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Welcome to Hogwarts the Next Generation RP! *Active forum* Currently accepting new students at Hogwarts! Everyone and anyone is welcome to join. There are several Cannon positions open and accepts OC's. If you are joining go to the topic called: NEW MEMBER INFORMATION [it has map of how to use the forum/topics/RPs]. Can't wait to see you there!
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Welcome to Hogwarts

Caterina Aria Romano - 6th year Gryffindor

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Primrosie Potter

First name: Primrose

Last name: Jackson

Blood Status: (Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn,): Halfblood

Age: 16

House: Ravenclaw

History: Primrose grew up in a family of six; she had her two older brothers Wendell and Jonation, her younger sister Jessica, and her two parents, Cassiopeia and Jason Jackson. She had always been a shy girl with self-esteem as her two brothers had already been to Hogwarts and done so many great things. However, she gains some more confidence and starts speaking her mind more as she gets older and goes through fun years at Hogwarts.

Personality: Intelligent, Kind, Ambitious, Sassy. Likes to read, dance, and draw.

Appearance: 5"7 ft. Has straight, long, Sandy-Blonde hair, with a pair of grey-blue eyes, small hooked nose, and a faint group of freckles spattered across her body.

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accept the rules first then i can review your OC

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First name: Jenna

Last name: Winters

Blood Status: Halfblood

Age: 11

House: Gryffindor

History: Jenna grew up in a normal wizard family, having one older sister and a younger sister made her feel loved and needed. Before going to Hogwarts, Jenna was popular around her class and had a lot of friends. Just before she went to Hogwarts, her mother had said that her great-great grandmother was Hermione Granger.

Personality: She's smart, cute, sly, and popular. Jenna likes to read, study, play Quidditch, and practice her sword skills.

Appearance: Jenna is tall and slime with jade green eyes. She is never seen without her emerald necklace with a gold chain. Her hair is blonde with blue streaks in it

Pet: Barred Owl

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Nice characters!

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Hey, just wanna point out that Hermione Granger's own children are currently attending Hogwarts, so she'd be unable to be her great-great-grandmother. :)
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Jenna: She can't be Hermione's great-great granddaughter as Hermione is not even that old, her kids are still in school and she's only in her late thirties early forties. Jenna's personality is also too short could you please expand on it?

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Date Joined: April 11 2011

Full Name: Zagan Blackwell 'Jag'

Year: 7th year

House: Slytherin

History: (Minimum of 70 words) Personality: (Minimum of 50 words):

Zagan is the only son of Molly Traver and Nate Blackwell. His parents got together shortly after they left Hogwarts just one time. His mother, Molly Travel is apart of the scared twenty eight from 'he who must not be named' reign. Molly's parents where apart of the murder of McKinnos, which is why she became ashamed of her family and ended up changing her name to Smith before she passed away. His father, Nate Blackwell was a troubled childhood, got bit by a werewolf, was in Askaban shortly before he was suppose to have his soul sucked out by dark coated creature but was stopped before it was completed by an explosion his the cell next to his. He was able to escape with only a bit of himself left and called the one person he knew who lived in the area. He went over to Molly's home and that is when Zagan was created through wine, tears, and soulless actions. Nate never found out about his son because he was killed shortly after that night. Molly was ashamed of herself even more after this and went away until the baby was born. She left him on the doorsteps of Nate's parents house and walked away forever. She left a note inside of the baby blanket, saying Nate's only son. It's unknown if Molly is still alive or not.

His grandparents found it odd that there was a baby on their doorsteps. They thought of their son Nate when they saw this baby. The Blackwell's is a very proud and pure bloodline and couldn't help wonder who this child's mother would be. They did a DNA test of the child and discovered that he was in fact a Blackwell. They decided to raise the child, keep him in private education until the age of 11 when he got his Hogwart's invitation in the mail. He had a variety of language, self-defense, and history classes before he attended Hogwarts.

His grandparents always pushed him over the edge at about everything. If he wasn't the best of the best than he was the worst. They showed him that half-bloods weren't pure and that muggle born were even worst than the trash they feed the rats. He was brainwashed from a small child and it shows in the way that he acts towards others. He was recently made aware of the marriage contract between several of his classmates. His grandfather told me what to do next.

