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An RP forum. PM me if you want to join.
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Also, be careful around my character. He can be a bit.....unstable...at times.
7/8/2011 #31

Name: Silvak Rotscale

Race: Drenilian

Appearance: He 7 feet tall, Well built physique, Blood red scale with spiked shoulder scales, his nails are extremely hard, Wears a midnight black robe inlaid with chain links, a deep red steel helmet with a face protector, wears sea blue gauntlets and greaves and carries two katars,along with a curved long knife in his boot, which are capable of shooting into his hands when they are needed or slide out, Underneath his cloak he carries a bag with surgical supplies as well as medicinal herbs and solvents and ingredients to preserve decaying flesh.

Personality: Untrustworthy of most others of sentient race save other Drenilian, if one gains his trust they will have a reliable ally and great friend, but those who lose his trust must sleep with one eye open lest they lose their life.

Occupation: Necromancer

Background : Silvak was born into slavery and was sold to a magician who was a necromancer through his life he helped said necromancer get supplies and bodies for experiments. When he was about 20 the necromancer attempted to take his body for a new creature thankfully due to learning from the necromancer without him knowing Silvak used the man's creatures against and freed himself now he just travels the world doing dangerous jobs for money and new creatures to combine.

Element: Darkness

Summon: Norse

7/13/2011 . Edited 5/6/2012 #32

You still need an element for your summon. Based on the character info, I would suggest darkness. In which case, Your summon will probably be Hades, if you choose Greek mythology like everyone else. Otherwise, Babylonian, Roman, or Norse?

Also, I like you making a Drenilian necromancer. It's clever, what with their affinity for healing.

7/13/2011 #33

I think for norse dark summon should be Loki god of mischief since he could be classified as being crazy or dark. And thanks I was actually thinking of that when I made him a necromancer because it makes him extremely hard to kill.

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #34

It doesn't make him really hard to kill, since he trained in necromancy and not healing. However, it will make his undead servants stronger.

And okay for Loki.

7/13/2011 #35

I guess I see what you mean and awesome so when will we start playing? Do I put anything in character stats?

7/13/2011 . Edited 7/13/2011 #36

We have already started. Don't just jump in, though. It would be messy. And no you don't have to put anything in stats.

7/13/2011 #37

Okay. Now I need your character's summon.

7/23/2011 #38

what is that?

7/24/2011 #39
The Eml

A summon would be what god figure, from different mythologies. Based on your character, and what mythology you choose ((Norse, Greek, Roman, etc.)) you'd get default the equivalent of who'd be best suited, but you could change it.

7/24/2011 #40


7/25/2011 #41


7/31/2011 #42

May I join?

Name: Hotaru Suzuki

Age: 15

Occupacation: Sage

Species: Human/Elf/Karenine

Summon: Rome

Apperance: Dark skin with two black long ponytails. Blueberry eyes, wears a black scarf with a blueberry short tank top stopping right below the chest. Black Shorts with a blueberry open skirt in the front, an belt with a ice pendent on it and black boots.

Element: Ice

Personality: Stubborn, greedy and not too quick to trust new people is how Hotaru has suvived though out her years of living alone. Her village, Vinieta was destroyed a long time ago by Nirun. Along with her family who was killed in the aftermath.

Special Attacks: Controlling Dark Fire, Magic Spells, Dark Fire Ribbon, Dark Fire Whirlwind, Dark Magma Ribbon, Dark Magma Whrilwind

Abilities:Magic Spells(get ready for a list...Sorry if the names are weird)

Weapons: Black and purple jewel axe, Black Tea Fan

Fire:does around 10-20

Ice:does around 10-15

Lighting:does around 20-25

Dark:does around 25-45(better on angelic people)

Light:does around25-45(better on demonic people)

Firen: does around 30-40

Icen: does around 30-35

Lightming:does around 40-45

Darken:does around 45-65(better on angelic people)

Lighten: does around 45-65(better on demonic people)

