #6
Superior Moogle

Normal Form:

I stand 5'8, with scruffy, dark brownish hair, brown eyes, and a dark green Lizard Tail. I wear a black shirt under a Dark grey hooded sweater, Dark blue jeans,with a hole for a Lizard-Like tail, Black Sneakers, and a set of Dark green Headphones around my neck, accompanied by a small silver Cross. On the back of my left wrist is a Pulse I'Cie Brand, and on the same hand, is an Orange Dino Gem.

Powers: Necromancy, I'Cie Brand adds Healing Magic, Dinogem allows Morphing to Jurrasic Ranger, and Impure Komodo Chimeran DNA allows for ease of swimming, immunity to disease, Highly bacterial bite, and Hardened scales during outbreaks give immunity to bullets and such.

Crystal: Sphere,


Synergist: Supports allies with enhancements.

Setinel: Takes Blows with solid defensive abilities

Medic:Heals allies, as well as remove status ailments

Comando: Strikes enemies with brutal physical attacks

Paradigms: Single Party: Medic,Synergist,Comando, and Setinel.

Eidolon: Carbuncles: Barrier, Healing,and Strengthening

Gestalt: Roller Blades and a Helmet

Dino Morpher: Therizino/Jurrasic

Dino Gem Power: ExtremeSpeed

Therizord, Mosazord,and Dilophozord.

JurrasicThunder MegaZord.

Dna Augment: Komodo Dragon

Purge: Coconut consumption leads to scaly skin outbreaks, Hearing the term "Velocity" causes a painful morph of skeletal structure, skin becomes scaly, and my overall appearance becomes that of LizardMan. In this state, I remain all intellect and powers, but lose the ability to talk.

ArchMage form

Powers: Magic.

Appearence: Warlic's ArchMage Robe, Altered to be silver.

Mech Form

Appearence: Brown thick plating, Two foot long cannons protruding from my back

Powers: Lasers and Explosive Canisters, Ability to Copy most vehicles, including jets, planes, tanks, cars, boats, ships, and subs.

Gemini Form

Appearence: Same as normal, save I now am a pair of twins.

Powers: Technically the ability to be in 2 places at once, but I can't tell what the other is doing until I change out, and the memories synch, other than that, No powers whatsoever(Not even RPer Powers)


Appearence: An very very very large eagle.

Powers: None, just a huge eagle. Nothing out of the ordinary....

Dracopyre Form

Appearence:AQ Dracopyre of Night (Nightbane)

Powers: The combined strength of Were, Vamp, Dragon, and Darkness. Ability to drain life with each blow, Flight, Breath of Shadows, Regeneration, Create Lesser Dracopyres, Create Ghouls.

Weaknesses: Light in the Form of Magic, Holy Magic, Wolfbane, Dragonbane, Darklaw swords, Holy Water

Mothman Form

Appearence: Super Hero-esque silver costume, trimmed with black and grey. A Grey hood circles my head, leaving all but my hair hidden, on the top of the hood are two Moth Anteanna. On my back, I wear a small cocoon shaped backpack.

Powers: Being a badass vigilante. Can sneak around Silently, can glide temporarily for a good distance. Egg bombs(Smoke bombs), Moth Pellets (A BB gun with specialized ammo) Drawn to lights (Don't. Ask.) Silken Needles(Needles with thin strands of super hardened silk, can be used to tie down an enemy), Cocoon Blade(Longsword with intricate silk patterns, edge is poisonous, but not lethal) Moth Claws (Grapple) and Powderbombs (Use for escape/ stunning) and Dust (Used to signal arrival). Other equipment includes Mothmobile, Mothcycle, and so on.

11/29/2011 . Edited 4/21/2012 #7
Creation of Pokerus

That is mine. :3

11/30/2011 #8
Millennium Collector

posted a new one

11/30/2011 #9

Added and updated. :3

11/30/2011 #10
Superior Moogle


12/1/2011 #11
Superior Moogle


12/2/2011 #12
Honey's Sweet Song
12/2/2011 #13
Creation of Pokerus

Added one too. :P

12/2/2011 #14
Honey's Sweet Song
12/3/2011 #15
Superior Moogle

Yeah :3

12/3/2011 #16
Millennium Collector


12/3/2011 #17
Honey's Sweet Song
12/3/2011 #18


Appearance: Long black hair, amber-brown eyes, silver wolf ears and fluffy tail, pitch black wings which appear/disappear at will. I wear a white t-shirt, black cargo jacket with white trimmings and a hood, blue jeans, and a black fedora cap with slits for my ears.

Species: Fallen Angel

Power: Black and White Magic (blasts of energy and healing)



Powers: Same as Normal


Appearance: Ginger fur with black stripes. Blue eyes when sane, red when insane.

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Species: IDK ._. A cat, probably .___.


Appearance: Short snow white hair, red eyes, pure white wings, black wolf ears and tail. Wears a black kimono.

