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Stardust Ray

Before I begin, I just want to say that I wanted to make a story based around this, but FanFic's rules won't allow the type of story this would have been. So I have instead, decided to post up the drabbles from a piece of paper that I jotted down one day after coming across this so called "theory".... I don't mean to insult anyone, but I find that this "theory" is completely useless. There are some things I find funny about it, and somethings that I think are pretty odd, but at the end of the day, I still feel that the creators of FFVIII did a great job! It's a fantasy story, after all, correct? Here we go! Feel free to have a laugh!

So I've recently come across a rumor about me and the plot of my brief tale. It suggests that I have died or am in the process of dying for the entire duration of the story. I have very strong beliefs that this is not what the game developer intended. I am already stereotyped because of my choice of clothing, so I would beg, if I cared that much, that people not continue to pass me off as some sort of emotional crybaby. The point of the game was that I grew as a person because of my situations and because of the people around me. If everything had just gone in my favor then I would have gained nothing by the end of my journey, or as they would say, my life. I am Squall Leonhart, and I have a few things I'd like to talk about concerning this said theory about my world: "Squall's dead."

The first red flag that is noted begins briefly after I've awakened from my first major mission to assassinate Sorceress Edea. I was injured during this mission, pierced through the chest, not the heart, with her sorcery strike made of ice; however, I woke up some time later after the event with no scratch at all. Though I do acknowledge that I have no wound and still don't, mind you, I would consider the attack as a form of magic, and although it was cast outside of the fighting grid and during a cut scene, it would still be considered part of the battle since the battle is basically cut short because Edea no longer wants to fight to the death. As she is losing, the battle ends and then picks up right after during the cut scene, and she uses Ice Strike, which she uses later on in the story. Depending on her level, it's an average damage causing attack. It's nothing major nor serious and almost anything with a high level can withstand it. Because the attack is a form of magic, it does not damage as a real weapon would as magic evaporates into the air after because used. I was rendered unconscious after being struck with it, while Edea seemed to show no remorse for her actions. There was no life found in her eyes either, only possession.

Second red flag is that the game seems to take a turn into the fantastical land because Moombas didn't appear before I was "killed." I have one answer to this, and it's quite simple really: Ifrit. Guardian forces exist in this "real" world with all of the military institutions. Some militaries utilize the GFs while others don't. It's pretty absurd to suggest that Moombas are part of my fantasy just because I look up to Griever and he just happens to be a lion. Symbolism is very important in my world, and while it seems fitting to say that I like to help them out because they remind me of my alter ego, it's also just a slight coincidence in the storyline to help tie everything together. It's a way to show another side of Griever, the side behind the strength and pride, as strength and pride could also make one incredibly ruthless. Ifrit isn't alone, but Shiva, Siren, Quezacotl, and even all the monsters that exist in this real world, how could they be an illusion? It's unreal to claim Moombas don't fit into this world when Ifrit actually talked back to us and fought us, and even the Brothers and their fantastical tomb monument.

Third red flag is that the game seems to go into my favor… Wait, what? When did I ever really want to be the leader? Never… Sure I wanted to be included or talked about even, but I didn't want anyone in my face asking me to help them all the time. I didn't want to be bothered. Saying that the game took mold into my "hidden" fantasies is utterly crap. My hidden and exposed fantasy was to be left alone and to work alone. It was better to live my life without having to worry about depending on anyone or letting others down if I couldn't deliver what they expected of me. I would never have to worry about being left if no one was there to leave in the beginning. That was my ideal utopia. It's only after the game began that I realized how screwed up I was and that I needed help, and apparently being completely alone everyday would not be the right way to handle everything. It's not a journey I would have chosen for myself. And if I were dying, I wouldn't bother giving myself everything I ever dreamed of, like being needed and included, and being a leader, and depended on, just to die in the end all alone anyway. And this person says that I would like it to happen as to make amends with my lonely life, so make everything come to a full circle. No. That's pathetic. I have no intention of dying that easily. I would not allow myself to experience what I've lost again, just to ease myself into a death where I was going to lose everything again. I should move on…

Okay, so I've regrouped. I'm going to call in for reinforcements…here she is…


Disc 2-4 are pure fantasy, except for the very last seconds of battle and the ending.

