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Hero Name:






Hero Costume:

Civilain Clothing:



Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):



Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:


4/12/2011 . Edited 4/12/2011 #1

Hero Name:Merlin

Name:Jonathan Hex


Power:magic user. Spells , Potions, teleportation and summonings.

Equipment/Weapon:A magic ring, A back that contains a empty black space that holds everything he owns.And a black scyth


Hero Costume:He wears a bllack wizard's cloak and a white mask that hides his face

Civilain Clothing:anything

Personality:sort of like Raven but towards certain members he shows emotions. He is sarcastic and cunning. But also kind and caring.

Likes:love to sing and proform

Flaws: Often takes outrageous risks to achieve goals, takes pain away too often and ends up hurt himself, tends to be secretive, relies on only himself and not others, very pessimistic, can be mistrusting, closed-minded on new opinions.


Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:Atlanta,GA

Bio:Jonathan used to be Zatana's sidekick until he wanted to try to be his own hero.He was once BB's best Friend when growing up until BB left the teen titans and John was alone. Soon after a few years John appeared in JUmp City and met up with BB again and was asked to join the teen titans

4/12/2011 #2

Can I create multiples?

Hero Name: Red wasp

Name:Vladimir Ivannov


Power:Radioactive blast things

Equipment/Weapon:none as of yet

Appearance:red eyes, fair skin, white hair in a buzz cut, strong build...etc

Hero Costume:black protective suit, unsure of what it is made of but it appears to change temperature to suit the climate. Red marking on his chest(possibly radiation symbol), grey gloves and orange boots. sometimes seen wearing goggles.

Civilain Clothing:anything he finds

Personality:sour and enclosed, lonely and rough, unsure of himself

Strengths:exellent control over powers, exellent survivalist skills.

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):lack of judgement, unlearned, doesn't take orders, poor self control.

Likes:to be alone, writing, chocolate, snow, tends to laugh at other's misfortunes.

Dislikes:large crowds, enclosed spaces, vegatables, being told what to do.

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:Russia...somewhere in Russia

Bio:never tells anyone about his past. Met the titans when the Brotherhood of Evil returned and he was recruited to help.

4/30/2011 . Edited 4/30/2011 #3


5/2/2011 #4

right...If I don't get a reply soon I'mma gonna have to claim this RP as dead and never return. You have until friday very very early morning.

5/4/2011 #5

*sigh* times up, looks like this RP is dead as a doornail. Message me if you decide to use a defribulator...or something

5/5/2011 #6

I don't care if this is dead, maybe some one will come back. Plus I just wanted to fill this out...i'm bored

Hero Name: Terra

Name: Tara Markov

Age: 15

Power: Geomancer (controls earth, dirt, rocks, etc)

Equipment/Weapon: Mostly just uses her powers, but is skilled in hand to hand combat

Appearance: Large blue eyes, peachy skin, straight blonde hair to the small of her back, slim

Hero Costume: A black half shirt with a yellow ''T'' on the front, yellow shorts withn a cargo belt, black boots, brown gloves and goggles

Civilain Clothing: A dark gray and black tee shirt with a gray long sleeved shirt underneath, blue cargo shorts, boots gloves and goggles

Personality: Fun loving and playful, but also insecure. A bit wild, and funny as well as dreamy. Often swayed by the pressure of others, and strives to succeed.

Strengths: When she has control of her powers, they are extremely useful. She is bright and can cheer people up, and bold and outgoing

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Insecure, makes mistakes, doesn't see herself as who she really is. Her judgement can be clouded, and she tries so hard to succeed she can do it the wrong way. Longs for acceptance and lacks control

Likes: Pizza, exploring/travelling, the earth, Beast Boy

Dislikes: When she looses control, misjudging, making mistakes, her past

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: She goes where the wind takes her

Bio: She was a loner before she met the titans. At first she was free-spirited and strong, although she kept her secret of her unability to control her powers from everyone save for Beast Boy. She had tried to do good before meeting the titans, but her powers would always get so out of control she would cause disaster and people would turn on her. When she thinks Beast Boy told her secret, she runs to Slade, who offers her help with her powers in exchange for destroying the titans. She agrees, and returns to the titans undercover for Slade. She has a romance with Beast Boy, but ends up betraying and attacking them, attempting to annihilate them. In the end, she gains control of herself and "defeats" Slade, but is turned to stone

5/9/2011 #7

LOL, Hi Angel! see you're taki8ng a cannon...are you trying to get into every RP because this is probably the 5th I've seen you in...y'know...If you want this to live through the small amount we have...and you still arrive...I'll go RP time the now

and will randomly take random cannons!

you can do that too XD

5/21/2011 #8

her home place is Markovia

5/21/2011 #9

A few more herose for the newly affixed plot:

Hero Name:Fluttershy

Name:Felicity Harran


Power:flight via delicate yellow wings on her back and ability to communicate with animals

Equipment/Weapon:none, she's somewhat pacifist(?) Appearance:has long wavy pink hair covering one of her shy bright blue eyes. Fair skin and small build. delicate yellow wings potruding from her back.

