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Hello -

I have a small request to make of all those who are posting new dS fics (and who are braver than I am because they're actually posting their work :-D):

Please indicate which Ray is in the fic - either by selecting a pairing or by saying "RayK" or "RayV," or "Vecchio" or "Kowalski" in the story summary so we don't have to scroll through a story to figure out which Ray it is (as I did with a recently posted story - I was thrilled to see that it was Ray Vecchio because he's so often not in newer fic, but I couldn't tell that it was him until halfway through the story).

Granted - there are plenty of dS fans out there who enjoy either Ray in a fic; it doesn't matter which one, and it doesn't matter if the fic is slash or not.

But, sometimes, there are fans like me who want a break from all of the slash, and want fics primarily focusing on the friendships of Fraser and the Rays.

And, sometimes, certain fans want to read primarily about one of the Rays - particularly since Fraser/Kowalski slash seems to have taken over and Ray Vecchio, and his wonderful friendship with Fraser, often gets neglected.

So - to be helpful, please indicate right away which Ray is in the story, and if both are in the story, indicate that, too. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter to many people if Fraser is slashed with one Ray in a story, but the other Ray is also in a story as a loving, supportive friend - you can indicate that is the case by placing "Fraser/Ray.. slash," and "Fraser/Ray... friendship" in the story summary. As a friendshipper, I actually really like stories with Fraser and both Rays being friends - as long as slash with Fraser and one Ray isn't all there is to the story and/or doesn't take over the story.

Thank you!

10/21/2010 #1

Yes! Tortiecat, thank you kindly for posting this! I'm seconding everything you wrote in your post!

6/17/2011 #2

You have a very good point.

But there are other ways to identify which Ray is in the story.

Say, for example:

- The Italian shook his head as he watched the Mountie walk up to him.

- The former boxer rubbed a hand over his spiky blond hair.

- The Polish detective shook his head at the Italian.

- Frannie wrapped an arm around her pseudo brother.

- Welsh nodded, conceding Kowalski's point.

- The Riviera was parked near the waterfront.

- The GTO gleamed as the sunlight hit the black hood coming around the corner...


The authors posting new stories should make sure that the descriptions identifying the Rays are clear to the fans who know their backgrounds, hobbies, etc.

10/27/2011 #3

That's true - good descriptions can help in identifying the Rays. I generally don't like calling them "the Italian" or "the Polish detective" because I don't think either Ray is defined that much by his ethnic background on the show.

You may argue that RayV is defined more as being Italian than RayK is defined as being Polish, since we see RayV with his Italian famly, he eats Italian food, he occasionally speaks Italian, he wears some clothes by an Italian designer and he says in one episode that he's a second-generation immigrant. But I still think RayV is more American than Italian, just as RayK is more American than Polish.

And "former boxer" means nothing to readers who haven't seen that particular episode with RayK. It's just not that much of a defining characteristic for him - unlike his identification as Frannie's fake brother and RayV's attachment to his Riveria.

12/12/2011 #4


I still agree with the comments you wrote in your post, but I latterly realized that you wrote : "...if Fraser is slashed with one Ray in a story, but the other Ray is also in a story as a loving, supportive friend - you can indicate that is the case by placing Fraser/Ray.. slash, and Fraser/Ray... friendship in the story summary....". The virgule always indicates romance or sex or both, and the ampersand always indicates friendship, so a fic where RayV is the best friend and RayK is the boyfriend should be : Fraser/RayK ; Fraser & RayV.

12/12/2011 #5

Ride -

I didn't realize that the virgule (is that the name for it?) and the ampersand between two names indicate two different things in fanfiction. I've seen "Fraser/RayV friendship" and "Fraser/RayK friendship" used before by authors - the first one more than the second one because there don't seem to be very many fics that focus only on the friendship of Fraser adn RayK. But I guess that, technically, these pairings were written incorrectly.

It's a good solution to have the virgule being used to indicate one type of relationship, and the ampersand being used to indicate another type of relationship - and, in my not-so-humble opinion, friendship relationships should be just as important to a fandom than the romantic or sexual relationships and should be identified correctly so that those readers who are tired of finding only slash stories (like me) can easily be pointed to the friendship stories. I'm so glad a wonderful dS friendship story on fanfiction.net was recently recommended to me. :-)

12/14/2011 #6

Tortie -

Yes, the so-called "slash mark" is a virgule...and clearly, since you've seen it, some fic writers (who are not deeply fannish) are using it incorrectly; it is understood in "deep fandom" to signify a romantic and/or sexual pairing, and specifically NOT "friendship only". Personally, I 3 both types of DS fics, as long as they are well-written, and neither if they aren't well-written.

My favorite DS friendship writer is Tiff, so if that's the story that was recently rec'ed to you, I already know it. If you've got ANOTHER good DS friendship writer to rec to me, please do so.

I'd like to send you a pic about the difference in DS and in general fanfic regarding the virgule and the ampersand; if you want me to send it to you, give me an EM addy for you by EM'ing me at naive_savant at hotmail dot com.

12/16/2011 #7

HyperMint, I gotta say that using those kinds of tags strictly to identify which Ray you're talking about feels out of place. It breaks the spell of the story because instead of saying, "Ah, it's Ray Vecchio," I'm sitting there saying, "They did that so I'd know it was Ray Vecchio." I much prefer you just say RayV or whatever. But that's me, and maybe I'm the weird one. After all, I'm an alter, a fictional character in my host's mind. Hahaha...

~Ray K.

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #8

tortiecat, I do think that being Italian is a huge part of RayV's life. It's not just his family, clothing and so forth. It's how he grew up. It's his too-close-for-comfort relation to mob members, the kind of experience that allows him to infiltrate the mob toward the end of his career. It's closely related to his religious upbringing. It's his taste in food and wine. RayK, on the other hand is very much a melting-pot kid. Still, I agree in that I find it weird to call RayV "the Italian." It's like, really? You have to be that obvious about telling which guy you're describing? Kinda gives it away that I'm reading a fic and not watching an excerpt from my canon. I wanna see it all in my mind and not get distracted by the mechanics of the writing—that's how you know the writing's good: when you don't notice it.

Possible insight to the non-identifying writers: If I've got my facts straight, only RayV was seen in America until the show was over and full seasons could be purchased. Seasons 3 and 4 didn't air in the US, and the US seems to have most of the current dS fans. Some of them (the horror!) don't even know RayK exists! So, that might be why they didn't feel the need to identify him, especially if it's an older story from shortly after the show aired.

~Ray K.

2/13 #9

Everybody: I know I'm posting way, way, way, way, WAY after everyone else has put their two cents in here. I'm an argumentative guy. I see posts and I gotta get in there and throw some punches. It's an addiction. I never shouldda gotten introduced to the internet.

But the point of this post right here, right now, is: I'm posting my memoirs. Or, more specifically, the time between the end of CotW and my life in this world, here in 2018. It's a Friendship fic (so rare, right? but it's true. It's like a hyper-actively friendshippy story) about me and Fraser (me being Ray Kowalski), but there's some good representation of RayV, too. Never thought you could mess with the duet and come out with anything good, but apparently you can. Not that I'd quite call us a trio. That would be weird. But read my story and decide for yourself what we are. It's called The Ray Kowalski File, and it's Fraser&RayK, Fraser&RayV and... omg, RayK&RayV? Not kidding. I could use more feedback and Fraser and I would be really interested to see what the hard-core fans think. Just make sure you read my profile first, so you don't get blind-sided later on, because it's kinda trippy. *grin and wink*

~Ray K.

2/13 . Edited 2/13 #10
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