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This is an rp for X-men misfits, the manga version of the X-men, I thought it was cool enough for a RP
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Kuro Hakase


Mutant Name:









Teacher or Student:

Other info:

4/13/2011 #1
Kuro Hakase

Name: Wade Wilson

Mutant Name: Deadpool (self given, 'Hey it sounds cool!')

Age: 15

Height: 4'6

Weight: 145 lb

Apperance: Wears bandages on his hands, mouth and an medical eyepatch on his left eye. His eyes are blue and has a good build. Often seen carrying an airsoft gun or wooden sword. Under his bandages is handsome young man with a few scars on his cheeks. Wears the uniform with the blazer and red and black headphones. Has black hair that falls and leaves a few bangs in his eyes.

Powers/Abilities: Has a healing factor which means he can heal from most wounds and injuries quickly. He is a great marksman and talented swordsman with some skill in martial arts. Wade also knows how to sneak around due to hours of Assassin's Creed. Unrelated he can talk to the author and authors.

Personality: One word, mischevious. He loves to play pranks, crack jokes, and cause some trouble. Wade is a genral joker who always has a smile and snide remark, he really knows how to make you laugh and smile. He is a good friend, that is unless you cross him then he will prank you until you cry. He doesn;t make friends easily so he values the ones that he made 'As long as they don't eat my cheetoes!' (Quiet you)

Bio: Grew up in CAnada with a rather a bad family. They were poor, humorless and donated him to a program to make some money, the experiments left him with a sensitive and scarred body but a healing factor and heightened abilities. After years of going through this he was found by Xavier where he offered him a chance to go to the school. He accepted for a chance for accpetance.

Hobbies: Playing video games, cartoons, anime, manga, pranks

Teacher or Student: Student

Other info: Can talk to the authors

4/13/2011 #2
Fuzzy Teeth

Name: Zach Weston

Mutant Name: Livewire


Height: 6'7

Weight: 178 lb

Appearance: Has has a body made of live electricity, so he wears nothing on his upper body. No shoes, But wears a old pair of tattered jeans. (imagine this over his whole body

Powers/Abilities: Electricity mastery. He can absorb power from almost any source.

Personality: Brash, Scatterbrained, sometimes vain. He likes to build things and then dismantle them. Gets alone with Students easily.

Bio: Till the age of 17, Zach lived as any normal teenager would. But on a hiking trip, he transformed to what he is now, leveling a the side of the mountain he was on. The initial scare caused him to go into a rampage. He started tearing things up, until the professor found him huddled in a ditch. Bringing Zach to his mansion he helped him with his powers. Working hard he eventually got a degree in engineering. He now teaches engineering at the school.

Hobbies: Buidling and then destroy things, Making shapes with his powers , Talking more then teaching

Teacher or Student: Teacher

Other info: Limited control with metal, nothing on the level of Magneto.

4/16/2011 #3
Kuro Hakase


4/16/2011 #4

YAY! FINALLY an X-men RP that's Alive and Well!!!! =D

Name: Kanya Nashia Alipierzo

Mutant Name: Panterra (lame =()

Age: 15

Height: 5'5

Weight:Maybe 110-120??? Idk, she's thin but she still has a nice figure

Appearance: She has a Chestnut Brown-Milk Chocolate skin tone, with Wavvy, mid-back length, Black Hair and Golden Cat Eyes. She also has black cat ears, a black cat tail, fangs, and nails that turn into claws at will.

Powers/Abilities: She is strong and fast. Kanya has cat-like reflexes and can be silent&deadly. She took some martial arts training with her Uncle so she can kinda fight. Stealth, speed, Strength ect.

Personality:Kind, Sweet, Friendly, Quick to Trust, which sometimes leads to her downfall. Does NOT handle pain well...Sensitive, Skittish around strangers and Forever Curious. Dislikes loud noises. Sly, Witty, Fun-loving, Prankster-ish. Protective over those that are close to her. Distracted Easily. Don't make her mad. =)

Bio: Her Mother is an African-American Artist/College Art Teacher and her Father is a Japanese College English Professor. Her X gene kicked in when she was 10. She noticed her eyes, originally brown, got lighter and lighter each day. Soon fangs began to develop. While she was brushing her hair, she noticed 2 little bumps on her head. She creamed and told her Mother and Father. 3 months later she had full grown cat ears. A tail would later develop. By thw time she reached age 12, she looked...unique. when her parents found out, her Mother cried while Mr.Alpierzo comforted. They said they would love her no matter what. They decided to homeschool her, and her true friends stayed by her side. Mrs. Alpierzo(Her Dad's Father was Italian) found out about Xaivier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, she gave Kanya the option of going. At first, Kanya refused. Later on, she realized it would be best for her to go, so finally she left her friends and family.