Hero Costume:jeans and a yellow shirt with 3 pink butterflies on it and jeans and trainers

Civilain Clothing:probably the same^

Personality:very shy and nervous(hence her name)yet sweet and kindly

Strengths:intellectual and good with her powers

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):very shy and nervous, easily frightened, very unsure of herself

Likes:peace and quiet, animals(except dragons), friendship

Dislikes:she'd rather prefer it if she weren't a crime fighter.

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:she currently lives in Florida

Bio:no past invented as of yet.


Hero Name:Persephone

Name:Katharine Millisent Devlin


Power:can raise the dead

Equipment/Weapon:hatchet with her name engraved on the hilt in gold

Appearance:grey, dead skin, red eyes and silky black hair to her waist. Somewhat muscly and tall

Hero Costume:an ankle-length dirty-white old-fashioned dress. Shoes are no longer fixed, her fixed ones are broken.

Civilain Clothing:none, she only owns the dress and a pair of shoes...(and some underwear of course)

Personality:basically all my bad points with some caring thrown in.

Strengths:strong in both phisicality and mind, intellectual and with good judgement skill, good sword skills and exellent indurence

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):very short tempered, looses it quickly causing her to make mistakes, her lust often gets the better of her and she is very rotten towards others. Is suicidley depressed.

Likes:Lightning(love interest), her hatchet, ZOMBEEEZ, hot chocolate, lusty things(will NOT expand), being violent

Dislikes:immaturaty, stupidity, childishness, Thunder(he really hates her, so she hates him back)

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:Lille, France

Bio:was born so early she was classed as a misscarrage and left to die, but survived anyway and was taken home. When she was 4 her skin died, her eyes turned red and she raised her first zombie. Her parents, fearing her, threw her out. She was taken in by a hobo with unbeatable divination skills who could give and withhold information as he pleased. He had a vision about her and told her she was going to die before age 18. To stop others being hurt at her death, she distyanced herself from other people. This changed after B.W.A.F.H.Y, where she fell in love with Luightning. She has already suffered that death, but after an internal battle came back. She has been dating Lightning for 1 year. He gave her a necklace for christmasd once that saved her life, which was previously her weapon, but she broke that.

there will be more!...I may fail to write their hero thingies if that's alright...

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #10

Lol yeah, I try to get into as many forums as possible :) okkayy and nice characters btww

5/21/2011 #11

heheh, If I joined many more I'd probs forget about all of 'em...and thanks :P

5/21/2011 #12

Hha i always get emails when someone replies in a forum im in, and anytime ^_^

5/22/2011 #13

AOL refuses to give me my Fanfiction E-mails these days...will you PLEASE join the actual RP now? Raven's looking for Terra.

5/23/2011 #14

Hero Name: Shock

Name: Lia Fiametta

Age: 14

Power: Can influence and control electricity, create it, affect electrical currents and machines, and travel through electric currents, cables, and lightning.

Equipment/Weapon: Metal retractable bo staff

Appearance: white blonde hair with deeper yellow highlights that falls in beachy waves to her shoulder blades, gray eyes, peachy skin. Slim and muscular build

Hero Costume: Gray lace dress that ends three inches above her knees with a yellow zig-zagged hem, yellow ankle boots, fingerless yellow gloves

Civilain Clothing: Gray skinny jeans, yellow tee-shirt and yellow converse

Personality: Hot tempered, determined, and hates losing. Always works hard. A bit flighty, and daring. Doesn't back down, even if it could kill her. A bit rude, and usually hyper. Funny, and energetic. Can sometimes be too flirty

Strengths: She is great in close combat, good at escaping, witty, clever, determined, and a hard worker

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Tends to accidently shock people, mis-calculates, has a hot temper, rude, a bit naive, sometimes bossy

Likes: Hot weather, eating, telling jokes, acheiving goals, out-witting people, winning, relaxing occasionaly, drawing