Argument 1: Squall's wound and final moments.

Counter Argument 1: Waking up in the prison with no recollection of what happened except that they were surrounding by soldiers and Seifer was leering down at him. He was possibly taken in and healed by the galbadian soldiers and then lost consciousness because of the pain. A considerable amount of time might have passed between the attack and their imprisonment. Squall attacked her directly which is why he is separated from the others, and because Irvine was a student at Galbadia garden, the headmaster and Caraway pulled strings to get him and Rinoa out.

Argument 2: Rinoa and Seifer seemed to be involved, and Squall is only infatuated by her shortly. Rinoa and Squall can't stand one another.

Counter Argument 2: As all character breakthroughs and love stories, characters need to warm up to each other first. Rinoa and Squall clash, but her direct approach often gets him to rethink his actions. Seifer is clearly being used after Edea taps into his romantic dream of being a sorceress' knight. Because of his recent failing by not becoming a SeeD, he is willing to become a sorceress knight in hopes of keeping at least one dream alive. Because it is his choice to, he willfully becomes an enemy to Garden. Thus his actions cause Rinoa to rethink her friendship with him. She was hoping to become closer to him through SeeD, but because of his latest actions, she knows it is Squall's duty as a SeeD to kill him.

Argument 3: Edea:

CA 3: If Squall died, then we are left with way too many unanswered questions- like who is Edea and why is she on a rampage, and more importantly why would Irvine freak out if Edea is just some woman running with an unclear mission? We learn later why Irvine can't shoot her and it's because she is their Matron, and he is confused as to why she is suddenly evil. Irvine shoots only after being calmed by Squall and convinced that his shot is a signal shot, a sign for Squall and his party to make their move. Other than when Irvine freaks out, we still don't know who Edea is at this point in the game. Squall does not remember her, but based on this theory, he probably never even knew her. If that's the case, Irvine probably would have mentioned a brief history about Edea's and his past with her, and explained why he lost his focus. He does mention that the pressure of the bullet would lead to his success or demise, whichever came first. However, a soldier trained to kill dutifully does not naturally question his assignment. Either Irvine is a poor soldier whom can't handle pressure or maybe he just doesn't want to risk having an entire team of people who have a shared past together copout on and important assignment. Rather than go through all that, Irvine takes the plunge and says he freezes at the final moment. Judging by his dialogue up to this point, he seems pretty confident in his skills, and he "never misses a target." Irvine's freak show was placed strategically to tell the audience that A. there is more to Irvine than meets the eye, and B. He knows something more about Edea, more than he is willing to tell at the moment.

Argument 4: Everyone is human until after Squall's "death."

CA 4: Guardian Forces. Ifrit is but one example. He was able to communicate and was also made part of Balamb's pre-exam. The existence of these beings reminds us that we're playing a fantasy game, and that no matter how realistic Squall's world is, anything is capable of happening. Moombas, if one has acquired a friendship bracelet, can also become one of Squall's GFs too.Edea also animated two stone creatures, Iguion, and the player is able to draw Carbuncle from one. From the beginning there have been warnings about the GF usage, as there are stigmas attached as well as criticism. SeeD and Balamb are criticized greatly because of these practices.

Other Inquiries: [A short break from the arguments for a moment.]