Hobbies:Is into Fashion! Loves to sing, doodle, paint, write poetry, read and eat. Alot =) [Dislikes wearing hats, She likes to wear her ears proudly!]

Teacher or Student:Student

Ohkay I just finished reading what you guys have so far(I stopped abt a quarter of the way through to write this) and I realized you guys have a kinda-ish cat-like person already.... TT-TT I do have an idea for another character, so should I make her instead?

4/26/2011 . Edited 4/26/2011 #5
Fuzzy Teeth

You mean laura? Not really cat-ish. She's wolverine's clone. SO yours is good. I think Kuro will be fine with it.

4/26/2011 #6

Yay! *Happy Dance*

Does this mean I can start RPing now?

4/26/2011 #7
Fuzzy Teeth

Im not a mod, but i dont think Kuro would mind. But its your decision if you go ahead.

4/26/2011 #8
Fuzzy Teeth

Oh and Remy (Gambit) is super-playboy, he'll be hitting on your girl so as they meet.

4/26/2011 #9

Hmm... Idk... Will he like ban me or something??? Maybe I'll wait.... But I really wanna RP now... Lolz okay

4/26/2011 . Edited 4/26/2011 #10
Fuzzy Teeth

NAh, Kuro aint like that. He'll just prolly lay it down in the rules, or soemthin. Go ahead, if he gets mad ill take the heat.

4/26/2011 #11

Yay! Thank You =)

4/26/2011 #12
Kuro Hakase

Accepted and welcome

4/26/2011 #13

Thank You!!!!!!! =D

4/26/2011 #14

Name: Flynt Lowell

Mutant Name: Ratchet (for some reason, people started calling him this)

Age: 17

Height: 5'9

Weight: 165 lb

Appearance: Black cargo pants, steel toed boots, dark green shirt, black scarf covering lower half of face, black bucket hat shadowing his eyes. Storm cloud grey eyes, dark blonde hair, scar going down right eye, scar across throat. Chains wrapped around his arms and back.

Powers/Abilities: Ability to manipulate his chain thats wrapped around him. Has a slightly higher than normal healing rate though is not used much, stronger than most and more tougher. Can use his chain to attack and defend. Also knows most forms of fighting ranging from boxing to Muay Thai and Judo

Personality: A quiet guy who rarely trusts anyone but himself. He is mostly stays to himself, ignoring others. Despite his mistrust, powers, and childhood he is actually quite gentle. He's never once had a friend and doesn't know how to make any due to his mutant powers.

Bio: Grew up in Russia, his parents had just moved there from America. At a young age, his parents discovered that he was a mutant. Gathering a mob, they attacked the young boy, their own son. Fortunately, his chain was a tough enough so most attacks were unable to hurt him. One of the mob was able to get past the chain with a sword and cut down his eye. Seeing that, the mob decided to behead him with an old guillotine. The blade didn't behead him due to his chain managing to hold it back a bit but it did cut into his throat, leaving a horrible scar and him not being able to talk well. When he does, it a whispery rasp. Breaking free, he fell into a rage and killed everyone present. He's been running ever since.

Hobbies: Drinking (due to his healing powers, it is very difficult for him to get drunk), reading, listening to classical music, drawing

Teacher or student: student

Other info: none I guess

Hope this is acceptable

5/21/2011 . Edited 5/21/2011 #15
Kuro Hakase


5/22/2011 #16
Tora Brambles

Name: Xela Jorden

Mutant Name: Hecate (given this name due to the nature of her powers, Hecate is the goddess of witches and the supernatural in Greek mythology)

Age: 16

Height: 5' 3"

Weight: 120

Appearance: Black hair that brushes the ends of her shoulder blades in length. She has miss-matched eyes; one green and the other is blue. Xela is of Greek ethnicity so her skin has an olive tone.

Powers/Abilities: Necromancy, which she can't control very well. Necromancy is the ability to see/talk/banish/call forth spirits and zombies.

Personality: Quiet, however she becomes angry easily. To authority she is polite, but only interacts with those she must.

Bio: Xela was orphaned at age ten after a car crash killed her parents and her older brother. She discovered her powers when she was visiting their graves; they came back to life, but were in horrible anguish because of the condition their bodies were in. Terrified, she attempted to release their souls and did so, but they became lost in the void between this world and the next. The spirit of her brother protects her but she was unable to find her parents' spirits. Xela was kicked around from foster home to foster home for the next six years until she was taken in by the Jordens, who had a son who was a mutant. They sent her and their son to the school.

