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Okay sorry

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Can Effy be a seer though? It won’t be like predicting people’s futures unless they tell me what they want predicted. She just has visions and stuff, but she doesn’t think they are real, because she has mental health issues

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Thanks October!

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The Cynical Orange

I mean. . . sure?

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Date Joined: 08/18/2018

First Name: Miyu

Last Name: Kisaragi

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age: 12

House: Ravenclaw

Clan History: See Gdoc - ht tp://tinyurl.com/y9o9sfg6.

Personal History: Born on the 15th of June in Kamakura City, Japan, Miyu is a half-blood wizard descended from a powerful Japanese wizarding clan that practices a specialized wandless Eastern magic, Onmyodo, which is considered a secret art in his homeland—except that the person himself knew nothing about his birthright. The only child of muggle-born Mahoutokoro graduate Kisuke Amano and pureblood Onmyodo prodigy Yuko Kisaragi, Miyu's existence was deemed as a bane to the Kisaragi Clan, forcing Yuko to run away with her husband and son to London in order to protect the ones she loved. However, freedom came at a heavy price for the sheltered princess with a baby in a foreign land—without the support from the clan that Yuko detested, the family of three had to go through many hardships to survive. As such, Miyu grew up without all the luxury his mother once had, but Yuko never regretted the choice, believing that it would make her son a stronger, more independent person that she was. Together with Kisuke, the parents began teaching their child Onmyodo techniques and martial arts as soon as Miyu could walk, and they were pretty strict with his training. However, Miyu was still too young to understand the grim destiny that awaits him, so his parents never spoke a word about the Onmyodo clans to him.

Kisuke and Yuko were overjoyed when Miyu received his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday, and they decided that their boy should study about Western and wand magic at the British wizarding school rather than going to Mahoutokoro in Japan. Yuko also thought that Hogwarts would be a good place to keep Miyu safe from the other Onmyodo clans who might be searching for them for an ominous agenda…

At Hogwarts, Miyu excelled in all areas of academics through both innate smarts and hard work. However, he was noted to have problems controlling wand magic, where he once turned the classroom into a maelstrom of flying books with a simple but overpowered Levitation Charm during Charms class in his first year. Unlike Onmyodo, Miyu realized that channeling ki into wand magic would greatly amplify the power of each spell, but in turn render it extremely difficult to control; sometimes it would even backfire horribly, putting himself and the people around him in danger. Miyu couldn't help applying ki into his magic out of habit due to his Onmyodo training since at a very young age. It would take some time for the boy to find the balance between the two types of magic before his real strengths could shine.

While Miyu was content with his learning new skills at Hogwarts, training to get better at both wand magic and Onmyodo, he wasn't aware of the dark fate looming closer and closer to the boy…

Personality: Growing up in an environment without the Kisaragi Clan's luxurious support and under his parents' strict upbringing, this has caused Miyu to mature beyond his years, with an insight as deep as those twice his age and has exceptional self-discipline synonymous with his ethnicity. He has exceptional self-discipline for a child of his age, and is very much self-driven when it comes to his relentless pursuit of knowledge. However, on the flip side, Miyu is too independent, too used to stand up on his own feet, and this results in him having a lack of empathy for others, unwilling to lend his help to them unless he thinks it's necessary or if the person is worthy enough to assist. This is not arrogance per se; it's stemmed from his firm belief that people can stand up again not because of the help they get, but only if they have the will to overcome the obstacles on their own. This strong sense of self-reliance has also led to Miyu's quiet and reserved nature.

Unfortunately, very few people are able to share a similar level of intelligence as Miyu, which causes him to be seen as an anomalous existence among his peers, like he is someone with the mind of an adult trapped in a child's body. He is often reclusive and awkward in social gatherings and interactions, though he has been trying to break out of his shell to reach out to others in small steps. When he's not diligently practicing magic and martial arts, Miyu enjoys reading and playing video games. He's also a fan of Quidditch and a good flier, currently playing Chaser for the Ravenclaw team.

