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The Living Contradiction

Where randomaliciousness, RPing, and other things shall occur between us. XD

7/31/2012 #1
Count Garnet

Ruth leaned against the headboard of her bed inside of her father's home, said man had left about three nights ago proclaiming ''He was going to make the world pure again.'' All of the man's children were deeply confused at this, but he also left them with one last piece of info. The Curse wouldn't harm them. And now, Ruth was boiling.

It was one thing to...Abandon them! But...To think that he could handle..Whatever on his own?! Ruth had to remember to calm herself down, the light in her room was starting to dim from the darkness pooling around her room, which fell back on her mental imput...

She wouldn't let her father go in alone..She didn't care if she siblings would stop her..She was going to help him.

The Dark Weaver started to mentally name people who would..harm them. She first thought of Mede, but nobody had really heard about him in a while..Then she thought of..

Atawhai, granted the woman didn't try to harm any of them, just weekly meeting between herself and Atawhai...But..She had known about the things Atawhai did....So that was two... Black Forest wasn't that much a problem..But..What about Ralva?


7/31/2012 #2
The Living Contradiction

If Ruth looked out the window, she would be able to see Akina flying on her broom with Racheal following on her Dragoon form. The two were casually flying around the place with Racheal firing an occasional light arrow into the sky.

7/31/2012 #3
Count Garnet

Ruth pulled her legs up to her chest, her mixed color hair hanging pass her knees, turning her head to the side to see two other..Beings flying around her father's home. "...." If Ruth hadn't been so deep into thought, she might had went out and asked what they were doing around Rya's home..But..She had to think..Not for her own sake...

7/31/2012 #4
The Living Contradiction

Several explosions could be seen as Racheal shot molotovs thrown at her by Akina.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" Racheal asked with a sweatdrop.

"I say we should, because it's fun." Akina answered with a smile.

7/31/2012 #5
Count Garnet

"Excuse me." Sygan said while creating Twilight energy platforms to walk on air towards the two flying around his father's house. "I'm going to have ask you to stop that, you see, this is private property, and you shouldn't really be doing that around the house, somebody might get hurt. And when that happens..Other's might not take it well. Understand?" Sygan asked to the two with a smile, hoping this wouldn't turn ugly.

7/31/2012 #6
The Living Contradiction

"Oh, sorry." Akina said with a sweatdrop.

"We'll heading off then." Racheal said before starting to fly away.

Akina began to follow.

7/31/2012 #7
Count Garnet

"So glad you understand.." Sygan said while slowly floating down to the front of the house, raising a eyebrow as he saw the front doors open, and Ruth come out, holding a..Rather large object wrapped up in what appeared to be a black cloth.

"..Ru-" Ruth cut him off with a shake of her head. "I'm going to help him, Sygan." Ruth said before she was stopped by a wall of Twilight energy, it's gleaming purple aura seemed to repel the wicked looking shadows around Ruth's feet. Sygan floating down in front of the hall, shaking his own head at his sister.

"..Ruth..Please.." Ruth shook her head once again. "I'm not going to sit here and wait for him to return...Unless you're going to help me, you should get out of my way.." Sygan slowly put his head down at this, the wall in front of Ruth faded into nothing, allowing Ruth to move pass him. "......"

"....." With a short ''Blink'' of black light, Ruth was gone.

7/31/2012 #8
The Living Contradiction

Akina and Racheal continued to fly away, unaware of what happened below them.

7/31/2012 #9
Count Garnet

Sygan sighed at his sister's actions, unlike the rest of the children, Sygan knew what Rya was going to do....But he asked him to keep it a secret...What to do..?

8/5/2012 #10
The Living Contradiction

Racheal shot another light arrow in the distance while flying away and had it explode, making a colorful explosion in the background.

8/5/2012 #11
Count Garnet

"Gah!" Sygan ducked his head at the explosion, balling his fists as he turned around at the people flying away. "Please! People are resting!"

8/6/2012 #12
The Living Contradiction

Racheal looked to Akina.

"Time to get our asses out of here!" she said before flying faster.

Akina nodded and flew faster as well.

(What kind of name can I give to the personification of trance music? =3)

8/6/2012 #13
Count Garnet

Sygan sighed heavily at the two girls flying away from the house, his shoulders slumped and his back crooked forward a bit. He couldn't help but to chuckle at the fact that he thought he looked like one of those.. Bridge Trolls Destin sometimes talked about..

8/11/2012 #14
The Living Contradiction

(Well that was short-lived. XD What now?)

8/11/2012 #15
Count Garnet

(Cakian randomness!)

''Lord'' Death Cake, as he was known in the city, was hard at work making a cake he had dreamed of last night. It wasn't like any other food he made, this one had to be carefully made to the extremes. Like he was now, frosting all 15 layers of the cake with the up most care.

