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Crossover Dreamer

What shows do you know of that have paid homage toGet Smart?

I know of at least four shows that have done so by having running gags of pairs of characters who have a lot in common, because of Get Smart's running gag of Max and Larabee having a lot in common: Green Acres (through Lisa and Eb), Full House (through Michelle and Joey), Arthur (through D.W. and Brain), and Monk (through miscellaneous characters.

1. Green Acres: What's interesting about this one is that Green Acres and Get Smart were contemporaries. Green Acres had the gag of Lisa and Eb having along in common, and Get Smart alluded to Green Acres before Green Acres alluded to Get Smart. Both shows alluded to I Love Lucy and Leave It to Beaver.

2. Full House: On Full House, Michelle and Joey have a lot in common with Beaver and June, Lisa and Eb, and Max and Larabee. There appear to be way more references to Leave It to Beaver and Get Smart than Green Acres, most likely because Lori Loughlin (Becky from Full House) was in a movie called "Back to the Beach" with Don Adams, Barbara Billingsley, Jerry Mathers, and Tony Dow. Usually, when it comes to Get Smart references, Michelle represents Max, Joey represents Larabee, and Jesse represents the Chief.

3. Arthur: On Arthur, D.W. and Brain have a lot in common with Beaver and June, Max and Larabee, and Michelle and Joey.

4. Monk: This series does not have the same pattern as the other shows mentioned. Even though Adrian Monk usually represents Max and Randy Disher usually represents Larabee, they are not the two characters who have a lot in common. But the gag of characters having a lot in common is applied to different combinations of characters: sisters Sharona and Gail Fleming; brothers Adrian and Ambrose Monk; Adrian Monk and Harold Krenshaw; Morris and Ronnie; and Kevin Dorfman and his family.

I have written two collections of haiku about these running gags: "D.W. and Brain Haiku Season 1" and Michelle and Joey Haiku Season 3."

4/14/2011 #1
Crystal Rose of Pollux

Definitely agree with you regarding Randy Disher being likened to Larabee; it definitely struck me that he and Stottlemeyer were very much like Larabee and the Chief. I also saw the parallel between Max and Adrian; they both have their own setbacks (Max's bumbling and Adrian's compulsions/phobias), yet they always manage to save the day.

12/4/2011 #2
Crossover Dreamer

I see what you mean about Max's bumbling and Monk phobias, Crystal.

I just published a Monk/Get Smart crossover poem: "How Is Monk Like Get Smart? Let Me Count the Ways." It's not the kind of poem I am used to writing, and I wasn't exactly sure whether there is any poem out there that's like it. In this poem, I do more telling than showing. It doesn't rhyme, and the meter is irregular, but the number of syllables is consistent. Check it out in my profile.

12/5/2011 #3
Crystal Rose of Pollux

Ha, that was an amusing poem; you came up with things I wouldn't have thought of! Also, thanks for bringing up the cowboy from "The Day Smart Turned Chicken"!

12/13/2011 #4
Crossover Dreamer

Thank you! Oh, yes, I remember reading that you liked the Dying Cowboy.

I just edited it. I accidentally called "School Days" "Spy School."

12/14/2011 #5
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