Appearance: He stands at about 6 foot tall, weights roughly 200 pounds [not in perfect shape by any means but with his height - he wears it well], short black hair that he sometimes will either gel back or wear 'bed hair' around with it sticking up everywhere, has light green eyes - that can almost pierce into the souls of others, mostly will wear his Slytherin robes but at times will dress causal. He has a small mark on his right shoulder. His best feature would be his devilish smile which is really just a half grin.

Patronus: (Students will not be able to produce a corporeal Patronus until they are at least in their 5th year, Format: Animal - Strengths): Unknown

Boggart: (Greatest Fear & Weaknesses): Fears: He never had any close personal relationships and is feared that he never would be able to. He keeps to himself mostly because he actually just thinks everyone else is annoying. He hates classes and any school events that he is forced to go to. He doesn't try to talk with people - but when he has to, he is a master manipulator. He feels that he could talk someone to jump off a bridge if he wanted. Weaknesses: not the best grades, loner, limited sense of humor, a moon shaped birthmark on the side of his right chin, has the werewolf gene.

Appearance: (May be a link (links that stretch the screen will be removed) to a picture or you may write a physical description of your character. If you do copy / paste a link please make sure it's not SUPER long or complicated to follow):

Pet: (FOR STUDENTS ONLY. May be an owl, a rat, a cat, a tortoise, or a toad): A black cat named: Edward.

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The Cynical Orange

Welcome to Hogwarts:

Zagan Blackwell “Jag” - 7th year Slytherin.

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The Cynical Orange

(I was working on this before the changes to the OC sheet, along with another, and Andi said it was OK as long as I added some of the new things in it.).

Date Joined: August 13, 2013

First name: Rafael Alejandro.

Last name: Leveque-Saquear.

Nicknames: The Aladdin of Paris, the Disgraced Prince, the B***/False Heir, the Morning Star, the Immigrant, Ralph (to his close friends.).

Blood Status: (Pureblood, Halfblood, Muggleborn.) Halfblood.

Age: 15

House: Gryffindor.

History: (Include Family and Personal History here, minimum of 70 words)

The History of the Saquears:

Originating from the Mayans and Aztecs, the Saquears are relatively peaceful compared to most of it’s neighboring pureblooded families. The Saquears don’t bother to put themselves into the other Houses’ political games, preferring to be on the sidelines and away from trouble. Though, this shouldn’t be confused with cowardice, as they’ve proven to be formidable opponents when it comes to the long-game, utilizing cunningness, their large Spanish Armada, and their loyal guards, the Los Seis Monstrous. The House honors independence, vitality, honor, equality, and honesty, and their sigil is a red rose with a feathered serpent with a gold crown surrounding it on a orange field. Their motto is “Our Thorns Run Red”.

In order to survive, the House has allied itself with the Dutchmens and the Glacials, though they secretly despise the Dutchman for their loud and boisterous appearances. They’re not fond of the Glacials, either, deeming them as “frostbitten snakes”.

While the Gotts demolish buildings, the Vlads and Dutchmens tackle in arms, and the Pendragons take care of the gold, the Saquears prefer to own a monopoly of pharmaceuticals, along with their trademark cigar brand, “AZTEC PIPE”, and their profitable import and export of whiskey (that’ll tell you what kind of people they are.).

The family has recently been made a matriarchy due to the mysterious death of the old Head, Matias Saquear. The members of the family is Don Maximimiliano Saquear (Predecessor.), Matias Saquear (Ex-Heir, deceased), Isidora King-Saquear (Head of the House.), Rafael Alejandro Leveque-Saquear (Oldest son, House b***, disowned), Juan Sebastian Saquear (youngest, legal heir.).

Rafael’s History:

Born to a French Muggle-born mother after his father decided to get hammered while on a trip in Guadalajara, Rafael was the first Saquear b*** in a long time, and grew up in the slums of Guadalajara. His mother gave him his father’s surname, a choice Rafael would abhor later in his life. As a young boy, Rafael was always one to get into fights with the local kids, and even the grown residents at times, and would be a sore loser when he lost, or a sore winner if he won, since he didn’t go to school, and had nothing else to do. He was homeschooled by his mother, who taught him everything he knows.