Powers: Summoner (summon a spirit sprite, according to element that is used, to fight. Ex: Fire = Phoenix, Ice = Dragon, Lightning = Griffin, etc)



Powers: Ice



Powers: Dreams/Nightmares



Powers: Dreams/Nightmares



Powers: Black Energy


Appearance: (smaller ears)

Powers: White Energy

12/5/2011 . Edited 12/23/2011 #19
Creation of Pokerus

Added a form and themes. :3

12/7/2011 #20

Added and edited

12/10/2011 #21
Creation of Pokerus

Added as well. :P

12/10/2011 #22
Honey's Sweet Song

Added my pokemon form. :3

12/12/2011 #23
Superior Moogle
I have 6 forms i want to add, but i'm unable to edit :/
12/12/2011 #24
The Living Contradiction

Normal Form

Appearance: Avatar Description Thread

Powers: RPer powers which I rarely use and access to an awesome sword collection. I also have the ability to set my blood on fire for a last resort sword. Don't forget I also have Unlimited Blade Works.


Genderbent Form

Powers: Same as normal.


Neco-Arc Form

Appearance: Look in the OC list

Powers: The power to end every semtence with "nyaa." Also can fire lasers out of my eyes, and other various perks.


Driven by the Music (Name in development)

Appearance: Same as my normal form, but I'm wearing epic white headphones.

Powers: I can play two different songs in each ear. I can also gain abilities based on the songs I'm listening to. (Poof in a fire sword if I'm listening to Blaze, and gain poof in an ice sword if I'm listening to Chaoz Fantasy.)

Only Problem: The wrong song could make me go psycho and my headphones are noise-cancelling.

12/13/2011 #25
Asuka Yamashita

Normal Form:

Appearance: Short, has short black hair with red streaks at the front (hair kind of look like Nana Osaki's from Nana), wears a black Jack Skellington sleeveless shirt, dark blue jeans that have a few holes near the knees, has a spiked pentacle collar, and has black and white fingerless gloves. I am also pale skinned with black Mokona ears.

Powers: Mostly magic (mix of all the types, but only few specific ones), spider powers, and RPer powers

Weapons: Pumpkin Head Keyblade, Katana, or dull wooden spoon


Rage Mode:

Appearance: My hair changes to pure white and grows to the end of my hips, my hands turn black, fingers become claw-like, and eyes look like the ones on Higurashi when they cry (the demon ones)

Powers: Fire




Powers: Same as Normal form


Valor Form:

Appearance: about the same as normal but all the white on my clothing turns red

Weapons: twin keyblades (Oathkeeper and Oblivion)

Powers: Firaga


Wisdom Form:

Appearance: about the same as normal but all the white on my clothing turns blue

Weapons: Oathkeeper Keyblade

Powers: I can skate around on any surface and shoot blue lazers from my keyblade


Master Form:

Appearance: about the same as normal but all the white on my clothing turns yellow

Weapons: Same as Valor Form

Powers: about the same a normal



Appearance: my skin goes completely black, my eyes turn yellow, the white on my clothes goes to a really dark blue

Weapons: none

Powers: dark energy


Mokona Form:

Appearance: Black Mokona, Mokona is a Mokona =w=

Powers: none sadly XD


Mokeon Form:

Appearance: Silver Mokona with gold rings like an umbreon, with light blue head jewel and earring

Powers: Dark energy and portal creating


Weapon Form:

Appearance: I turn into a Katana, my hilt is black with a red string hanging from the end

Powers: Dragon's Wrath (details to come, only a few can match my soul wavelength, those who cannot get shocked V_V;)


Moon Form:


Weapons: shurikans and kunai knives

Powers: Lunar powers :D


Witch form:


Powers: Witchy powers XD


Dominatrix form:


Powers: Dark energy


Musical Mayhem form:


Weapons: Mic stand

Powers: Siren songs and screeches

12/14/2011 . Edited 12/29/2011 #26
Superior Moogle

Edited, but it's not showing :I

12/20/2011 #27

Normal Forms:

Leafia Form: Short light green hair with a side bang that does not cover my light green right eye. Eyes are light green. Pale with a height of 155 cm. Wears a long sleeved white shirt with a black bow on her chest, short black skirt with green hem and black boots with white stockings.

Glacia Form: Long light blue hair tied in two pony tails. No bangs. Eyes are dark blue and I am also pale with a height of 155. I wear a black sleeveless blouse with blue hem and a short white skirt. I wear white mary-jane shoes and black stockings.

Alternate Forms:

Dominatrix Form: I turn to a light brown haired women with short layered hair and honey coloured eyes.

Powers: Power to whip anyone into submission, especially Matt.

Teddy Bear Form: Young light brown haired girl with honey coloured eyes that carries with her a white teddy bear called Flocky. Wearing a cute teddy bear hat.