Here's something I would've considered plausible for the Squall's Dead Theory, but no one mentioned it anywhere. Squall gets injured in the beginning and still bears the mark of his injury on his forehead. They never make that statement anywhere and if I was a believer of the Dead theory, then I'd probably mention that somewhere. Oh well. Anyway! Some wounds do not simply go away. Why is it that the shoulder wound is not mentioned for the rest of the game? Well, it could be that Squall has no wound. No, really… If a considerable amount of time has passed, he has probably healed to 100 percent by now. He never has a chance to take his shirt off though. (Frown) By the time he can sit back and relax, which isn't until after Balamb Garden is floating on water, I'd say that it's probably completely gone (at least the pain or the thought of it.) And it's a story with flaws. Maybe the rest of that sentence about his wound is lost in translation? Maybe they didn't want to dwell too much on the wound—probably would've taken forever to explain and/or maybe they did, but cut it out of the game because it took too much time. I agree that it is funny how no one mentioned it either, not even Squall after that one sentence. It's almost as if they forgot that he was severely injured. I also want to point out that maybe Ellone has some healing power in that special power of hers, because Squall was sent into the past some time after the ice shard attack. Anyway…

So to say that Squall died, one cannot ignore anything on the first disk, which is why I say this: Rinoa is standing in a field of green at the very beginning and she catches a flower pedal, turns it into a feather, and sends it on its way. Why? Squall doesn't meet her yet, right? She sends it off to locate Squall. It's not until the last disk that Squall actually finds the same feather that Rinoa has sent him. Through that feather, his very short life, short and meaningless (if he dies at Edea's Ice Strike) will flash before his eyes. Meanwhile, why would Rinoa even bother reminding this guy whom she has barely known but for a couple of days, that he took an ice strike to the chest, and is dying? When did she even get the power to do that? Rinoa is not a sorceress at the start of disc 1…so that means, the time in the field is the foreshadowing. Or maybe she's a figment of his imagination and the bringer of a reality check---that he needs to wake up and face his death like a man! [Le Sigh]

It's foreshadowing…Rinoa is in the future shortly after a certain battle and is trying to locate Squall because the others have clearly forgotten about him as he feared. Fearing that he's regressed back into that aloofness that he's so very fond of (and being right about it) she sends off a little reminder to him, the reminder is a simple white feather. A white feather symbolizes much, including a sign of cowardice, but it is not the case in this scenario. Here, a white feather means Rinoa is a good sorceress and she has good intentions for Squall. She wants to find him and remind him he is not alone, and sometimes, it takes one second look at the past to find that they were not alone from the beginning. This is Rinoa's attempt to show Squall what Ellone learned by doing exactly the same thing from the very beginning as well. Ellone even says, "It's true, you can't change the past, but you can learn things that you never knew from the past and see things differently in the present. I was able to see that I was loved." Rinoa is trying to reach Squall and give him that second look at his life. We get to get a glimpse of what the feather contains, and it contains the very core of the game itself. Though Rinoa was not there from the beginning, she could have heard about most of the details during her off camera interactions with him. I'm sure the two talked a whole lot, and most of these moments were lost in translation. Even Squall's "whatever" is a horrible translation, as he often said, "Sorry," or shrugged embarrassingly when it came to Rinoa. Also, when Rinoa sends off this feather, and up until Squall finds it, he is also under Ultimecia's spell, and is losing his memories. Everything flashes before his eyes like a dream, and he feels empty, and alone and cannot remember anyone nor their faces. None of the people he made pacts with showed up for him, and he felt abandoned again. Not even Rinoa showed up for him. What if she had forgotten too, what if she died? This is what the screen implies as it goes from one frame to the other and finally Squall passes out. That's when Rinoa finds him, collapsed.Let's stop for a moment. If Squall really has died, why is Rinoa here? Wouldn't the scene from the end of disc one continue? Sure there was a lot of footage shot there and returned to that scene, but it doesn't proceed to the Ice Strike attack. It shows Edea's eye as she stands, possessed by Ultimecia. They say that his death is done subtly and the hints and clues are left within the storyline. I'm not buying that. There was only one subtle message, and it was that Laguna is Squall's father. For everything else in the game, it revealed itself overtime. I think if Squall died at that point, Square would have come right out and stated it at the end. It was all a dream. The Squall is dead theory is no theory, it is simply a "what if" question. Why would Squall, who wants to be left alone—even if that's just a front, die and punish himself by making up all of the events to follow all to get the attention of a girl he can't even get along with and to be in a position of leadership which he is even reluctant about being throughout the game? Even so, how would Rinoa, who at the start of the game is just a regular teenager with a dog, be able to counter a sorceress' power at the end of Squall's life with her nonexistent sorceress powers? Why would Squall, who throughout the game, continuously tells everyone not to have high hopes about life, and not to sugarcoat the truth choose a fantasy life as his eternal dwelling? If Squall died there, I think he'd be upset, sure, but to punish himself with a fiasco of lies, no. Then he'd be a hypocrite.

