Xmen Misfits RP
This is an rp for X-men misfits, the manga version of the X-men, I thought it was cool enough for a RP
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Kuro Hakase

(Where you can hang out around school)

4/13/2011 #1
Kuro Hakase

In a classroom surrounded by other students, a bandaged young man sat with a bored expression.

"This sucks!" the boy exclaimed. A teacher scolded him, "Then don't get sent to detention!"

The boy was in detention for setting off a smoke bomb during Magneto's class.

4/16/2011 #2
Fuzzy Teeth

The teacher in question was Zach "Livewire" Weston. He taught a multitude of classes dealing with engineering, but today he got stuck with detention.

"If you keep complaining Wade I'll fry your a**. That means you to Mr Wagner!"Zach Yelled as he caught a paper airplane in his hands, The paper turning to dust instantly. Damn did he hate dealing with these kids sometimes.

4/16/2011 #3
Kuro Hakase

"Oh come on! You know it was funny, did you see how Magneto freaked out!" the boy said with a smile that was hidden by his bandaged face.

The boy called Wade was in Detention, he was well known for causing a multitude of trouble around the school.

"Even the authors laughed at it!" Wade complained

4/16/2011 #4
Fuzzy Teeth

(When i said Wagner i was referring to Nightcrawler. Im making him more easy gogging then he is in the comics)

Sighing loudly Zach just looked at the bandaged teen, He thought to himself, There's no winning with Wade. "Yea, it was until he started flipping s***. If it wasnt for Professor X You'd be on the streets at the moment." he chuckled as he said this.

Walking around the desk, he sat on the front of it. "Ok, how bout me you and Wagner here, go get some Chinese? Cause you ain't gonna do no work, either of ya'." He said as he stood up and walked towards the door.

"F*** ja! Lets go!" Kurt Wagner, Better known as Nightcrawler to his friends, said with his German accent. His bule skin bristled as the air around he seemed to suck in, the suddenly, a loud *BAMF* was heard. He then reappeared next to Zach. "I'm ready sir!"

4/16/2011 #5
Kuro Hakase


"Hey wait up! Kuro why didn't you give me a teleproter belt?!" Wade asked as he walked out ofter them.

(Dude, this the manga version! I can't give you that in this version! Ask Forge!)

"Stupid cannon." Wade said as he followed them.

4/16/2011 #6
Fuzzy Teeth

"Wade! Get your A** in gear!" Zach yelled as he grabbed his keys, stepping out into the hallway. They all started towards the garage.


When they got to the garage, they jumped into Zach's personal Jeep. It had been custom made by Forge to withsstand all the power his body put out. Giving the ignition a quick zap the jeep roared to life.

As they drove out of the garage, Zach's made small talk with the boys. "Besides ol' metal head's class, you two been keeping outta trouble?" he asked in a off-handed manner.

(you take control of Kurt if you want/ need to)

4/17/2011 #7
Kuro Hakase

"Okay!" Wade said running after them.


He hopped in the car and leaned back.

Wade smiled, it was hidden by his bandages. Kurt also smiled as he leaned in his seat.

"I got those pompous a** hellfire club dudes with my paintball hell special." Wade said with a laugh.

"Ja! I've biin kiiping out of trouble." Kurt said smiling.

(Sorry if the accent sucks)

4/17/2011 #8
Fuzzy Teeth

(its okay. Sometimes it does sound like Kurt is skipping letters in words.)

Zach chuckling loudly, smacking the steering wheel, sending little sparks everywhere. "Wade? Tommorow you get a free 100. That club p*** me off. You too kurt. Just for being this idoit's friend!" He laughed as he smacked Wade across the bad of the head.

" Hey Kurt....How about that new girl... Kitty...... Dryde? Know anything bout her? Don't got anything with her. " Zach questioned as they reached the city's limits. "Also I've been bouncing a idea around. How bout I sponsor a club, thats the opposite of those Hellfire girls? You guys in?" He suggested.

4/17/2011 #9
Kuro Hakase

"Sweet!" Wade said with a smile. Wade had heard about Kitty, how she got everyone hot and bothered whenever she was around.

Kurt smiled, "I have phys ed with heer. SHii's a very sweet girl."

"A club? I'm always up for anything to give those Hellfire pricks trouble." Wade said laughing.

(Also I was thinking that more girls would come in, like Wade has a crush on X-23)

4/17/2011 #10
Fuzzy Teeth

(alright i love Laura. But is she gonna be clone here?)

"Alright I'll talk to X. Doubt he'll say no!" Zach laughed. "But what should we name it? And Kurt you should invite her, before that Hellfire douches claw at her." he said as they pulled up behind the chinese place. He handed his wallet to Kurt. "Get me a pork eggroll. Dont Rob me ok kids?" He said with a laugh.

(sorry i was afk)

4/17/2011 #11
Kuro Hakase

(yeah, she should be a clone)

"Wii won't." Kurt said as he took the wallet and went inside, not before putting on his human disguise hologram.

"We should name it something awesome like....... the Heavenly Light club or something." Wade said following Kurt inside.

4/17/2011 #12
Fuzzy Teeth

(alright, Ill bring her in)

Laura sat a booth in the restaurant, eating some rice silently. She had to steal the money, but she had to survive. She woke up two months ago, with men with needles and computers proding her. As she was escaping, she heard something about a man named Logan. She had heard he lived somewhere around her. Mabye he know about what she was.

The Door rang as two young men walked in. The banged one started to stare at her. She glared back at his lustful stare. "If you keep staring Ill pluck out your eyes!" She hissed.

4/17/2011 #13
Kuro Hakase

"But I can't take my eyes off of such a beauty.." Wade said with a smile and doing his best Spike Spiegal impression.