He started stealing ample amounts of food and money from people when his mother had contracted an illness. Though the people called him a crook, and saw him as that, he was actually using the money and food to care for his mother, and would sometimes give some food and money to some of his fellow street rats, earning him the nickname of the “Aladdin of Guadalajara”.

He kept up with this way of life up until he was seven, when his mother passed away, leaving him alone. Having no money to afford a burial for her, or the strength to carry her to an isolated area to properly bury her, he would go on the next two years living in a dirty and filthy house with a corpse decaying in the bedroom. When he turned eight, he showed an incredible display of power when he turned a boy who was harassing a small poor girl into a cockroach. Soon, he found himself in the presence of two Ministry officials who took him in front of the Head of the Department of Improper Use of Magic. Upon Rafael telling him who he was, the now furious Head of Department called in Matias Saquear, and after a heated debate, it was chosen that Matias would take Rafael (though begrudgingly.). So, Matias took Rafael to Columbia, where the Saquear Estate stood.

When news got out of the b***, the House was the subject of ridicule among the community, which led to Rafael’s new family, treating him with passive aggressiveness, and was often isolated and left behind when the family went of vacations and trips. Though it wasn’t too bad as he was left behind with one thing: The family’s vast library. Day and night, he stayed in the library, getting something he only gotten when his mother was still alive, and education, which led to him to be on the same field with the rest of his family.

When he turned nine, he became a ward to Aegaeon Dutchman and his wife, Cymopoleia, along with Artica Glacial, and Anne Cheng-Dutchman. His father saw this as a good opportunity to get rid of his son, he struck a deal with the nine-year-old, if he didn’t rank first while under Aegaeon’s training, his father will disown him, and he will have no claim to the Saquear name. Not knowing any better, nine-year-old Rafael accepted the terms with a pinkie promise. So, he was sent off to Aegaeon’s château, where he would undergo two years of grueling training. While there, he started to admire Anne for her stoicism, and eventually developed feelings for the girl, though she was not interested since she had her own goals in mind. He got along with Artica as well, and became best friends while training, but a three way rivalry eventually grew, and they all competed against each other, which ultimately led to them being known by some of the other Houses’ as “Wizardkind’s Strongest”, an over exaggeration, of course, seeing as they were only ten when they had gotten the title. The three were given a mission to escort the last Prince of the now extinct Prince family, but failed due to a betrayal among their ranks, and during that Rafael took his first life, which led to him to develop a near blood-thirsty side to him which he keeps suppressed.

At the end of their training, Rafael scored last place, which meant he lost the deal with his father, which led to him disowning him, and taking away his right to his father’s place as Head of House Saquear. Rafael was sent to live with a relative, an uncle of the name of Santiago Martin Saquear. Santiago was a kind man, who helped Rafael with his studying and thirst for knowledge, the only Saquear to show the b*** son kindness, but Santiago was depressed due to the recent loss of his wife. One day, when Rafael returned home from the Muggle school he was attending, he found the house oddly quiet, and a hastily written note of regret and frantic apologies from his uncle, then the loud crack of a gunshot echoed throughout the house.

It was around the same time that Matias was found dead in the rose garden one morning, which lead to Isidora taking her husband’s place as Head of House Saquear. On her orders, Isidora had Rafael shipped to Britain to live with a distant relative of hers, where he received his letter for Hogwarts, and was Sorted into Gryffindor.

Personality: (Strength, Flaws, Hobbies, anything that has to do with your character, minimum of 50 words)

Rafael has all the characteristics of a billionaire playboy, mostly because he grew up in that lifestyle in his later life. Arrogant and proud to the core, Rafael often boasts about his great skill in swordsmanship, and cares about how others regard him as, but at the same time being too lazy to actually do anything, developing a somewhat mixed perfectionist personality and slacker persona, which leads to habits like one side of his bed looking spotless, while the other side looking like a miniature Hurricane Katrina tore the place up. He’s a skirt-chasing womanizer, claiming that he could give the likes of Don Juan and Casanova a run for their money; Despite his flirtatious and Prince Charming attitude, and success with the ladies, deep down inside he still harbors feelings for his first real connection, Anne Cheng-Dutchman, despite also knowing that his feelings will only be acknowledged, but never returned, though he stills remains an adamant squire to her.