Back to my point: Rinoa is actually able to counter Ultimecia's magic. Because the two f them remembered each other and defied Time Compression, all is restored and balanced out once again. Squall awakens from his nightmare and into Rinoa's arms. The rest is what actually happens, and is not a death dream, but his new reality. Now, I think if it was meant for Squall to die, there would be no need to continue to press on Ultimecia,nor would Squall be able to travel into the past and tell Edea about the SeeD and how it was her idea. Sure, it's Edea's idea from the first time and now Squall fulfills his role in this time loop that actually stops after Squall and the others defeat Ultimecia. What I mean about the "no need to continue to press on Ultimecia" is this…There would be no need to show that clip at the end of the game about Squall returning to the old orphanage where Ultimecia appears. To make the Squall is dead theory true, one would consider everything is a dream, and now Squall is continuously allowing himself to live in a cycle that will never end because of the will of a figment of his imagination? He has one hell of an imagination. She keeps the cycle going because she wants to hold on to her life. Take the words at the end of the game, and consider that she is referring to herself, and not to the party; though Squall can empathize with her about one thing, a person cannot hold on to the past forever.

Moving on…

In FF8's developmental stages, the creators pressed the idea of giving it a realistic feel, but they could never get away from the fantasy element. They considered it a "fresh final fantasy, with a light emerging from darkness," rather than the "shadows in the light" theme from the other games. Turning "a light emerging from darkness" into a dead man's fantasy would be going against the former.

If Squall's death was the case, then Edea is the real enemy and therefore, Edea would have appeared in Dissidia, and not Ultimecia. Edea is a costume available to Ultimecia, which implies that Ultimecia has impersonated her and can do so again. Chaos has chosen his warriors first, which means that Ultimecia actually existed and was a suitable candidate, and now Squall is automatically chosen by Cosmos as her rival. If Ultimecia existed only in Squall's mind, then that would be impossible for Chaos to accomplish. Of course, we can consider the world of Dissidia is a canon world where almost anything goes.

Argument 5: Squall's mind.

CA 5: Everything involves the mind. The mind is quite powerful. Believe in something and make it true, sometimes things manifest and sometimes not. We can't make Pinnochio come to life (in reality) but we can make a Pinnochio doll. Griever does exist as a ring and doesn't become a being nor animated until Squall is actually in battle with Ultimecia. There was never an inkling of Griever emerging from the ring before this moment, and Ultimecia seems bent on the idea that Griever is the best also; however, she also seems to acknowledge Squall as the legendary SeeD and knows that Squall is destined to kill her. Squall doesn't seem to have that big of an ego, to think himself the legendary SeeD, or maybe men really build themselves up in their minds, secretly? This is one argument that I find a little tricky, but whatever, it's not enough to make him dead.