Cake was almost done putting the finishing touches on the massive cake, he was somewhat surprised that he was able to fit the cake inside of his work place. His boss..Uh..Wasn't really going into the room, on account of the..Cakian Magic going on in the room..Wait..Yeah. That was about right.

Cake stood in the middle of the room, right in front of the giant cake he was working on, now..Where was that cherry..?

8/11/2012 #16
The Living Contradiction

Outside, Yumako walked on the street with Iva on her back. The two were heading home from a trip to the store. They held bags of groceries containing food and other things.

8/11/2012 #17
Count Garnet

So, Cake got the cherry, which was a hardly thing than it seemed, seeing that it was larger than his entire body. Cake struggled to walk forward with the giant cherry in his arms, which didn't even come completely around the cherry. "Gah..Just..Gotta..Get..It...On..The..Cake!" Cake almost screamed as he felt the cherry slipping. "Gah!"

8/13/2012 #18
The Living Contradiction

Yumako looked inside the buildings she walked by out of curiosity, her eyes gazed inside of Cake's building.

8/13/2012 #19
Count Garnet

"On!" Cake threw the cherry onto the cake, his teal eyes going wide as the cake began to wobble, Cake's body tensed up and his jaw tight. "Nononono.." Thankfully, the cake stop wobbling, Cake letting out a breath he didn't even know he was holding in. Closing his eyes in relief, he failed to notice a bolt of green energy suddenly fly at his cake, causing the massive cake to.. Explode.

So, there he stood, covered in cake and frosting, bits of cherry in the mess that made him look like a frosting snowman. "....Nooooo!!!" Cake screamed out to the ceiling, shaking his fists at nothing. "Darn you, Super Rising Yeast! Darn you!!"

8/20/2012 #20
The Living Contradiction

Yumako giggled a bit at Cake, thinking whether or not to go inside.

8/20/2012 #21
Count Garnet

"...." Cake leaned against the frosting covered wall of his place, trying to get off the cake and frosting on his body..Well, that's before, something happened. And the something being a loud..Groaning sound, almost making the wall he was leaning against rumble at the tone of it.

Cake tried to blink some of the frosting out his eyes, which was kinda..Blurry at the moment. But, he could make out a large..White shape moving towards him, fast too. Before he could even react, he felt the air in his lungs forced out, the wall behind the dark pink haired Cakian breaking as he flew though it.

What had hit him? A monster, formed from the cake that had exploded. The Cake Monster slammed it's frosting drippy claws into the floor, before letting out a roar that shook the glass of the place, spewing out large cake bits from it's maw.

8/21/2012 #22
The Living Contradiction

Yumako shielded Iva with her body as the window broke. She picked up Iva and dropped their groceries off at their place quickly before returning to Cake's place.

8/21/2012 . Edited 8/21/2012 #23
Count Garnet

At that point, Cake had gotten to his feet and summoned Grimpage in it's scythe form, trying to split the monster down the middle, only to be smacked away by a cake heavy arm, once more slamming him into the wall.

"Hm!" Cake quickly threw himself to his feet, seeing a cake arm flying for him, this time he was ready. Cake ducked and evaded the cake arm, before raising his scythe and slashing it off, the Cake Monster roaring at the lost of it's arm.

"Got you!" Cake smirked as he slammed the base of his scythe into the ground, a large dark pink magic seal appearing under him. "Farmer's Delight!" Cake yelled as, well, crops of all sorts appeared in the air around him, from carrots, to corn. Oh yeah...They weren't normal, the carrots in the air had large pieces of peppermint on the sides, but the oddest thing was..They were ticking. Kind of like bombs. The corn could had easily been used as hammers, all certain pieces seemed to pulse with magical power. Yeah, Cake came ready for battle.

8/23/2012 #24
The Living Contradiction

Yumako rubbed her eyes. Was she seeing this right?

8/28/2012 #25
Count Garnet

"Haaaa!!" Cake shouted as he soared through the air at the Cake Monster, which in turn swung it's remaining arm at the Cakian. Grunting, Cake stabbed his scythe into the arm of the monster, another building shaking roar coming from the monster. While the Monster was roaring, an over-sized carrot flew towards it's stomach, instantly going off when it came in contact, blowing the beast back. Thus, throwing Cake away again, the teal-eyed Cakian falling into the pile of cake on the floor.

"Ugh..huh?" Cake lifted his hand, quickly remembering that this was the same cake the monster's arm was made of. It almost wasn't worth noting, but he could sense..magic, Cakian Magic emitting from it..But..the only ones who could do that was..another Cakian.

..BF was so going to get it.

9/22/2012 #26
The Living Contradiction

Yumako watched, still confused at what was going on.

9/23/2012 #27
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