Rafael cannot be further from the Saquear ideology. Instead of being peaceful and forgiving, Rafael is hotheaded and near warmongering, being fascinated by Sun Tzu’s Art of War, and “inspired” by conflicts such as the first two Wizarding Wars, and Muggle wars such as both World Wars, the French and American revolution being his “favorite”. His brash and abrasive instinct often leads to conflict between his fellow Hogwartians and him, and constant seat-warming in his favorite seat at the back of detention. Despite his troublemaking lifestyle, he’s very studious, and does well in his classes.

Despite his arrogant and ill-tempered nature, he’s relatively charming and kind to those that don’t p*** him off, not to mention loyal to those he cares about. His current goal in life is to be remembered in history as a man who contributed to the wizarding world, to put his new found knowledge and education to use, along with trying to end up with Anne.

He is fluent in Spanish, French, and English, and often breaks out into song.

Boggart: Failing his goal of leaving behind a legacy to be proud of, and dying before he could reach his goal; Along with the dead corpse of his mother and uncle.

Appearance: (May be a link or a detailed description or both)

Rafael has been described by others as an “Adonis”, being pleasing to the eye. He stands at 6’1, and has a lean muscular build. He has light brown skin, with shoulder length curly black hair that reaches his shoulder, but he usually keeps it in a small ponytail, giving him a buccaneer-esque of look.

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You're a mod, so your character is automatically accepted, but if I had the power to accept that, I wouldn't even think about it.

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The Cynical Orange

Wait, is there something wrong?

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No! I love it!

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The Cynical Orange

Oh, OK! That’s good.

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LOL yes

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Daniya Asif

Date joined: 26th August 2018

Full name: Amara Malfoy. Year: 4th year

House: Gryffindor

History: Draco Malfoy and Hermione Grangers daughter.

Personality: Spoilt but nice and generous. Very kind and helpful. A little selfish sometimes.

Boggart: Being alone


8/25 #740

I don’t think Draco and Hermione had any children.

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Daniya Asif

Date joined: 29 August 2018

Full name: Amara Elizabeth Bateman

House: Gryffindor

Year: 4th muggleborn

History: I am the daughter of two muggles both of them doctors. I live in California. My parents were very happy when I got my letter. They had never heard of magic before. I am adored as I am my parents only child.

Personality: I am a little spoilt but kind hearted always taught to forgive what and be nice. I live in California . I like to swim read go shopping watch tv. I am very social make friends easily. I am irresponsible forgetful a bit emotional too

Boggart: Being alone

Appearance: Search up Loren Gray.

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Have you joined yet?

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The Cynical Orange

Gee, I would just love to review your character, but there is just one teensy, weensy, ratingonGottionRottenTomatos problem. . . YOU DIDN'T ACCEPT THE DAMN RULES! Like, JESUS H*** CHRIST, HOW HARD IS IT TO ACCEPT THE BLOODY RULES?! IT IS LITERALLY IN THE FORUM DESCRIPTION! Why is it that we get people that just waltz on in, make their characters without ACCEPTING THE DAMN RULES!? If people were new to the site, I get it, but seriously! It is in the description! Who the hell do people think we are?! A Denny's restaurant?!

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I thought we were a McDonald’s?

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Mmmm, burger...

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LOL October!

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Date Joined: 08/18/2018

Full Name: Selene Anthea Holmes

Blood Status: Half-blood

Age: 23

Former House: Hufflepuff

Subject: Herbology

History: First of all, Selene is definitely no descendant of Sherlock Holmes, who is only a fictional character created by Arthur Conan Doyle (and no, Mr. Doyle is a muggle and had zero connections with the wizarding world). However, without that association, very little is known about the Holmes family... except a few members who have shown a peculiar sensitivity to nature and natural magic. There were rumors that the family might have a rather distant relation to the great sorcerer Merlin due to said ability, but so far there was no concrete evidence to show the connection between the two.

