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Watch a few of these and you'll get it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1qFhZo8-vw

You don't have to watch the whole thing. 2 minutes alone and you'll get a good idea of the thread. Anyways, you make up your own scene/prompt and have you or one of your OCs do a little skit/one-liner based on it and make it as funny as possible.

I'll do a couple examples. Yes, you can reuse the same scene.


Scene: Questionable things to ask your parents.

Tepo: Hey, Mom, what's a good way to bust out of prison?


Scene: Things you don't want to find in your toilet.

Skyblade: *opens up her toilet* ...? Is that my wallet!? O.O


Scene: Bad songs to sing during class.

Shade: Everywhere I go, bitches always know...

5/30/2012 #1

Bad things to say when your teacher asks why you're absent

Gigajolt: Serpa, why were you not here?

Serpa: Oh, sorry. I was too busy having sex with your mother.

9/4/2012 #2
Soviet Dilbertman

After beating the final boss in a video game

Barry: Aw, fudge yeah! I beat the game!

Chris: Fudge? Really?

Barry: What? The word 'fudge' is a good way to make uptight conservative parents not complain about us.

10/7/2012 #3

Things you do when your boss isn't looking.

Shade: Yeah, have a nice day too. *flips the boss off when he's not looking* =_=;;

10/7/2012 #4

Getting the latest installment of your greatest passion.

Liz: Fangasm... owe

10/7/2012 . Edited 10/7/2012 #5

Finding out there's no yaoi in a yaoi fanfic.

Au: ;A; Sadness...

10/7/2012 #6
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