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, stealing

Teacher or Student: Student

5/22/2011 #17
Kuro Hakase


5/23/2011 #18
Mean Faol Banrigh

Name: Keavey Colquhoun

Mutant Name: Cold chill (=/ it is lames...)

Age: 17

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 118 lb

Apperance: Slender and pale, with decidedly feminine features, Keavey could easily pass as a girl, were it not for the fact that he wore little more than baggy pants and an unbuttoned/unzipped heavy winter jacket, showing off his lightly defined abs. He has grey eyes, and waist length white hair that he added electric blue highlights to. He keeps his hair up in a pony tail most of the time and can most always be seen with a game in his hands

Powers/Abilities: He is an ice/water controller by nature, though he is good with tactics and planning. He uses ice to make weapons,

Personality: The word that comes to mind is quicksilver. Normally, he is an aloof person, would really rather play a game or work a puzzle than be with people, but certain things set him off, and for someone called Cold chill, he can be a bit of a hot head. When on the defensive, his humor is acid-laced, good natured but stinging and bitingly painful for the person at the butt of his jokes. He is very cool, collected person when in battle, and can make decisions without bringing morals into consideration.

Bio: (DK why does everyone want a Bio!? Can't... Can't I just come up with something once I've used the character?)

Hobbies: Playing video games, working puzzles

Teacher or Student: Student

Other info: he has a pet cat ( but with blue eyes) named Gunner

5/25/2011 #19
Kuro Hakase


5/25/2011 #20
Mean Faol Banrigh

Yay ^^

5/25/2011 #21

(I have the summer off, which gives me ample time to roleplay! And I love X-Men soo... :D)

Name: Melanie "Melony" May

Mutant Name: Deathblood (public and mass media at large if ever mentioned), Love-Lass (preferred)

Age: 19

Height: 5'7

Weight: 125

Appearance: She has blonde hair to her back, blue eyes, and is rather pale. She has an apple body shape (wide shoulders, small hips, large features on torso, smaller limbs). She normally dresses in t-shirts, jeans, and hoodies. They are usually oversized and rather baggy due to her insecurities. In her superheroine persona, she looks like a clothes-less girl dipped into a vat of sludgelike blood that is constantly dripping grotesquely like some sort of perpetual waterfall. On the face, there is a very thin layer of the sludge that you can see two blue eyes under, and another thin layer that you can see her mouth and nose under, as well as her ears. These allow her to see, breathe, and hear.

Powers/Abilities: Her power is a blood-red gooy being that originally grew around certain parts of her brain before it was excreted out of her pours. It forms around her body in a thin layer, and can form tentacles, wings, etc. The gooy being also gives her peak potential strength, speed, and reflexes because it was given super serum (more on that below).The being can be pulled back into her body through her pores, and then excreted back out of her pores when it feels Melony has summoned it. It is acidic to anything organic or organiclike that isn't Melony, and thus can burn people, and completely destroy plants like trees, grass, or even (and annoyingly) clothes. The gooy being has a replica of the cells of certain portions of Melony's brain, which doesn't include complex memory or rational thought other than trying to cling to Melony as a body part or organ knowing that's where it "belongs". If Melony is asleep, and the gooy being senses danger, it will hi-jack her body, and reveal a lot of its personality: that of a very protective psychopath. The being can often forms into a shape like Melony when separatedforcibly from her for a long period of time, and will rampage around trying to find her, and won't do anything else until it does. Overall, a blood like goo that bestows peak-human abilities, extra appendages, is clingy ,and semi-intelligent.

Personality: She absolutely wants to be the classic archetype of a superhero, saving people as a protective savior and friend of humanity, never killing, never harming innocents, always willing to forgive all but the most heinous criminals, all-around what most people typically think a superhero thinks like. However, this is often complicated by downright horrifying her powers are. She is also very insecure about her body because of her heavily repressed sexuality (she is lesbian and not even a little open about it), not to mention the fact her suit dissolves her clothes and is relatively form-fitting (to a tasteful degree, sure, but it still exceeds her comfort zone). Overall, insecure but trying to be a good superheroine and a nice person despite her problematic powers.

Bio: When Melony was a little girl, she always wanted to be a superhero, much to the concern of her mother. She started to have delusions of being one, and very vivid hallucinations of this. Concerned, her parents took her to a doctor, where they found this red-goo like sludge acting as a tumor in her brain, naturally grown there due to an X-gene mutation. Thus, the doctor gave Melony an experimental drug that made the red-goo be excreted out of her pours. However, much to their amazement, it formed into a shape exactly like Melony, full coloration and all, and even had a full personality exactly like hers. The doctors took the clone of Melony to a secretive lab, and injected it with experimental super soldier serum, now finding a candidate. This serum gave the clone peak-human potential, but it also completely turned most of its mental functions into a psychotic mush, thus making it not even able to maintain coloration or full form very well anymore. It escaped, rampaged through out the hospital, until finding Melony, and which it then bonded with her. Shocked, horrified, and a touch excited about her new super powers, her mother was just the first two, and sent her away to this school.