Born sometime in the late winter, Selene is the second child and only daughter of Damon and Ariel Holmes. She has a brother two years above her (Apollon), and another three years younger (Thedus). Being stuck in the middle of two outstanding brothers didn't bode well for the poor girl, especially with her quiet and reclusive personality. Being Sorted into Hufflepuff, the mediocre house at Hogwarts, only served to worsen her already pitiful background. The only thing that made her a tad special compared to her peers was the rare ability that would appear in some members within her family - empathy for nature and affinity with natural magic. It was a power that few could understand; coupled with Selene's introverted personality, she was quickly shunned away and treated as a weirdo, ridiculed whenever she was spotted talking to flowers and bushes around the school grounds, and how she always excelled in Herbology, her favorite subject at Hogwarts. Selene might have appeared indifferent at how she was ignored and left alone at school and even at home, but beneath her unexpressive face hid the pain of loneliness without friends she could trust, the shame her very existence had brought to her family, and helplessness trying to find the light in the darkness around her.

Selene only began to realize the need to change herself after graduating from Hogwarts, when her mousy personality was the biggest obstacle in her first step into adult life. Facing many harsh rejections - from job interviews to even being kicked out of the house by her cold parents - Selene was forced to face the reality she had been running away from throughout her childhood. Time had begun to move forward for the woman who was a girl no more. After all, it's never too late to make a change as long as one has the determination to do so, innit?

After three years of hardships trying to meet life's end on her own, it finally paid off when she got the post to work as a Herbology professor at Hogwarts. Although she didn't have many good memories as a student here, she was determined to rewrite that as a teacher in the school, and learn to love the place that would be her new home from now on.

Personality: Selene feels more at home in the tranquility of nature than being surrounded by the noise of people. She often keeps to herself, and enjoys the company of the various magical plants she is looking after in the greenhouses. She finds human beings difficult to approach and get along with - too complicated to understand, and too fickle to be trusted. Still, Selene is not exactly anthrophobic - she does speak up when it's necessary or when she feels the need to, although there are times her nerves may get the better of her, making it more difficult for her to voice out her thoughts. Selene knows that she cannot stay this way forever, and she has been trying her best to change for the better, albeit slow and in small steps. She may appear timid and weak, but it takes time for Selene's true strengths to shine - when you break the wall of uncertainty around her, you'll be glad to have her as a friend who is loyal, helpful, and she will always have your back whenever you're in a pinch. Other than her gardening and research work around the greenhouses, Selene is also an avid reader and writer. She hopes to turn her research into a book one day, just like how Newt Scamander wrote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Appearance: Selene has long auburn hair that reaches all the way to the bottom of her spine, with streaks of emerald green highlights due to a side effect during one of her research works on new herbs based on more exotic magical plants. She has a slightly tan complexion and a short, slender stature. Her eyes are of a bluish-grey color. She usually wears loose clothing, but when she does wear something with a fitting cut, she actually has a pretty nice figure. When she is at work (teaching or gardening), she would keep her long hair in a loose bun on her head.

Additional Notes (WIP):

Patronus – Nightingale. In Literature and popular culture, it often represents mastery of the arts (creativity and the muse), purity of nature, virtue and goodness. It's also a universal symbol of poets and poetry. It strongly reflects the strengths and qualities that Selene possesses.

Boggart – Being mocked and bullied by her family. Selene's relationship with her family is complicated - deep down she still loves them and values the blood ties with them, but parts of her still retains some fear for her strict and ambitious parents, acutely aware of the thick, icy wall between her and her family. She longs to be accepted and acknowledged by her parents, but it will take a long time before she can ever make this happen...

More About Innate Ability – Selene's empathy with plants and nature is not equivalent to chloropathy (a.k.a. telepathic link with floras). It's more of an innate ability that enables her to sense emotions without relying on mind-reading skills such as Legilimency (also, sensing is not the same as reading). Selene's ability gives her an edge to perform spells that require or rely on emotions to amplify their power, hence why she is able to learn and produce a Patronus.

More About the Holmes Family – Many members of the Holmes' family were Sorted to either Gryffindor (if chivalry was their dominant trait) or Ravenclaw (if intelligence was their dominant trait). One of Selene's great-great-granduncles was a Slytherin, and he was later blasted off the Holmes' family tree for his association with the Dark Arts. As of the current generation of Holmes, here is the breakdown of houses they were Sorted to:

  • Damon - Ravenclaw
  • Ariel - Ravenclaw
  • Apollon - Ravenclaw
  • Thedus - Gryffindor
8/26 . Edited 9/7 #749

Nice character!

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