Argument 6: Ultimecia

CA 2: People say she just appears out of nowhere like I used to think before I let the game sit in my mind and soak a bit, but a friend of mind pointed out one thing that I clearly forgot. She didn't just emerge, Ultimecia was there since the beginning. Everything Edea has said from the start of disc one is in fact, everything Ultimecia is hoping to achieve. We see how she can get inside of a person's mind because of Seifer. She can read a person's mind, feelings, and heart. She knew of Seifer's personal feelings, and knew that he was really ashamed of not living up to his own expectations. She knew that he felt unaccomplished and nothing more than a boy with an attitude problem. One would say that she "broke" Seifer. Ultimecia breaks him, and that is exactly why he follows her willfully, because in his mind, it would make him a man to follow his dream, than to continue letting himself down by chasing after everyone else's expectations of what he should have been. He was becoming a man and would now live his childhood dream, no longer a boy. Seifer bids farewell to his former allies knowing that things would never be the same between them, even though he grew up with them. He now remembers the past, but goes into his future hoping to keep his dream alive. This is why he has no problem facing Squall in the near future. Squall will get between Seifer and his dream, and in order for that not to happen, he must fight Squall to defend his dream. Even Seifer has learned to forget his past and focus on the present. Even he has learned to live in the present and take advantage of a situation. There is a lot of dialogue which is not known to us between Seifer and Ultimecia, some of which we will never know. More of the obvious is that she learns Seifer isn't a SeeD and puts her trust into him, somewhat. Ultimecia has done some research on Squall, apparently on his ring, being an issue. She researches everything; coincidently, she has acquired JME (Junction Machine Ellone), and finds that Ellone was alive in Squall's time, and by taking a look back in history books, she might be able to recreate the exact same thing only this time, she would be able to kill him first. At their first battle, one can say that Ultimecia doesn't know it's him just yet. She uses her Ice Strike and injures him, or kills him, like the dead theory suggests. And if you think she succeeds, then she doesn't because with his death, people say the rest of the game is baloney. Which means everything is a manifestation of Squall's Imagination as he is dying therefore nothing is real but the fact that he dies and continues the loop only to die again, or ultimately, there is no loop and Squall defeats an evil witch and lives happily with everyone in his death…or happily in his imagination of being alive if he were still alive, but he's not, and he now he knows that he's not alive, but living in a dream that he's created for himself to be at peace about dying---and all this is taking place in a floating garden over the sea beneath the moon. Right. That goes against his character. It really does. If Squall realized he was dying, especially at the end of the game, I think Squall is a strong enough character to actually face his death, and leave with all questions unanswered, and alone, like he has only been dreaming of being since the beginning of the game. That means the game would have meant nothing, but that you live what you believe, and it would also mean that Squall does not believe what he has been saying since the beginning of the game, that he would rather live a fantasy over reality, making him into a hypocrite, which he is not. He realizes he wants to be included only at the last minute, dies, and then goes to his fantasy heaven? That's basically what that theory means. Take the storyline for what it is and give it more depth by your own personal experiences. But to state that Squall is dead and slap on theory at the end of it, it sounds incredibly emo, probably more depressing than how Squall started out before allowing everyone into his heart as he does in the game. In order to say that this is a theory, it must be tested, and countered. One cannot simply misquote the game and give vague details about why it makes sense, and one cannot take an aspect out of context that supports the theory while ignoring the rest, it doesn't work that way. All that means is, you can't ignore the time loop that's already in motion. How do we know it's already in motion? Rinoa!! If not for Rinoa at the beginning of the game, standing in a meadow, we would not know if it's a dream, reality, or just a flashback…

Because of the existence of this time loop, there might be parallel universes. In one of those realms, Squall dies, and it ends everything for us who can see outside of their universe, meaning Ultimecia/Edea… And she compresses time, which happens regardless…Anyway, because it happens at the end after Rinoa and Adel merge, thus time compresses… But there would be no such thing as Time Compression if Squall is the one who created Ultimecia with a simple fantasy. Personally, I don't think he would go through all this just to be the hero, just to get the girl, just to be a winner because Squall is a reluctant hero. He just doesn't give a damn. He just doesn't care about it and is afraid to have it, and at the time of his "death" he is still the strong silent type, he's still carrying that mentality. He wasn't even interested in Rinoa after he'd gotten to see a slither of her personality and how much they clashed, and therefore dropped the issue altogether; however, he is still aware of his contract with her and always has someone look after her when he can't. I think the purpose of the "death" scene was to show that Edea had no remorse because she was not herself, she had no recollection of him or Irvine and was completely possessed---but her ability to read Seifer's mind and heart was how she was able to win him over, and Seifer maybe then or perhaps a little time afterward, realized she was his matron as well and continued because he would not turn his back on his dream. He felt needed and important now, and it didn't matter who would provide.