Appearance: Miyu has windswept jet-black hair and dark brown eyes, with a pale complexion and a short, slim build. He inherits most of his looks from his beautiful mother, which makes him appear somewhat effeminate, occasionally being mistaken as a girl. When he's not wearing his Hogwarts robes, Miyu is often seen in an assortment of hoodies and sweaters, long jeans and sneakers. Other than his wand, he also carries a tanto (a type of Japanese dagger), usually hidden in his robes' or hoodie's pocket, and a wad of paper talismans/manikins, which he can use them to cast Onmyodo spells.

Additional Notes:

Wand – Miyu's wand was bought from the Ollivanders like most of the students who are enrolled at Hogwarts. His wand is made from cherry blossom wood with a phoenix tail core, ten inches long, and slightly springy. Cherry wands, though mostly seen as a mere exquisite object for collection to Western witches and wizards because of its beautiful appearance, is known to possess a lethal power that doesn't coincide with its elegance. It is usually paired with someone of special prestige.

Pet – Miyu's pet is a grey screech owl named Sora, a gift from his parents to congratulate his enrollment at Hogwarts. It also helps him to keep in touch with his family.

Patronus – If Miyu has reached the stage to learn and produce a Patronus, it's most likely to be a raven. In Greek-Roman Mythology, ravens are associated with the god of Prophecy, Apollo, and are said to be a symbol of bad luck—which is in line with how the Kisaragi Clan views his existence. However, in Norse Mythology, ravens are associated with Odin, the god of wisdom and knowledge—and this reflects Miyu's attitude and motivation towards learning, absorbing new skills quickly and efficiently, like a newly purchased sponge eager to do its job.

Boggart – If Miyu encounters a Boggart, he would see a reflection of himself—except that his doppelganger is the amplification of all the negative qualities and feelings that he has been trying to keep under control. Miyu believes that the only way for him to break through the various challenges and trials in his way from reaching his goals is to first overcome his own fears and insecurities, anger and hatred… all of which are a part of his own self. When he succumbs to these negativities, only failure awaits him until he picks himself up again.


Gdoc Link - ht tp://tinyurl.com/y9o9sfg6

The doc contains the following topics:

  • Miyu's CS (copy)
  • Introduction to Onmyodo
  • History of Onmyodo Clans (Kisaragi, Igarashi, Amamiya, Hyuga)
  • Introduction to Mahoutokoro
  • Glossary of Terms, Names and Other Notes

It's still work in progress as this is really a huge crazy lore I'm building here. This also involves my other student OC (who is Chinese). YOU ARE EXPECTED TO READ THE DOC BY YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU START ASKING ME STUPID QUESTIONS.

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The Cynical Orange

(You have no idea I wet I got from this character.)

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Miyu Kisaragi - Second Year-

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they still need a house Orange lol

Miyu seems Ravenclaw-ish from the personality but not exactly sure


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The Cynical Orange

We have the Sorting Ceremony topic, remember?

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

Date Joined: Er... the date I joined Hogwarts or the date I joined the forum?

Full Name: Angelina Hadford Year: First

House: Gryffindor

History: 70 words, let's go. I hope I can get this right.... Well, I guess I should start, beginning to end. Okay. So Angelina was born a half-blood, her mum was pure-blood, and her father a muggle-born. Well, she was born in the country-side of England, and lived on a farm for most of her life. When she was 3, her family moved from London to their current home. When she was 5, she got a sister named Macy. So, by that time, Angelina was becoming interested in creatures and started exploring a lot. When she was 6, she wandered into the forest. Almost had a run-in with a werewolf. So at 7 years old, she started reading a lot about magical creatures. She also took one of her parents's spellbooks.... Caused half the kitchen to blow up, which I find very funny. So at 9 years, her father died. Wasn't there to see it. This was still when Voldemort was still in power, right? Anyways, he got into a, ah, duel. 9 years old, she started reading about Hogwarts. 10 years, she decided to sneak out one night into the forest. Saw nothing but a few blackbirds, but one of then accidentally cracked a twig and she ran out. 11 years, Hogwarts is here. Personality: Minimum of 50 words!!? I can't think of that much for her personality!! Besides, it's going to end up changing randomly and I'll end up not using this personality! Sigh. Fine!! Let me think.... Er... brave? Cunning, smart, quick to learn. Good with magical creatures? I guess stern and likes to follow the rules. That's it because I'm over 50 words.