Firena:does around 80-90

Icena: does around 80-85

Lightining: does around 90-95

Darker: does around 95-115(better on angelic people)

Lighter: does around 95-115(better on demonic people)

Firenal:does around 180-190

Icerenal: does around 180-185

Lightingmingcing: does around 190-195

Darkness: does around 195-215(better on demonic people)

Lightness:does around 195-215(better on demonic people)

Buff:Raises single person defence

Buffer: Raises entire teams' defence

Dec: Raises single person's attack

Deca: Raises entire teams' attack

Fool!:Confuses and enemy

Fools!: Confuses a group of enemies

Sap:Decreases enemys attack

Sapple: Decreases a group of enemies attack

Pat:Decreases an enemys defence

Pattle: Decreases a group of enemies defence

Sapplelapple:Decreases attack a lot

Pattapata: Decreases defence a lot

Reflect:Reflect enemy spells(not abilities)

Reflecta: Reflects enemy spells for the whole team(not abilities)

Break:Uses all MP to send out a deadly blast

Recover:Brings back all lost MP

9/6/2011 . Edited 5/30/2012 #43

GAAAAAH!!!!!! ANIME PERSON!!!!!!!!!! IT'S SCAWY, MAMA!!!!!! IT'S SCAWY!!!!!!!!!

And okay, but please use the skeleton that has been provided.

9/6/2011 #44


9/7/2011 . Edited 9/7/2011 #45

The list of requirements at the top of this thread.

Also, the outfit scares me.

And fire is taken.

9/7/2011 . Edited 9/7/2011 #46

Uh... Could you do this again without all the stats? I did away with them because they weren't really practical... ^^; I have a skeleton you can use...

9/10/2011 #47

There is no human/cat. The available races are listed in Race Profiles. You could always be Half human/half Karenian, if you're dead set on the ears/tail thing. It would also be interesting back story....

Just been meaning to tell you that.

9/12/2011 #48

Would it be alright if I could join?

Name: Tabatha

Race: Elf

Appearance: 5'2". Pale. Long light blonde hair tied in a loose braid. Crystal blue eyes. Wears a fitted leather bodice, with leather shorts, thigh-high leather boots, and elbow length leather gloves (Brown). Sometimes wears a long grey cloak.

Weapon: Staves.

Personality: Calm. Level-headed. Loves nature and animals. Will go along with anyone as long as it does not involve hurting nature. Really hard to make her angry, the only way is harming nature.

Element: Nature/Earth

Summon: Greek: Gaia

Occupation: Druid

Other: Has a mischievous lynx named, Simus.

Background: She doesn't remember a time when she was accually with a family. All she remembers is growing up in a forest with animals. She began traveling when she found Simus. She finds being in a forest much more comfortable than being in a town. Her home is all forests and her family are the animals in the forest.

9/16/2011 . Edited 6/12/2012 #49

Element: Nature

I have a list of elements somewhere on this thread. You'll have to look through the other profiles to find which ones are taken, though.

Summon: Greek

Please provide the name. Why does no one provide the name? I can't look them all up.

Also, yes you may join.

9/16/2011 #50

Quick questions... how could I join or should I just wait till you land?

9/16/2011 #51

Let me know what kid of circumstances you would like your character to join under, ad I will let you kow when we reach that point.

9/17/2011 #52

It doesn't matter to me, what ever you think would be apporpriate

9/17/2011 #53


9/17/2011 #54

can I join? I want to help get this forum back up before it suffers the same way as mine did. :)

11/2/2011 #55
The Eml

I don't mind. I was waiting for Vanitas, who seeems to have vanished...

11/3/2011 . Edited 11/3/2011 #56
I'll wait for him to reappear out of nowhere before I submit my character.
11/3/2011 #57
I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! DX My computer broke...... If you're still interested, I'm moving the rp to a different site.
5/3/2012 #58
Were is the RP now?
5/6/2012 #59

It's still here.

It's duplicate is at Roleplaygateway.com.

5/6/2012 #60
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