More things:

U L [T I M E ] C I A

U L C I A = Julia

The above is another theory….while we're naming absurd theories, why not?

Ultimecia is Rinoa?

Ultimecia's research has allowed her to study Squall's ring, and resurrect the beast part as Squall did to Solomon's ring to acquire Doomtrain. She has resurrected the beast and believed in it just as Squall did, that if they would spend their lives alone forever, Griever would be with them. In that case, I can see that Squall imagined her into existence and she would be the perfect enemy as her intentions are identical to his. Of course, Squall realizes midway through his journey that he cannot stand to live alone, he wouldn't be able to, because he relied too much on them as they did to him, and it was a healthy balance of life. He needed and craved it and could live with it, and would protect it when the time came.

To defeat her, they allow her to achieve her ultimate goal. Ultimecia achieves Time Compression, but can't enjoy it because SeeDs have made their way inside and she knows it is her time to die, so she summons and junctions herself to Griever as a way to instill fear into Squall's heart, using a thing of his that might make him falter in battle -for how could one destroy what they have treasured, loved, and relied on the for entire duration of their journey, but now Squall doesn't need Griever because he has something real, he has his friends, and that's why the Lionheart limit break is so powerful, because Squall becomes a lion in battle, tearing his enemy apart, strong and proud, to protect them and his world. When Ultimecia dies in battle, she says that one can't hold on to life no matter how hard they try, Time will not wait. Reflect on your memories, childhood, words, and emotions. She is speaking mostly to herself, coaching herself, and to them also, because if everyone remembers, they can be safe when time is restored. They remembered each other, their emotions, they would also remember why they were there from the beginning and who they were fighting, and then she could not die because of her memory that they'll keep alive realizing she cannot win the battle at all. Telling them to cherish their time now in the present, because it will end soon someday…that's what she was doing.

If Squall is dead, Ultimecia is the ruthless sorceress from his imagination who later at the end of the battle tells him it's okay to die because it's life. That's quitter's talk.

So he reflects on his childhood, goes back to Edea's house and spreads the idea of SeeD to the Past Edea, which gives him a chance to live again, and fight for his life again, and hopefully survive this time around… And again, and again, and again…but, he doesn't have the power to do that, only a sorceress could, so it's impossible for him. Only a sorceress could, and if that's the truth, then Ultimecia is real, which makes it impossible for Squall to be dead, unless he is dead, and will continue to live in this fantasy of infinity of his friends and Rinoa in a floating Garden, forever….

Now the other questions are, why is Seifer with Edea, and is Ellone really Ellone? Why is Edea aiming for world domination? Why is Ellone even in the Garden in the first place? There are too many questions left unanswered and if Squall was dead, there would've been a FF8-2 to show what would happen since Edea basically wins if he is dead.

Also, the world of FF3 is connected to FF8, therefore making Hyne real and all sorceresses real, and thus Ultimecia is real in the world of FF8 along with Edea. If Edea wants world domination, why does Irvine hesitate and cannot shoot her? Irvine later reveals how he knew her as a child and cannot shoot her.

At the point of Squall's 'death,' Rinoa had no sorceress powers, so the opening CG is fake, and Rinoa is sending off the pedal turned feather soaring into the wind over a guy who said ONE sweet thing to her before dying, "Just stay close to me." (O_O)Maybe it takes place after Squall's death and she is freed from Galbadia because of her father. But why try to locate someone who is dead. It's pointless! Is Rinoa dreaming? Is that the new theory!? So Squall's spirit finds the feather and remembers, and is then brought back to life? Then we get to see Laguna and Raine in the past, and Ellone, Kiros, and Ward, and even Seifer and the others, wait, if Squall is dead, why is Seifer there?If Edea got her wish and Squall is dead, he shouldn't be there! Squall has a wild imagination, imagining all his friends and dream people at peace together and separate, but everybody's happy like he is… Since Squall is dead, everybody gets their happy endings, including Seifer who actually helped to kill him off. But since the game is about Squall finding happiness in death, then of course he wouldn't allow Rinoa to be with Seifer, only with him. Just by studying Squall, I think he would rather be alone than to be with someone who he thinks isn't even interested in him, and if the game was a fantasy, I would think he would realize that, and allow everyone else to go on with their lives (not that he has a choice in that matter) and be together and happy, without him. If Squall felt that Seifer and Rinoa belonged together, I believe he would allow himself to die without imagining her to be there by his side.