Dislikes: Cold weather, condescending people, rain, any form of water (unless she's drinking it), staying in one place

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Hometown is unknown, although she's currently living in France

Bio: Shock (Lia) was born into a small but loving family. Her parents had always had a love for nature and outdoors, and took Lia outside whenever possible. When she was four, her mother and her had been on a walk through a feild when a thunderstorm hit. Lia's mother ran under a tree, hoping for shelter. She was struck by lightning, and died instantly. Lia was also struck, but since she had been in her mother's arms, the strike was indirect, and Lia achieved her powers through this. She was given up for adoption when she was 6, because her father couldn't stand his daughter having powers because of his wife's death. When Lia was eight, she plotted to leave the orphanage. She know travels where ever she wishes, doing what she pleases. She likes the free life and being outside, but is secretly haunted with her powers. She doesn't prefer to talk about her past.


Hero Name: Rocket

Name: Desiree DuKnight

Age: 15

Power: Can control the element of darkness (specifically shadows), as well as create bursts of light from her fingertips that can stun a person (but only momentarily, 7 seconds tops)

Equipment/Weapon: A silver daggar strapped to her upper thigh

Appearance: Long, black hair to her waist (think scene hair, big at the top that gradually becomes thinner), with silvery eyes always lined with thick black eyeliner. Pale and slim, but has slight curves. Has a tattoo of a trail of stars starting just below her left hip bone and slanting up towards just below her belly button.

Hero Costume: Black long sleeved shirt that ends below her chest, exposing most of her stomach, and silver spandex shorts. Black combat boots and occasionally a black cape with silver stars around the hem

Civilain Clothing: Black shredded skinny jeans, gray hooded sweatshirt, black wristband and high topped sneakers.

Personality: Dark, quiet. She's a bit of an introvert, although she enjoys the company of others. Sarcastic yet polite most of the time. Has a dry sense of humor. Likes hiding, and enjoys the nighttime. Not an open book. Easily frustrated as well, and is somewhat weak-minded although she isn't afraid to voice her opinions.

Strengths: She is strong willed, smart, thoughtful, and careful. Good at hiding and striking quietly and lethally. Can tolerate pain, and doesn't show fear

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Weak minded, cautious, and frustrated easily. Her light blasts only last for short periods of time, and she sometimes is too secretive, tends to lie

Likes: Night time, the stars and outer space, thinking, being alone or with a select few, blending in, rain, sketching

Dislikes: Too hot days, crowded places, know-it-alls, chocolate

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Russia

Bio: Unknown

5/23/2011 #15

((I'm leaving these kinda blank at the mo, will fill in later...yeah, I got a lot...Desdemona comes with the rest of the Sky Heights, who will be found by Thunder...shall I include at least one of the Brit. titans and Amaryllis?))

Hero Name:Amaryllis



Power:electrical elemental, limited time freezing, release of a pharamone that knocks people out/disorientates them.


Appearance:dark skin, black hair hidden by a violet veil, dark brown eyes that glow yellow when she uses her powers.

Hero Costume:purple genie outfit thing...

Civilain Clothing:none



Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):untrusting, speaks in confusing ways



Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:Ethiopia



Hero Name:Shirioko

Name:Ukira Masaki


Power:extremely acute senses of hearing and smell, super sonic screams, doggie teeth and claws


Appearance:purple boy-cut hair, fringe covers her left eye, blue eyes, fair/pale skin

Hero Costume:none really

Civilain Clothing:jade green shirt, blackhoodie and jeans



Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):blind, snide, self-conciouss, distances self from others.

Likes: dancing, water, pink, encyclopedias, reading, giving.

Dislikes:flowerws(she's allergic to them), rain, hot weather, watching TV, being treated like a kid, blindness.

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Hiroshima, Japan.



Hero Name:Modred

Name:R.J Modred


Power:transfiguring self into loads of stuff.

Equipment/Weapon:himself ^^

Appearance:tanned skin, blonde hair in the style of James of Team Rocket(Pokemon)

Hero Costume:none really

Civilain Clothing:sky blue tank top, short shorts ^^

Personality:b*** and cruel, snide and snappy, hateful, spiteful.


Flaws (I want a lot of these, please):

Likes:BOYS XD! hot weather, ice cream, playing tennis.

Dislikes:girels, flirts, the 'loser brigade', cold weather, being kept inside.

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country:Tripoli, Libya.

Bio: All that is really known is he joined a hero school at the age of 16 because he had nowhere else to go because his parents kicked him out because he was gay.