Patronus: (Students will not be able to produce a corporeal Patronus until they are at least in their 5th year, Format: Animal - Strengths) Still first year

Boggart: (Greatest Fear & Weaknesses) Changes randomly between Zeus, Hades, and the Grim Reaper.

Appearance: (May be a link (links that stretch the screen will be removed) to a picture or you may write a physical description of your character. If you do copy / paste a link please make sure it's not SUPER long or complicated to follow) A fair-skinned female with long black hair that reaches her waist. She has emerald-green eyes and a few freckles.

Pet: (FOR STUDENTS ONLY. May be an owl, a rat, a cat, a tortoise, or a toad) Silver tabby cat named Lily.

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Accept the rules and then i can reveiw your character Shadow

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Shadowmist Of ShadowClan

I'm sure I already did? Check the "rules and guidelines" page and go to the bottom of the last page.

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Welcome to Hogwarts

Angel Hadford - 1st year Gryffindor

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Date Joined: 7/8/2018

Full name: Caterina Aria Romano

Year: Sixth year

House: Gryffindor

History: Caterina comes from a long line of Italian wizards- the Romano family. They avoided all contact from the rest of the wizarding world, until the rise of Voldemort. They felt unsafe in Italy on their own, so moved to Harrogate, England. Maria Romano and a muggle called Thomas Wilson had a child- Caterina. Thomas went to the army when Caterina was two, and was killed in combat. Maria fell into a deep depression, and went out every night, drinking herself into a stupor, while her child was alone at home. Maria’s parents became aware of this behaviour, and confronted her about it, threatening to take away Caterina. Maria, already having some sort of deep mental condition, held her daughter in her arms and said she would kill her with the Avada Kedavra curse. Maria’s parents, however, were much more powerful than Maria herself, and managed to knock her out before she could do any harm to Caterina. Maria is now in a psychiatric hospital, banned from seeing her daughter. Caterina was raised without knowing the story of her mother, and was a very innocent child. Her magic manifested at the age of three, and it grew steadily stronger as she grew older. When Caterina was ten, she overheard her grandparents talking about her mother, and learned the truth. She took it badly, and broke a number of household objects in her rage (with her wand). Her grandparents were impressed, and not soon after, they taught her everything they knew about magic. Caterina was more powerful than her family combined, but she swore to herself that she would never use it for bad. When Caterina was eleven,her letter from Hogwarts came, and her grandparents immediately said she could go. At school, she normally avoided everyone, scared of hurting them, but made friends eventually. She exceeds in all her lessons, and impresses everyone.

Personality: Caterina is very strong, both physically and mentally, her magic quite advanced. She used to be very shy, but grew into herself eventually. What people comment on is how abnormally stubborn she is, never giving up on an idea. People are also usually quite intimidated in her presence, as she has an aire of authority and power. Caterina always jumps into dangerous situations, thinking that danger equals fun, and sometimes risking her life. She’s usually quite kind to people, and will always help them, but is also brutally honest.

Patronus: Caterina first produced a patronus in the very first term of her fifth year. It is a lion, representing her unwavering bravery and power.

Boggart: Her boggart is her mother seeing her again, a fear she has had since she was ten years old.

Appearance: Anya Taylor Joy

Pet: She has a snowy white owl called Ariana.

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The House of Diamond

An excerpt from An Abridged History of Wizarding London by Orphelia Tunbridge

When asked for her family motto at a business meeting, Lizzie Diamond (1723-1830) jokingly replied 'Diamonds in the rough, of course'. Since then, members of the family regard that as their motto, some even embroidering the phrase onto their half-cloaks and having it engraved onto the bands of their diamond house rings.

