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(I'll do the starting post in the morning. ^_^)

4/15/2012 #1

OC City, a floating island created by Snowskeeper to give the OCs a place to live in peace. Most of the citizens were relatively happy, though there were some that were not. Villainnous OCs managed to keep that from happening. Anyways, the skies were clear, the sun was shining, it looked like it was going to be a peaceful day until a battleship kilometers wide, high and long began descending over the city. At first, people thought it only as a place in the sky, but as it drew nearer and nearer, the citizens began to wonder just what it was. Suddenly, it began releasing small fighter ships which took off in all directions, before the ship release a large pod full of Pokemon gijinka androids.

Almost immediately, the androids began attacking people, killing most but if they found any survivors they would drag them away. Curiously, some of the androids looked like some of the OCs living in the city. One hour later, the gijinkas had overrun the city and were now hunting for anyone who would try to resist or were hiding. All of the godmodded OCs had fled, or were warped out by their RPers so they couldn't help. Was OC City done for?

Many managed to find a good hiding spot, some hiding with other people. The question now was: how long were they safe?

4/15/2012 #2

Axel, Vivian, Zero and Mia: *are also hiding with them*

Mia: *growls softly* Damn them.

Axel: Shhhh. They might be nearby...

4/15/2012 #3

Axel: *watching the stairs as well; has his blasters pointed at them*

Vivian: Damn it...there were so many...

Zero: They gave me an owwie. ;A;

4/15/2012 #4

Zero: R-Really? :D

Mia: Better keep you quiet.

Zero: D:

4/15/2012 #5

Zero: A-Ah!

Axel: Shhh! This is no time to mess up, Zero.

4/15/2012 #6

Zero: ;^;

Mia: Hn...

4/15/2012 #7

Vivian: *to Chris* What are you doing?

4/15/2012 #8

Vivian: Now? ^^;

4/15/2012 #9

Vivian: Good point.

4/15/2012 #10

Vivian: Let's just hope it doesn't give away our spot...or anyone else's, for that matter.

4/15/2012 #11

*faintly, they can hear some marching outside the building*

4/15/2012 #12

Axel: *signals for everyone to shut up and stay quiet*

4/15/2012 #13

Zero: ...I have to--

Mia: *knocks him unconcious* *catches his body and lays it gently on the floor*

4/15/2012 #14

*the door to the front of the building they're in is kicked down*

4/15/2012 #15

Axel: ... *keeps his blasters pointed*

Mia: *readies her dagger*

*step step step step*

4/15/2012 #16

*steps sound like they're getting closer to the stairs* *the air is tense*

4/15/2012 #17

*suddenly, the steps stop*

*silence for a minute* *the sound of a door opening is heard from the floor below*

???: Oh god, s-stay back! I beg of you! L-Let go of me! Ark! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

4/15/2012 #18

Axel: *looks to Herean, as if to ask if they should go down there*

4/15/2012 #19

Axel: *nods*

*the screaming gets quieter and quieter, as if they took the person away instead of killing them on the spot* *silence again*

4/15/2012 #20

*no footsteps are heard and the marching is dying down*

Vivian: ....They're gone.

Mia: For now.

4/15/2012 #21

(Been meaning to ask how big the replica was. Like, as big as the actual thing or scaled down?)

Axel: ...Damn it..

4/15/2012 #22

(Ah. ^^)

Vivian: No..

4/15/2012 #23

Axel: Nada.

Mia: No.

4/15/2012 #24

Axel: Alright, so how do I use this thing?

4/15/2012 #25

Axel: No.

4/15/2012 #26

Axel: *begins flying it out once the instructions are complete*

4/15/2012 #27

Axel: *somehow manages to fly it out of the building without trouble; has it ascend into the air*

4/15/2012 #28

*as he flies it higher and higher, Axel begins to see the whole city as well as where squads of androids are* *they're all over the place, but seem to be patrolling the streets and searching for survivors*

Axel: ...

4/15/2012 #29

Mia: *just looking out a window*

Axels: They're headed away from us...

4/15/2012 #30
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