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Have things you'd like to say about the most recent installment to the Kingdom Keepers series? What things shocked you? What were your favorite/least favorite parts? What do you think will happen in later books? Post it all here!
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OK, so am I the only one who noticed that Finn was a total j*** in book 5? He was always a really nice guy, and then in book 5 he was all bleh! For starters, he was saying all those mean things about Philby. Second, this is what really ticked me off, HOW HE TREATED AMANDA!!! When they got into that fight after returning from Typhoon Lagoon, he was being totally unreasonable and said some really uncalled for things. Then, not even a week after the fight, he went and kissed Storey and Charlene! The thing about the kiss with Storey is, it was totally innapropriate. He's a highschool freshman and shes a college freshman. Finally, he seemed to pretty much everyone. Please let me know, am I the only one who was seriously disgusted by Finn's behavior?

7/2/2012 #1

Eh, honestly, I was annoyed more by Philby than Finn. He was being such as snob. Finn's outburst at Amanda was weird and random, but I think he was just stressed out. My guess is the two will make up in the next book. It did annoy me how he kept kissing everyone, particularly Charlene. He knows she likes him, but is very open about how he doesn't like her back. He's basically just playing with her feelings, which is NOT cool. You're right that the kiss with Storey was inappropriate, but to be fair, she kissed him not the other way around. But yeah, a lot of characters' behavior annoyed me in this book.

7/28/2012 #2
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