Kurt laughed, "You know how to get thee gals Wade." Kurt said going to the counter to orde

4/17/2011 #14
Fuzzy Teeth

Outside Zach was humming a tune when he heard a voice. Zach, There is a very dangeruos mutant in that shop. Please bring back with you, the voice said, who Zach reconozed as Professor X.

"Hmmmm. Will do." He said as he sild out of his seat, and leaned on the hood. He'd tell the boys to get her when they came out.


Laura looked around her, seeing no one looking at her and the teen wrapped like a mummy. She grabbed his shirt and brought him close to her face, bringing her fist up. "If you don't back off...I will cut you like a pig!" She hissed at him. She punctuated her sentence with two blades quickly coming out of her knuckles with a *SNIKT* and receding just as quickly.

4/17/2011 #15
Kuro Hakase

Kurt recieved the orders when outside to Zach.

"Uh, Wade is talking to a girl sir." Kurt told Zach.


"Whoa. Claws are sexy on a cute girl like you." Wade said with a smile. Wade was hoping she would cut him so he could show off his power.

4/17/2011 #16
Fuzzy Teeth

Zach face palmed. "*sigh* Does the girl have black hair and wearing black? And looks like Logan? If so bring her back with the pieces of Wade. Professor says we need to bring her back with us." He said as he took his eggroll and bit into it.


"DO you have a death wish!?" She yelled trying to control her anger.

(BRB sorry for short post)

4/17/2011 #17
Kuro Hakase

"Ja! She seems to hiis anger too." Kurt said looking inside the store, checking on Wade.


"You could say that." Wade said with a smile looking at her and winking.

4/17/2011 #18
Fuzzy Teeth

Letting her anger best her, Laura released her blades, dragging them across Wade's chest, making deep gash wounds. "Now I suggest you go ON!" She yelled as him as let her blades slide back in. She turned grabbed her now empty box of rice and threw in the trash as she started for the door.

4/17/2011 #19
Kuro Hakase

Wade's shirt was open with deep red blood marks, his skin was torn and broken by the claws. Almost instantly, they started to heal back up, he had anime hearts in his eyes.

"Come on now! I'm not that bad!" Wade said to her as he followed her.


Kurt sighed, "Again? He's going to have to keep getting new uniform shiirts." Kurt said as he motiioned to Zach, "Their caaming this wiey."

4/17/2011 #20
Fuzzy Teeth

Laura growled to herself as she kept walking, turning the corner into the alley. As she stared down the alleyway she man leaning on a Jeep. The man looked as if his body was made out of living electricity. AS she stared at him, the man spoke. "Hello. My names Zach "Livewire" Weston. I need you to come with me. I know what you need." He said very calmly.

"Oh do you now?" Laura asked as she threw her fist back behind her, pucnhing Wade in the nose.

"Yea. Logan lives with us. Isnt that who your looking for? "Zach asked with a smirk as he heard her gasp. "Get in the jeep. I'll explain more when we get there." He said as he started the Jeep.

Laura got in the front seat, muscles tense. "Alright"

4/18/2011 #21
Kuro Hakase

Wade smirked as he took the hit and his nose healed again.

"You should totally go there. Logan is like the best martial arts teacher!" Wade said with a smile. Kurt nugded him.

"SHe mey want a little space." Kurt whipsered to him. Wade nodded with a chibi pouty face.

4/18/2011 #22
Fuzzy Teeth

The wall above Wade's head exploded. "Hurry and get in you dunces. We need to get back!" Zach yelled as he brought his hand down. Laura just sat impassively.

4/18/2011 #23
Kuro Hakase

Wade ducked, "What the hell was that?" Wade said surprised as he sat next to Laura, trying to be sneaky.

"Protestas!" Kurt said hopping in the jeep.

4/18/2011 #24
Fuzzy Teeth

(sometime later, Back at School)

As they pulled into the garage, Erik Lehnsherr, otherwise known as Magneto,stood waiting for them. "And where have you been Mr. Weston?" He asked as they all piled out of the car.

"Gettin' some grup. Professor wants to see this girl." Weston said as he put hand on Laura's shoulder. "You boys head on to your room!" He said as he guided Laura down the halls

(Can you do The Professor? Dont think i can do him right?)

4/18/2011 #25
Kuro Hakase

"But!---" Wade said as he was pushed by Kurt.

"COme on! Leet's geve her time aadjust." Kurt said pushing him towards the dorms.


'Oh! I see you've found her. Bring her in.' the man known as CHarles Xavier said telepathically to Zach and Erik

4/18/2011 #26
Fuzzy Teeth

"Her she is Professor." Zach said as they all walked into the Headmaster office.

Sitting behind a desk Laura saw a bald man, with a gentle smile. "Who are you!?" She asked brashly.

4/18/2011 #27
Kuro Hakase

Xavier smiled, "I see you have a lot of questions. I am Professor Xavier, and you're looking for Logan." Xavier said with a kind smile as he leaned in his chair.

4/18/2011 #28
Fuzzy Teeth

"Wha- How do you know that?!" Laura unleashed her claws, getting tense. Zach Put a hand on her shoudler, trying to calm her down.

Erik looked on with intrigue.

4/18/2011 #29
Kuro Hakase

Charles smiled and motioned for Laura to sit down.

"PLease have a seat. You see, like your claws, I can read minds." Charles said with a smile, "Sorry if I invaded your mind."


"Wade! DOn't!" Kurt whipered as he watched Wade sneak back to the room.

"I gotta be there when she needs a hug from someone!" Wade said with a hidden smile

4/18/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #30
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