Powers: Summon a legion of teddy bears to attack. Teddy bear (puppy dog) eyes. Make Flocky a giant and alive teddy bear :3

Carnaval Form: Practically the same as Dominatrix form with a light hearted personality a view of the world.

Powers: Power summon floats and to create mechanical colourful animals to attack.

Grand Chase form 1st Class available:

Job Name: Dimensionist

Basic combo: Z, Z, Z (hits the opponent two times with the mirror then hits the opponent with an upward movement that sends him flying)

Advanced Combo (Dimensional claw): Z, Z, (side arrow two times), Z (Hits the opponent with the mirror twice, teleports behind the opponent and thrusts hand through the mirror, slashing the opponent with a dimensional claw)

Dash: (side arrow twice) (simple teleporting dash)

Boomerang Mirror: X (throws the mirror as if it was a boomerang)

MP skills attack:

1st Bar: Illusionist's Dream: Shoot randomly either a white ball that curses who ever is hit or a black ball that heals who ever is hit

2nd Bar: Wild Call: Holds the mirror in front of her and a Phoenix rushes at the opponent for damage and burns the opponent (medium range)

3rd Bar: Fourth Dimension: Float the mirror in front of her that shoots out a blast of light (long range)

Grand Chase 2nd Job: Dreamer

Same appearance. Weapon is a Dream Trapper

Basic Combo: Z, Z, Z, Z (forms a triangle and launches it at the opponent)

Advanced Combo (Dream Ball): Z, Z, Z (back arrow and forward arrow) (Makes the triangle, pulls back on the internal space and launches a dream ball)

Dash: (same as 1st job)

Steal Dream: X (up arrow, up arrow) (holds Dream Trapper up and steals a part of HP of the opponent)

MP Skills:

1st Bar: Healing Dream - Thrusts hand in the Dream Trapper grabs a dream and eats it, restoring HP

2nd Bar: Goodnight Cinderella - Launches a white ball from the Dream Trapper that induces a sleeping status on the opponent

3rd Bar: Merry Dream - Summons Nightmare, a Grim Reaper like creature that slashes with the scythe and curses the opponent he slashes.

Grand Chase 3rd Job: Clockist

Same appearance, the weapon changes to an hourglass

Basic Combo: Z, Z, Z (top of the hourglass comes off and the sand hits the opponent three times)

Advanced Combo (Era Change): Z, Z, Z, X (same as the above except that in the end it summons a light ball that bursts on the opponents face)

Dash: (same as before)

Memory of Before: X (adds a combo of a previous job and attacks the opponent)

MP Skills:

1st Bar: Youth Steal: (takes off the lid of the Hourglass and steals some HP from the opponent)

2nd Bar: Midnight Strike: (switches the area to nighttime and arms of a clock slashes opponent)

3rd Bar: Beginning of Time: (giant clock appears in front of the opponent and in a fast movement keeps reversing when it reaches the 'Beginning' it explodes)

Grand Chase 4th Job: Creationist

Same as the above, weapon changes to a Scale Staff (Scales on a staff)

Basic Combo: Z, Z, Z, Z, Z (hits the opponent with the staff)

Advanced Combo (Create Plant): Z, Z, Z, X (hits opponent and creates a spiked plant to stab the opponent)

Advanced Combo 2 (Create Animal): X, Z, Z, Z (Create clawed animal that scratches the opponent, then hits with the staff)

Select Ingredient: X (summons creation ingredient [needed to use MP skills])

Dash: (side arrows, creates portal and appears in another place)

MP Skills:

1st Bar: Create Minion: ([needs 1 ingredient] creates a small minion that attacks the opponent)

2nd Bar: Big Bang: ([needs 2 ingredients] creates an explosion that throws back the opponent)

3rd Bar: Chimera Attack ([needs 3 ingredients] Creates a chimera that attacks with three elemental attacks, water, fire and wind before crumbling into sand)

12/22/2011 . Edited 12/25/2011 #28

Normal Form


Powers: RPer powers, lightning powers, able to summon Terra Firma, Thundra and Blast at will.

1 Terra Firma: (Male, Earth Dragon) (

2 Thundra: (Male, Lightning Dragon) (

3 Blast: (Male, Fire Dragon) (


Genderbent Form






Little girl form



Dominatrix form



Succubus form


12/22/2011 . Edited 12/25/2011 #29
Wayfarer End

Alternate Forms-

Spartan: Turns into a Spartan, wearing metallic black and grey MJOLNIR MK. VII POWER ARMOR. It's come equiped with boot boosters for added mobility, and retractable wrist saw blades for CQC.

Reaper- Clothed in all a black hoodie, with a big white skull on the back, and pants and sneakers to match. Wields Harvester, the Scythe of the Grim. Harvester has a black shaft and a dark green blade, with black roses engraved running througout the scythe. Also can create dark protals and is able to command the dead...

12/22/2011 . Edited 12/22/2011 #30
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