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((This is meabt as a brief reference tool so you can keep track of who's who in our gang of heroes. More detailed descriptions can be found in the Codex should you decide to post entries concerning your characters. This will simply present the character's name, appearance, training, occupation, a brief history, and their chosen elemental affinity. Later on, it will present important points in the progress of the story, whether their side stories have been completed, and if they've obtained their Weiss.))
7/10/2012 #1
Name: Emmell Shidow

Appearance: Emmell is a half-elf of average height, with short(ish) black hair, blue eyes, and a full beard. He is Caucasian with a slight tan.

Training: Emmell is a warrior trained in the art of sword and shield. He has not shown any form of magical aptitude.

Occupation: Emmell is a mercenary knight, currently serving a life-debt to the sage Hotaru.

Brief History: Emmell's history is largely unknown, although it is believed he served with the Army of the Divine Host at one point. While most of his service remains a mistery, his victory against the 5th Lekaarian Legion earned him both the respect of the soldiers who fought there and the attention of King Haveln IV's advisor, Nirun.

Affinity: Emmell is bound to the spirit of lightning.

7/10/2012 #2
Name: Sezha Fulker

Appearance: Sezha is a Karenian with long sandy-blonde hair and gold eyes. He is rather tall at 6'3", and is rather thin and lanky. He has a thin scar that begins at the bottom of his left eyelid and terminates half way down his cheek. Unlike most of his race, he lacks a tail. He typically keeps his waist-length hair in a braid.

Training: Sezha frequently battles with a halberd, although he also uses a variety of hidden weapons and is one of only a few dozen people with any real training in the use of rifles. He is also a very talented combat mage, although support spells are difficult for him to cast, and healing spells are nigh impossible.

Occupation: Sezha is an accomplished sky pirate.

Brief History: Almost nothing is known about Sezha's past. What is known, however, is that he has worked with the mechanic Heph Lucent for a year or more, and it is believed he has known the assassin Ardor even longer, though their observed interactions suggest they are little more than professional aquaintances.

Affinity: Sezha posses a strong connection to the flow of time.

7/10/2012 #3
Name: Heph Lucent

Appearance: Heph is a large man with short, sooty black hair and tanned skin. His skin is covered is scars from working around hot forges and engines most of his life.

Training: Heph is a talented blacksmith and truly gifted airship mechanic. He tends to weild large weapons, such as hammers. He is also a skilled archer, and his aim with his self-designed crossbow is second to none.

Occupation: Heph is a mechanic in the employ of infamous sky pirate Sezha Fulker.

Brief History: Heph Lucent lost his mother at a young age, and was raised by his mentor, Alain, as a result. Horribly abused by his drunken master, Heph was forced to steal much of what he needed due to Alain's negligence. He spent a great deal of his youth in prison, and his treatment by the guards and nobles kindled a hatred that burns to this day. Heph abandoned his master's workshop upon reaching adulthood and began travelling the world, trading his services for food and lodging. He came into the employ of Sezha Fulker a little over a year ago, and has remained in his service ever since.

Affinity: Heph is consumed by the essence of flame.

7/10/2012 #4
Name: Silvak Rotscale

Appearance: Silvak is a rather muscular Drenilian who stands at 7' tall. He has red scales. He also has spiked shoulder scales, indicating that he is decended from the southern tribes.

Training: Silvak is a skilled necromancer and warrior. He is a master of the katar, and has learned to fight in such a way that he may kill an opponent while doing minimal damage, providing stronger undead servants.

Occupation: Silvak is a necromancer, though he also bears the Drenilian affinity for healing.

Brief History: Silvak was born a slave. Sold to a necromancer at a young age, he spent much of his life aiding his master in the collection of "ingredients." When he reached 20 years of age (still very young for a Drenilian), his master attempted to take Silvak's life. Using the man's own undead against him, Silvak managed to escape. He now acts as a form of mercenary, taking the bodies of those he kills as payment.

Affinity: Silvak is borne by shadow.

7/10/2012 #5
Name: Hotaru Suzuki

Appearance: Hotaru is a Human/Karenian hybrid. She is average height for a 15 year old girl, with dark skin, blueberry-colored eyes, and long black hair tied into twin ponytails.

Training: Hotaru is a gifted mage, capable of most forms of magic. She is also trained in the use of a war axe and war fan, though she uses these sparingly.

Occupation: Despite her young age, Hotaru is the only one left in the Divine Empire capablr of bearing the title of "sage."

Brief History: Hotaru was born in a small mages' enclave near the kingdom of Vineta. When she was 10 years old, her village was destroyed in the Cleansing, a campaign by Nirun and the Church of the Divine Host to rid the "blasphemy" of magic from the Divine Empire. She took to stealing in order to survive, traveling across the land in the hopes of exacting revenge against Nirun. She somehow found herself pressed into service as Sezha Fulker's chef, however.

Affinity: Hotaru has been blessed by divine light.

(Sorry for any god-modding.))

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Name: Ardor

Appearance: Ardor is a human of average height with black hair and red eyes.

Training: Ardor is a skilled thief and assassin. No magical proficiency has been observed.

Occupation: Ardor is an assassin and thief-for-hire.

Brief History: Very little is known about Ardor's past, and what is known is based solely on rumor. It is believed that he and the sky-pirate Sezha Fulker have known each other for several years, and their last encounter ended with his imprisonment aboard the flying city of Radenastyr. This is all that has been gathered on him.

Affinity: Ardor's path is that of blood.

7/10/2012 #7
Name: Magdalena Thalassa

Appearance: Magdalena is a human of about 5'7". She has long black hair and blue eyes.

Training: Magdalena was trained as a warrior, but lacks experience. It has yet to be observed how she will fair in a real fight.

Occupation: Magdalena is the daughter of the current king of Thalassa.

Brief History: Magdalena is the daughter of the ruling family of the island kingdom of Thalassa. She is due to be married to a foreign prince, but has recently disappeared. The Thalassa guards are scouring the mainland for her.

Affinity: Magdalena has a connection to sacred waters.

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