The traditional House Diamond cloak is a half-cloak (reaching the mid thigh and worn on one shoulder), charmed to change colour to the wearer's wishes and to appear plain to muggles. It always includes the Diamond Emblem (a cracked diamond catching alight) embroidered with silk thread. Some add the Diamond motto and their name to the cloak and the majority of wearers add other pieces of embroidery over the course of their life. It is always worn at events and generally worn with everyday clothing. Diamond children receive their first cloak and their first Diamond ring on their first day at Hogwarts and from then on it is their responsibility to care for and add to them.

The Diamonds are probably one of the oldest families in Wizarding Britain, and certainly the most hated. No one ever said you had to be pureblooded to be an old family- the Diamonds proudly mixed with muggles even after the Statute of Secrecy was put in place. They control the black market in England, and the shadier old families grudgingly go to them for anything from illegal magical animals, illegal potion ingredients, illegal weaponry etc. The common theme in their work is 'illegal'. They'll do any job- for the right price- and while gang wars in London are a thing of the past, they still operate in the shadows, bounty hunting, thieving and smuggling. All active members of the family and gang wear at least one charmed diamond ring, a homage to Alice Diamond, who is famous in both the muggle and wizarding world.

There is always an overall Head of House, chosen for their talent in the Diamond's 'field of work' by the previous Head. Each branch of the family can offer one child to become head and the one which is most qualified to lead a family of criminals is chosen.

Notable members:

Alice Diamond 22 June 1896 - 1952 – The Queen of the Forty Thieves, an all-female shoplifting gang

Louisa Diamond – A member of the Forty Thieves

Tommy Diamond – A member of the Elephant and Castle gang

Damien Diamond – The current Head of House Diamond

The current main branches of House Diamond

Yvonne and Sebastian Diamond:

Damien Diamond

-Married to Adelaide Charbonneau

-Three children: Rhea, Dillon and Genevieve

-He had Rhea with a muggleborn school acquaintance, Hera Dompreh, after the two crossed paths at the Decade Hogwarts Reunion.

-Hera left him with Rhea, partly because of her job as a Ministerial Ambassador and she found out that Damien was a budding crime lord.

-A few months later, Damien met Adelaide, a seemingly innocent French woman who 'moved to London for work'. Turns out she was there to sell a stolen case of diamond jewellery. Damien tried to scam her and she tried to drug him and sell his kidney. The rest is history.

Terence Diamond

-Married Alia Adhvaryu, the aunt of Aarashni and Aishwarya Adhvaryu (;). The Adhvaryus were in desperate need of illegal poisons and the Diamonds were in desperate need of information. Alia and Terence were both young, smart and jobless, so they exchanged the goods at monthly meetings. Over two years of seeing each other, they fell in love.

-Theodore, their only child, was born a month after his cousin Rhea and three months before his second cousin Violet. The three grew up together.

Richard and Elly Diamond

Fiona Diamond

-She's the criminal of a family or criminals, and never married

-Fiona had a drunken one night stand with a stranger. Violet is the result of this. Not much is known about Violet's upbringing, only that as far as her daughter knows, Fiona died in a mission gone wrong.

Samuel Diamond

-Sam is married to Oliver Wade

-They adopted twin boys Jasper and Lucas, who are the same age as Genevieve.

-Samuel is the main supplier of the family- he has contacts all around the world and is heavily involved in the smuggling aspect.

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Date Joined: 04/12/17

Full Name: Rhea Yvonne Diamond

Year: 5th (15)

House: Slytherin

History: See House Diamond history

Rhea is the oldest child of Damien Diamond, the current Head of House Diamond. Damien had an 'encounter' with Hera Dompreh at the 10 year Hogwarts reunion, and 10 months later, Hera walked into his flat and presented a one month old baby to him. She had named the child after herself by rearranging the letters of her name. For unfortunately, Hera was being sent to the Australian ministry to oversee British-Australian relations. Also, she had discovered that Damien was secretly a budding crime lord.