Hero Name:Rainbow

Name:Tavia Donelly

Age: Power: Equipment/Weapon: Appearance: Hero Costume: Civilain Clothing: Personality: Strengths: Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Likes: Dislikes: Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Bio: ---------------

Hero Name:Desdemona Sky Name:Desdemona D. Wakley Age: Power: Equipment/Weapon: Appearance: Hero Costume: Civilain Clothing: Personality: Strengths: Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Likes: Dislikes: Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Bio: ----------------

Hero Name:Camden Name: Age: Power: Equipment/Weapon: Appearance: Hero Costume: Civilain Clothing: Personality: Strengths: Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Likes: Dislikes: Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Bio:


Hero Name:Adolf Name:Adolf Absum Wollstoncraft Age: Power: Equipment/Weapon: Appearance: Hero Costume: Civilain Clothing: Personality: Strengths: Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Likes: Dislikes: Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Bio:

5/24/2011 . Edited 7/29/2011 #16

Hero Name: Cheshire

Name: Jette RosaBlanc

Age: 13

Power: Can chameleonize herself, meaning she can blend into her surrounding backgrounds to become either completely invisible or keep various parts of her body visible while others are not

Equipment/Weapon: Samurai sword in a sheath over her back

Appearance: Jette black hair that is practically ringlets, which she keeps in a messy black bun held by chopsticks for being a civilian and a sleek ponytail for fighting

Hero Costume: Black longsleeved shirt with a lace pattern that reveals parts of her skin, tight black spandex pants and black combat boots with steel toes and silver toe-tips. A slanted silver belt on her hip, and a black covering around the lower part of her face, partially see through

Civilain Clothing: Black kimono that ends above her knees with a green sash, and green fire design on it. Black sandels (like those japanese sandels with the heel and open toes) and a black charm bracelet with a three silver charms: chameleon, samarai sword and a sun

Personality: Serious, and determined. Quiet and a good fighter. Is very head strong and spirited, and full of energy, although she spends it mostly training of fighting. Has clever ideas, and rarely speaks. When she does talk everyone knows she has something important to say

Strengths: Great in combat, knows several forms of martial arts and can weild any sort of weapon, although she prefers swords. Knows sign language and rarely gives up

Flaws (I want a lot of these, please): Too quiet, mis-calculating, hidden, secretive, resenting, easily holds grudges

Likes: Fighting, training, winning, quiet spaces, being alone

Dislikes: Loud places, hot weather, losing, when people make mistakes even when she told them what to do, people who think they know everything even when they don't, getting things wrong, being blamed

Home City/Town, State/Province/Territory, Country: Japan

Bio: Has ventured nearly all over the world, training with the best in martial arts and any sort of fighting techniques. Learned respect at an early age, and gives it as much as expects it. She is similar to Red X, as to she comes and goes as she pleases wherever she pleases, and causes chaos or helps prevent it by turns. Nothing much is said or spoken of her past or family, she barely has any memory of them. Can speak Japanese, although rarely does.

5/24/2011 . Edited 5/24/2011 #17

...I'm not sure you can call her Cheshire, there already being a character in TT by that name...

5/25/2011 #18

Hmm alright, then how about... hmm lemme think on this one..

5/25/2011 #19

is it your birthday next week?

7/28/2011 #20

yeah :) august 4th to be exact

7/28/2011 #21

awesome, thanks ^^ check out dA on your B-day hun ^^

7/28/2011 #22

okkay :)

7/28/2011 #23

In a way Shock's a little bit hydrophobic I think...

7/29/2011 #24

yeah she doess

7/29/2011 #25

woop ^^

I have a Hydrophobic OC...her name is Erna, she pretends to be really really brave around her easily frightened little sister to protect her and make her feel safe. Erna and Jena XD

7/29/2011 #26

ohh yeahh isnt Jena in the 8-10 class?

7/29/2011 #27

Ayup ^^

The Byrd sisters. Byrd of course isn't their real name, otherwise it would be a little too ironic they'd be able to turn into birds.

Their real names are Unity and Olivia Bennett.

7/29/2011 #28

Ahh i seee :D I like the name Unity. It's prettyy

7/29/2011 #29

Heehee, Erna always found it embarressing ^^

Jena was very reluctant to change her name, but the two of them and another girl were being hunted down by serial killers called Bob and Savage, and are still being hun ted, only the Byrd sisters have made themselves obscure and difficult to find ^^

7/29/2011 #30
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