64: The Great Lylatian War: Paramount Chaos
Star Fox and Star Wolf has vanished without a trace. Sixty-four years later, the Lylat System is on the verge of a great war due to corruption, miscommunication and retaliation. An Rp based on the "Makes a choice" and "Fox and Krystal" endings.
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For Posting:

1. If you can, type more than just one-liners. Also, preferably, do not just type the sentence your character said. For example, do not type: "This sucks." Instead, it should be: (Character A) shook his head. He was supposed to have a vacation, and now they were calling him back to duty early. He sighed as he began gathering his possession from off the sandy beach. "This sucks," he lamented after gathering everything. Then, he walked away from the white sands and salty water, on course for his car.

2. Be literate.

3. Do NOT try to focus every single plot detail on your character. That is the admin's choice, NOT the players'.

4. Have fun.

For Characters:

1. Mary-sues... everyone knows the rules of making them. DON'T! Considering the Star Fox universe, that means "no survivors from Krystal's home planet", "no relation to main characters of the franchise", "no superpowers", "no being a childhood friend of a canon character" and so forth. Also, if you can... make sure you don't make your characters' pasts complete and utter sob stories. "Oh, my childhood sucked, but I'm a nice guy anyway" and so forth. Granted, if it is put together properly, this issue can, sometimes, be accepted.

2. Unusual color is okay... just don't try connecting any of it to main characters. For example, just because a fox has blue fur does not mean he/she is related to Krystal in anyway, nor does it suggest Cerinian descent. Katt was -originally- pink, so it can't be that uncommon. Gray furred wolf does not equal being related to O'Donnell. Blue feathers does not equal Falco, and need I go on?

3. No bringing in 'canceled' characters from the never-made Star Fox 2 -Miyu and Fay- or the comic -Fara Phoenix.

4. Considering the reputation of Star Fox and Star Wolf, characters may know OF them, but do NOT know anything about them personally or just plain know them.

4. Have fun, and this list may be updated depending on issues.

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