Ever since she was a young child, Rhea watched the goings on in her father's office with a keen eye. She developed into a brilliant strategist, initially using this skill to steal Damien's wand and make sparks with it to amuse her little brother and sister, later on applying her 'general's intuition' to heists, streetfighting, smuggling and the occasional bounty hunt. After all, who would suspect an innocent girl of pickpocketing or carrying illegal substances? At the age of 4 she first performed accidental magic, when she somehow controlled a small amount of fiendfyre. From then, Rhea spent months practicing secretly, destroying a few priceless fiendfyre jars in the process, until she could mentally bend a small ball of fiendfyre to her will. From there she still advanced slowly, spending hours daily locked in her room crafting animals and objects in the blaze. It took Rhea a decade of work to have enough control over it to use it as a weapon, and even at the age of 15 she is terrified (rightfully so) that the fire will consume her and everyone she loves. Rhea and her cousins Theo and Violet grew up together and spent their childhoods learning the tricks of the trade. The three had limitless skilled wizards to teach them how to duel and cursebreak well enough to be thieves. Through this Rhea learnt 'essential' skills, such as knife throwing; which Fiona and Adelaide insisted all self respecting wanted woman should know. Another skill deemed necessary was the art of dirty fighting, so Rhea knows that the best way to win a duel is to get physical, since most wizards are adverse to muggle fighting.

Personality: Rhea has the typical Diamond confidence- the ease which comes with dealing with unsavoury types since you could talk. She's never surprised by much, since she can read people and situations like a book. This is an ability that unnerves her family and scares regular people, who don't like that this girl guessed that they were lying because they blinked at the wrong time, or somehow knew that there would be a fight in the common room and took the best seats by the fire while two 2nd years threw textbooks at each other. Situations like these happen almost daily, to the unending annoyance of the Slytherins, who find themselves regularly 'out-snaked'. This doesn't stop them or other students from coming to Rhea and her merry band of thieves when they want a case of firewhiskey, some knotgrass or other things from the muggle world that would shock pureblood parents. Rhea is self assured and doesn't care what other students think of her, giving students who pick on her a verbal beat down or a trip to the hospital wing with alcohol poisoning. She always keeps her cool and plays for the long game, negotiating life like chess – always 5 moves ahead.

Patronus: Emerald Cuckoo. Cuckoos are brood parasites, meaning they lay their eggs in other bird's nests. Emerald cuckoos are also very proud and exhibitionistic. Similarly, Rhea is an opportunist and very self assured.

Boggart: Her loved ones burning in her Fiendfyre. Rhea is afraid of her power and herself, and is convinced that she'll eventually lose control over her emotions.

Appearance: Rhea is 5'8 and has an athletic frame, with a small waist and wide hips being the only evidence that she inherited any of her mother's curves. She has tanned brown skin and very thick auburn curly hair, which reaches her waist. For practicality's sake, Rhea always wears it in a thick braid. Thick, dark eyebrows draw attention to her bright green eyes, which are the only feature Rhea shares with her father. She has a strong jaw and wide cheekbones, which lend to her overall prettiness. Rhea wears clothes in the same Victorian style that all the Diamonds do: knee height, well fitted leather boots, dark breeches, a long, fitted, spell resistant coat with a wide collar and hood, fingerless gloves and the House Diamond cloak. She has slowly embroidered her own with flames and flowers over the years, embroidering a little of it every evening. Rhea wears two diamond rings, one each thumb. Both are charmed against thieves and when tapped together three times set off an alarm in the Headquarters.

Pet: She has a kneazle (kneazles are just cats but smarter) called Persephone, who has made it her personal mission to hunt down every pet rat and frog in Hogwarts.

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(I just posted them separately so it's easy to read them)

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The Cynical Orange

Blue: I need some mod back up for this one.

8/18 #707
The Cynical Orange

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Rhea Yvonne Diamond - 5th year Slytherin.

8/18 #708
The Cynical Orange: You have no idea how wet I got from this character.

Glad you like him! Although this version is somewhat different from the one I have in my fanfic, he's definitely one of my favorite HPOC to roleplay as.