If the whole entire game is a dream before Squall finally dies, don't you think he would've come to terms with things as they are and have accepted everything for what it is as Ultimecia said in her cryptic message? So Squall chooses fantasy over dying, which means he's a hypocrite and has learned nothing at all, but that his friends are important to him. Welcome to reality Squall, you can't live with them when you're dead, and you can't live in the DMT moment forever. So sailing over the ocean with the love of his life in his arms is his farewell to us as the third party who helped him realize his new reality? If the Garden suddenly vanished or caught fire over the water, then I would understand that he is as dead as a king of the past—as their tombs contained their bodies inside a single vessel and set aflame by a flamed arrow, then the vessel is released to set sail, a funeral fit for a king, but in the end, it wasn't. Instead, we see the moon, a full moon, which could mean that the story has reached its full circle, meaning Squall and Rinoa get their happy ending in the present, but eventually Ultimecia will be born, and the next attack will take place again, and the little Squall with Edea in the past will grow up to be Squall who we play as, who takes a very large ice shard in the shoulder, who eventually becomes the leader of SeeD because he was described to be the one who told Edea about the Garden and Cid would know that because he married her and they undoubtedly talked about the past, and Cid makes him into the leader to fight this sorceress. Want to know the truth? Ultimecia wins, actually.

She has found a way to live forever, and whether she realizes that or not, no one knows, but there's an end to the cycle available in their lives and to those in the future who lived in Ultimecia's time, if anyone has survived Time Compression, that is. All this is to say, you can't live for battles in the future because the future isn't promised and could be very dim, that's why the present is so much more important than any other time, especially the future. So it was the end of the world for the future generation because Ultimecia killed everyone to achieve Time Compression in her time. Squall and the others get to enjoy their lives in the present, but history is bound to repeat itself, and by the time it does, the present Squall will already have died and lived the remainder of his life, but it'll be up to the past Squall to come back and challenge Ultimecia. To every villain there is a hero, and Squall will always be resurrected (or activated) each time Ultimecia visits the past for as long as the loop continues, until she dies by his hands, (or your hands) and the end of the battle and time is restored, and Squall gets to live his life in peace and dies until she is born again. Basically: Live in today, not the past or the future: that's the moral of FF8's story, and is something that both Ellone and Rinoa seem to live by. Anyway, I can agree with one thing; Squall did die. Well, you can say that Squall died, but only one part of him died, and that was the wanting to be alone part. That was the cold part of his heart, the cold side. During the game, he grows as a person. The shadows to light, so to speak, basically means his inner demons come to light, and the power of love around him helps him to shine a light on that darkness, strengthening his heart in the end.

And with that, I'm done.

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It all makes sense now when I think about it people don't really dwell on wounds unless it put a big scar in their life not just their body.

If you watched Lord of the Rings the wound on Frodo was caused by the Witch King's Morgul Blade which could have turned him into a wraith but because Elrond healed it you would think it would go unnoticed for a long time but the thing is the wound affected Frodo regardless. In the Two Towers the Witch King tried to get the Ring from Frodo and Frodo tried to give the Ring to the Witch King it is because if Frodo where to become a wraith he would be under the influence of the Witch King however the affect might have still been there. So what I am saying is the wound had put a mental scar in poor Frodo because the Witch King would be haunting his thoughts for the rest of his life therefore he could not possibly get the Witch King out of his mind.

Squall on the other hand is mind was not affected in such a manner therefore he could not have been dwelling constantly on his wound from the ice shard because it didn't affect his mind at all or even impacted his life in a huge manner so the wound remains insignificant.

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