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Crossover Dreamer

Here are my favorite characters:

1. Max (of course!)

2. Larabee (practically tied with Max)

3. Siegfried

4. Shtarker (practically tied with Siegfried)

5. Hymie

6. Agent 13

7. Agent 44, played by Al Molinaro

8. The Chief

9. Agent 99

10. Agent 44, played by Victor French

If I were to pick any other favorite KAOS agents or villains beside Siegfried and Shtarker, it would probably be those from "Shock It to Me" and "The Apes of Rath," If I can come up with any more favorite villains, I'll let you know.

4/14/2011 . Edited 4/30/2013 #1

Hey! Why does no one ever comment on this?

Well, here are my favorite characters. But I'll have to seperate them from "good guys" and "bad guys"

"Good Guys"

1. Max

2. The Chief

3. Agent 99

4. Larabee

5. Hymie

6. Agent 13

7. Agent 44

"Bad Guys"

1. Siegfried

2. Shtarker

3. The Claw/"The Craw"

If I remember any more KAOS agents that I like, I'll let you know!

6/17/2011 #2
Crossover Dreamer

Thank you for your post, JustOneMoreThing. What about Control's scientists and contacts and random passers-by? I'd have to review the entire series before I can determine any favorites of those.

I can't believe that I forgot to subscribe to my own forum. It was a good thing that I'm subscribed to this thread. Now I am officially subscribed to this forum. Feel free to start a new thread, but make sure that you read the guidelines first.

6/24/2011 #3

Yes, that's true. I forgot their names as well. I may need to watch some episodes again.

By the way, I did read the guidlines, and I assure you, I do not talk about innapropiate things.

Haha, I know what you mean! I accidently didn't subscribe to another forum that I'm doing- which is a Phantom of the Opera roleplay. Do you like Phantom of the Opera?

No that was random, sorry! Back to the topic at hand- what about the people that Max sometimes has to protect but then they get offed?

7/3/2011 #4
Crystal Rose of Pollux

Joining in the discussion a bit late, but my favorite characters in the show are Max, 99, the Chief, Siegfried, Shtarker, and... the one-time Dying Cowboy character from "The Day Smart Turned Chicken" (the actor who played him--Simon Oakland--is one of my all-time favorite actors).

I'm also very intrigued by Victor Royal, and Hymie is quite amusing, too. Oh, and Fang! Poor Fang; I wish they hadn't written him out of the series...

12/4/2011 #5
Crossover Dreamer

Oh, yes, I like Fang, too. It's wonderful having more members join in the discussion. Don't let the time gap discourage you.

12/5/2011 #6
Crossover Dreamer

I am currently watching season 2, and I forgot that the Chief had an aide/secretary between Hodgkins and Larabee. For season 2, the Chief had Hobson, who was played by Gordon Jump. Watch episode 34, "The Only Way to Die" and episode 36, "Casablanca."

2/8/2012 . Edited 2/8/2012 #7

A little tardy, but I trust I will be welcomed, eh?

So, in any case, my favorite characters are, in this order:

1. The Chief, always.

2. The scientist whose name I don't remember. She was in "The Impossible Mission", I think, and she created the computerized trumpet.

3. Hymie

4. Larabee

5. 99

6. The King of Coronia

7. Max

And as for villains, I love Leonard Nimoy's character in "The Dead Spy Scrawls" and the guys in "Hurray For Hollywood". Oh, yes, and Alexi Sebastian. Though maybe I'm just biased because he was almost exactly like the Chief in "Too Many Chiefs".

4/29/2013 #8
Crossover Dreamer

Welcome, EveningInHornersCorners. It's never to late to post in my forums. I'm glad I made this topic sticky.

Wow, so the Chief is your favorite? And you like the King of Coronia more than Max? This was a ranking I never expected.

Yeah, it makes perfect sense that Alexi Sebastian is one of your favorite villains. I liked the whole new countersign gag, "Apples." "Macintosh."

I just looked up on IMDb that the scientist from "The Impossible Mission" is Dr. Simon, played by Ann Elder. Dr. Simon was also in "I Shot 86 Today," but she was played by Sharon Acker. It seems as if Dr. Simon was in way more than two episodes.

4/30/2013 . Edited 4/30/2013 #9

Yeah, the Chief's my favorite. When I first saw the show I thought my favorite would be 99 but the Chief totally and unexpectedly stole my heart. I haven't gotten it back since. ;)

It's weird; on a lot of shows, I'm not really all that attached to the main character who really drives the plot, like Max here. Like, when I think "Gilligan's Island", I usually (and quite regrettably) forget about Gilligan.

And thanks for doing the research I was too lazy to! It's interesting that a show can get away with casting different actresses in the same role and yet the viewers remain completely oblivious. Of course, easier to do when the show was still airing in a weekly format, but still.

5/3/2013 #10

Omigosh! There's actually a "Get Smart" forum? I'm so excited!

As for my favorite characters, they would be Max, 99, Hymie, and the Chief.

5/3/2013 #11
Crossover Dreamer

Welcome, SixtiesManchesterTeatime, and thanks for your input. Yes, there is a Get Smart forum. I remember there being a second one before this, but it was deleted.

Back to EveningInHornersCorners, when it comes to television and movies, I often find that my favorite characters are the less-hyped, underappreciated characters. Like the kids from "Barney and Friends" (early-to-mid '90s), Slinky Dog from "Toy Story," Riley Poole from "National Treasure," etc.

Two years ago, I typed out some ideas for stories about Max and/or Larabee. I have written and published only one prose about Max and Larabee; the rest is poetry. For the record, I have trouble making up OCs (a common problem for people with dyspraxia and similar neurological disorders) and something as complex as spy stories.

5/4/2013 #12
Rendezvous With Danger

My favorite characters:

  1. The Chief (at one point I think I had a crush on Edward Platt...)
  2. Hymie
  3. 99
  4. Max
  5. Agent 44 (Victor French)

I know this is about the TV show, but I was just wondering: how do you think the actors in the new movie compared to the originals?


Rendezvous With Danger

6/10/2013 #13

Groovy! Another author likes the Chief best...

As for the new movie, frankly, I think the original actors are irreplaceable. However, Steve Carell did a truly excellent job, and Anne Hathaway was okay as 99. I was not a big fan of Alan Arkin as the Chief, though I did love that line about why CONTROL employees don't staple each other...

6/10/2013 #14
Crossover Dreamer

Hi, Rendezvous With Danger. So, you write haiku fanfics. I do, too! I've published several haiku collections on FanFiction, including two about Get Smart.

6/10/2013 #15
Rendezvous With Danger

Neat! There doesn't seem to be too much haiku on this site, which is a shame. In seventeen syllables, a great image can be created. Brevity is said to be the soul of wit, and in the case of haiku, that's so true.

6/12/2013 #16
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