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Stardust Ray

I don't know why, but I just love fighting that thing even now. I beat him the easy way, with Selphie's "The End" and the hard way, and let me tell you what a fight that was.

It's actually pretty funny, I guess. I used Squall, Rinoa, and Irvine. Everyone was beefed up in Strength, Magic, Speed, Vitality, and a whole bunch of Luck. I had no Holy Wars because my game decides that I deserve a challenge, and had only rewarded me two Heros at this point. I was quite pissed; however, I didn't quit. The other major items that I used were elixirs and Phoenix Pinions, and let me tell you, I think I started out with three of those and by the end of the battle, I had used them all.

So yeah, things started off pretty heated. I was able to use Aura and a Hero on Squall at the beginning of the battle, and just let the others kinda tough it out. I had hoped Rinoa would use her Invincible Moon, but she kept firing off the Angelo Cannon. Irvine and Squall were wonderful, except Squall did not use his Lion Heart for the entire duration of the fight. Irvine was probably the most valuable player here, you should've saw him, he was diving all behind the organ in the background while unleashing heavy gunfire on that big beast, LOL, I exaggerate, but he did a lot! So I'm halfway through it, and Rinoa finally gets a clue and uses Invincible Moon. Mind you, we've probably been dying and being resurrected a whole lot, and I have no idea how we keep popping back up. It was laughable! Anyway, by the end of it, Irvine gets hit with the Light Pillar attack and just said, "Screw this!" And died right there. I was about to have Rinoa try her luck at another Limit Break, hoping for Wishing Star (which she disappointed me with---didn't use it at all!!)---but I had her about to bring Irvine back to life instead, and Squall took the chance at the limit break. He performed the longest Renzokuken ever and finished off Omega with Blasting Zone, and I was surprised to see the beast faltering. Before I knew it, Omega was fading away onscreen.

What a rewarding feeling, LOL. I just thought it was so funny though. lol.

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