I wasn't sure if I'm allowed to sort him into the house myself (seems like everyone else is doing this), or I have to roleplay it out and wait for the mods to assign a house (since I'm a new member), which is why I left the house part blank. I'll get to work on the Sorting flashback in a jiffy. He seems Ravenclaw-ish yeah, but who knows, maybe the Sorting Hat would surprise him with something else, hehe.

8/18 #709

Date Joined is when you joined the forum but its unnecessary. Okay onto Caterina...

First off it hasnt been a week since you last made your last character(Effy) so she wouldnt accepted until the 20th tomorrow. The whole being powerful thing would be a no probably. You enter Hogwarts at 11 not 12 unless it was a leap year or something.

8/19 . Edited 8/19 #710

Sorry, I didn’t mean ultra powerful, and I thought it was a week, just got the dates mixed up.

8/19 #711

I joined on the seventh?

8/19 #712

my bad made a mistake, Eliza was never accepted but you can have three characters

fix all that then i will re-review it or Orange can one of the two

8/19 #713

Fixed it now,and I don’t really care about Eliza.

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Ethereal City

Date Joined: 08/18/2018

Full Name: Ishta Cody High-Elk

House: *tbd* 4th year/14 years old

History: (Minimum of 70 words) Ishta was born in the small village of his clan that was hidden from the world by the fidelius charm so their Aspen tree groves and secret library would be hidden. But we're still close enough to interact with the rest of the word. He was the son to a loving mother along with his two older siblings Akecheta Chaska High-Elk (Elder brother) and Shappa Macha High-Elk. (Elder sister). His father was described as being an alcoholic, a ongoing problem with the Thunder Clan males, but his mother was a legendary potions master even among the Native Americans. And taught her skills to all three of her children from a young age using methods such as helping mommy make a potion of playing games with them so they would get the measurements right. And singing songs which subliminally taught them different methods on mixing without them knowing. By the time Ishta was seven he was already good at potions and was described as succeeding his older siblings without realizing it as he was smarter and more clever, but none of them realized it.

Whenever they weren't making potions their great grandfather began teaching them plant and animal magic using incantations that came as a chant in their own language without the need for a wand. Something Ishta couldn't get the hang of for nearly a year while his older brother was able to do it after a week. When Ishta finally did learn he was officially recognized as a member of the Thunder Clan. And was given their clans tattoo much to his displeasure as it hurt to receive. Over the next year or so he continued to learn in his Clans ways until he came across The Thunder Bird itself which he befriended. But wasn't able to tame it. Because of this he received a feather from the mythological bird before taking it to his Grandfather who used it to make his wand.

When he was eight years old he heard his mother and father arguing. Which scared him as he was often at the mercy of his father's fists when his mother wasn't around. Since his mother was the one in the Clan. She decided to leave him and erase his memory about the location of their Aspen tree gardens. In response he attacked her with a hammer and killed her which awoke Ishta and his siblings. Running down they saw their father in a Drunken rage who killed their mother who's blood was splattered across the walls. In anger his brother Akecheta drew his wand and killed their father in a single flash of green.

That same winter his Great grandfather died from old age leaving his elder brother in charge of the clan at the age of seventeen. He quickly became mad with power and went down a aggressive path with their clan following suit. In anger they slaughtered the majority of the Sasquatch population. Something many praised them for. Around this time Ishta began to grow fond of the Giggly Water which was the final straw for his sister Shappa. Disagreeing with her brother she argued against their movements and even pointed out that the MACUSA was going to interfere if they didn't reign themselves in. To which they all laughed her off and shrugged her warning since they were confident in their own power and growing numbers. Disgusted and seeing them as a lost cause she grabbed Ishta and went to the MACUSA and warned them about her clan. Who they were already monitoring, but didn't have evidence to convict them yet. Knowing they soon would Shappa informed them that she and Ishta were no long a part of the Thunder Bird Clan and would be moving to Europe. Before they left Ishta insisted they return one more time. When they did he grabbed his mother and grandfathers spell and potion recipe books while leaving a note to his brother who believed as the head of the clan they belonged to him.

