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Wanna tell us a crazy/awesome story about something that happened? :3 This is the place.


So when I was at Six Flags yesterday, I had ridden on a rollercoaster that had to stop like, right before it got to the end. When it did that, this ten year old (That looked like he was seven) began swearing at the top of his lungs. No joke, he was screaming profanity. Some prime examples included "Asshole!", "You effin' bitch!" and "P***y!" My sister and stepsister, only two seats ahead of me, were cracking up. That kid... was awesome.

3/17/2012 #1

Okay, so several days ago my physics class was outside. We took iPads with us so we could practice for the state tests (We do all our work on iPads.). So the topic of conversation between my friends and me shifted over to how pale our legs (Since we usually wear sweats/jeans) were. One of my friends said he hadn't let his legs see the sun in about three years and when he showed us how pale his legs were...they had a tint of blue.

No joke, you could see a bit of blue on them. I...Is that even possible?

4/24/2012 #2
The Ambience

Me and a few friends were just chatting normally, nothing new. We were four in total. Two were on my left and one, the right. I don't know if I was tired and didn't notice but I closed my eyes for a second. Just a second. When I opened them, my friend on my right was right in front of me. As if he teleported. I would have backflipped away in complete suprise but . . . I'm a bit tall so I settled for jumping back. I asked him how the hell did he did that. He answered that I fell asleep.

Seriously, I was like what the fu?

4/27/2012 #3

So my friend, Whitewolf, is telling me this story. Her friend dared her to steal a car, and if she did, she'd get cookies, a cake and a pie. I'm guessing she was at a party, and do you know what she did? Later on, while her friend was distracted, she stole HIS car. XD Keep in mind that he never lets anyone drive it. Now, he leaves her a voicemail saying that she better not scratch his car, that she's a cheating bitch, etc.

Being the cruel person she was, when he FINALLY managed to get a ride to her house to pick his car back up, Whitewolf ran out all panicked and apologizing for scraping his car. She didn't scrape his car.

Now she's enjoying pie. :3

8/10/2012 #4
Count Garnet

Alright then, this happened a few hours ago. I was sleeping after drinking some Gatorade to get my fluids back up to part, and I turned over on my pillow.

I slowly woke up, blinking and rolling around, my stomach was a bit bubbling but I didn't feel like throwing up. But, when I turned over on my back, my head in my pillow..I felt..Something.

I could see myself..In a room, it wasn't any light..But I could make out that I was sitting on a chair, just a plain old chair. But, I heard..People talking, like I was reading minds.

It was so loud that I couldn't even cover my ears to make it stop, it was in my head. I could even see people walking around, like a subway, a building, people in suits. You know? ...Speaking of my head, my head felt like it was sinking inside the pillow. It was like quicksand.

Then. I sat up, everything stopped. I know wasn't dreaming..so..What was that feeling?

8/20/2012 . Edited 8/20/2012 #5

Ok, one that happened today on my dear birthday...

Sharing your birthday with one of you best virtual friends. Seriously, Matt-kun and I turning seventeen on the same day? Mind blown. Next thing I know he was also born 10:32 AM

8/21/2012 #6

Here's a crazeh story for ya..

So, I bought a really rare gem for the ps1 called Speed freaks, and when I put it in my ps3, it was awesome...But at the second race, the EFFING second race of the first effing cup...it froze. I got so pissed that I made a thumb print on the disc...Luckily it didn't broke, but now it has my mark.

And so, early this morning I looked up Speed freaks, and I find someone who has the exact same problem, and it's just because Speed Freaks has issues on a ps3. so now, my rare gem has my thumb mark on it for no reason. Damn me and my temper...

9/1/2012 #7

Crazy story today.

So I'm walking home from the bus stop. I'm looking down at the ground, on the left side as usual, and I have my headphones in with music playing. There weren't any cars coming, or so I thought, so I decided to cross the road to the other side since I was nearing my house and it was on the right side. All of a sudden, my stepdad drives up--having been heading to my house as well, and has to stop because I was crossing. No big deal. No-one got hurt or anything. I cross safely, and I meet him back home.

Then he gets out and we talk about it for a bit, and he's all like "Yeah, I was just driving down the road, and I saw you coming and *insert name of little bro* yells 'run him down!'" Best part was that my little bro hugged me when he got out of the car. Not sure if my stepdad was serious or not, but my little bro might be out to kill me. X3

10/2/2012 #8

I got into a duel today against some dude using an Elemental Hero deck. Strangely enough, I was doing the same.

I made some bad moves, and he ended up getting ahead because of that. Despite my mistakes, I managed to come back. Did not expect it at all. My opponent had Stratos and three fusion monsters out, but I had Miracle Fusion. I got Vision Hero Trinity out the moment I could, and due to his effect, I won. What was better is that the damage was exact. XD

Trinity = boss

10/25/2012 #9
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