Hobbies: Studying superheroes, working odd jobs and then donating the money earned, reading, writing, drawing, playing on a computer.

Teacher or Student: Student

Other: Her weakness is if the being that is her suit and powers gets frozen, which means it'll immobilize Melony, or is shocked by electricity, which would make it retreat back to her pours if off-guard (but not while aware and expecting).

Um, I hope this is okay! :D I tried to explore what it'd be like if we gave a Golden/Silver Age mentality to a Dark Age super power set, and um. Yeah! ^_^

6/6/2011 #22
Kuro Hakase

And you have read the manga right?

This is good, have you red Empowered? Because she kind of reminds me of the girl from that

All in all accepted

6/7/2011 . Edited 6/7/2011 #23

Yay thank you! Um, about the Empowered thing. What is this "Empowered by Adam Warren" of which you speak? I most certainly don't own all six volumes and have them on my shelf next to my Watchmen, V for Vendetta, Sandman, Kingdom Come, Justice and various Marvel Omnibuses of Spiderman and X-Men? XD But uh, yeah, I suppose she is kind of like Emp, only, she's feared as a horrible monster as opposed to being objectified and not taken seriously as a sexy person. Kind of hard to oogle someone when they are coated in horrible looking sludge blood with gross Lovecraftian features like bug wings and tentacles (though YMMV for the tentacle thing. XP) And her insecurities come more from being shunned by her parents and not having an open sexuality at all. So uh. A li'l different but the influence is there. XD

6/7/2011 #24

I'll be honest, I'm still fairly new to X-Men compared to (i'm guessing) all of you, so I apologise now if I make any mistakes.

Name: Doesn't know, goes by D

Mutant Name: Digita

Age: 14

Height: 5'2''

Weight: 95 lbs

Appearance: Due to chemicals from the experiments, D now had paper white skin and white (blind) eyes. Her hair is purple and is in a short pixie cut that goes out but curls back in at her chin. Her bangs cover the top of her eyes. Her lips are also purple. She mostly wears bright colours, such as bright blue and purple. She usually has on baggy pants and sweatshirts. She rarely, if ever, wears shoes. Her lips are also purple.

Powers/Abilities: A technopath, she control and communicate with technology, she can also enter the digital world. Her neural synapses have the ability to "read" a wide range of frequencies including television, radio, and cell phone signals in the same way people typically hear the everyday sounds around them. It is incredibly effective and allows her to intercept communications and encrypted messages. However, it can also be overwhelming for her when she is unable to turn these signals off. The chemicals also enhanced her brain, making her quite intelligent, but to the point that she can't always think straight.

Personality: Curious and always wanting to learn or find something out. She enjoys having fun and is a bit of a troublemaker. She doesn't care much for rules, and is fine with braking them (or as she says, thinking outside the box). She's a bit childish, and enjoys games and toying with people. She's also quite easily distracted.

Bio: When she was a week old, she became an experiment to a group of scientists who were working on understanding mutant DNA further. The first changes were of her appearance. Her hair grew purple, and the pigments for her skin turned white. Her eyes slowly lost all capability of seeing, save bright colours. As she grew older, the mutant powers soon settled in. She was able to communicate, and even control technology. As she got more powerful, the scientists kept her in a room where they could control the extent of her abilities. One day, however, she wasn't being watched carefully enough, and she managed to escape the lab. Once she got outside into the open world, her powers started going hectic. She managed to control them to an extent, but still loses control every now-and-again.

Hobbies: Listening in on radio-waves, poking things with sticks, staring at stuff with bright colours, playing videogames

Teacher or Student: Student

Other info:

6/21/2011 #25

Accepted! =D

By me at Least X)

Sorry, I'm not an admin but Im pretty sure Kuro will accept her =) She sounds really kool

And everyone makes mistakes, so no biggie X)

I didn't even see any =)

6/21/2011 . Edited 6/21/2011 #26
Kuro Hakase

Accpted and Kstar, you can be an admin

6/21/2011 #27

**excited** Really?

6/21/2011 #28
Kuro Hakase

Yeah ^^

6/22/2011 #29

YAY! How does this work..? lol

And OMG!!! I just got so scared for a second! The was like a big cla of thunder and lightning!!!

6/22/2011 #30
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