"Dear Chaska, these belong to me. As I wasn't always better at listening and am not power hungry like you"

Stealing much of their Clans wealth with the exception of their families Aspen tree gardens, they bought a house in London that can be identified with a Thunderbird crest on the door. Immediately his sister stopped him from consuming the giggly water cold turkey. Which caused problems with his mental state.

Since then he has a fear his brother would come after them for their spell books that's always on the back of his mind. And was informed by Owl that most of his clan were wanted criminals and in hiding.

Personality: (Minimum of 50 words) Ishta is a very hard worker at everything he does, if he's good at it or not. Mainly to impress his sister or to try so she'll be proud of him. Because he was born and spent his childhood in America with the rest of his clan. He thinks of all his blood cousin that are in his clan as brothers and sisters and his aunts and uncles are all his aunts and uncles from his great great grandma down. They're all family to him and often puts him at odds with others who don't share the same ideals. He is incredibly focused and detail oriented when it comes to everything due to his mother's teachings as was able to start casting wandless magic with the rest of his clan years before the age of eleven. Although he can still use a wand, he thinks of it as a tool that amplify's the magic they all have inside.

Also because of his mother's teachings. He can cast plant and animal magic using Lakota chants that are his clan's counterparts to British incantations. And because of his Native American blood he has a natural infinity to it. But what he loves more than anything else is potions. As his mother began teaching him when he was a baby. Teaching him the fundamentals by 'helping mommy with potions' over the years until he mastered the fundemantals without realizing it. Then she began teaching him until he was better than his clan at potions, and already his clan had knowledge of potions that far surpassed the European Knowledge of Alchemy. But this knowledge came from his mother like most of his gifts.

He also has a fascination of his teachers because his brother had led him to believe their clan was the most intelligent with their thousands of years of history of knowledge gaining and their unrivaled knowledge in potions. As well as their Aspen wood wands because of their groves of Aspen wood trees. That they were the among the most powerful to ever live. And yet there was a teacher without their knowledge of potions that could still teach him, and teachers without their Aspen wands and raw power that he described as being more powerful than some of his Aunts, Uncles, and older cousins but we're a third as aggressive. And as such has a silent admiration of them.

His want is 12", unyielding, Thunderbird tail feather, and Aspen wood.

Patronus: Red-tailed Hawk

Boggart: (Greatest Fear & Weaknesses) His big brother, as he's the only one that could really scare Ishta as his big brother Akecheta was said to be the strongest of their clan in centuries.

Appearance: Ishta is described as being tall and well built at 6'0. He has broad shoulders and is described as being very fit, lean and well toned with a solid body build over a slightly slender frame. He weights roughly 170 lbs which is mostly lean muscle because of his extomorph body. He has golden brown skin that turns into a medium brown during the summer with thick coarse coal black hair that he will grow to his jawline before cutting it in down to above his eyebrows. Right now it's just reaching his eyelashes. He is described as having long features that match his heritage. And while he considered attractive enough to be a model, it's always downplayed and not noticed unless he actually tries to dress up and look nice like his siblings.

When he's not dressed in his school uniform he typically wears t-shirts and jeans with black vans and a Southpole hoodie as well as wearing a thin silver chain with a small silver thunderbird amulet on it. All in all he looks like someone you'd find at a rock concert or a EDM music festival.

He has a tribal tattoo sleeve that covers his entire left arm from the wrist up to his shoulder and the majority of his back that turns into a Thunderbird across his chest. He only ever tells people it's a symbol of a dead (his current) Clan from a distant past. But it's something he and all his relatives (clan) share as they have the same clan.


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What is the thunderclan? Not really my position to accept you, but just wondering.

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Ethereal City

Fights the thunder clan. Native families call their families clans. It's just the name of his.

like it has Multiple families that's apart of one big extended family.

8/19 #717

Okay, thanks for telling me.

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(Very interesting!)

Welcome to Hogwarts: Ishta Cody High-Elk

Please continue onto the: The Sorting Ceremony

8/19 #719

Is Caterina okay?

8/19 #720
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