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summery is within and this is also an RP that me, nintendosonysegaguy, and mathias777 will work on. pm me if you want in
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This is the place where you set up the bios of your oc's that enter and leave the story.

format used below






fur pattern/clothing/defining marks:

muscular structure:





*Primary: main cheracter that helps keep this story moving. Makes major decisions and is crucial to the group. They can also die off or be killed

*Expendable: have a slighty less important role but are still needed. Do have some effect but not majorly. Can will be killed many times

*Filler: these guys are just canon fodder only meant for quick runins or worse. They are like flies

4/17/2011 . Edited 4/18/2011 #1

Name: Tobias Blackwell




Primary/expendable/filler: Primary

fur pattern/clothing/defining marks: dark grey over his entire back with a little yellowish white at his front, he has one dark saphire eye( the other one is glass) he wears a regular crew neck dark yellow t-shirt with Tan colored cargo cakies. he will always have his 9mm by his side

Muscular structure: high

Nickname(s): Mr.Black, Stallion

Occupation: Retired special forces, navy seals, field medic

Affiliations: Leo Leonardo II(scott R.) , Mark Chulem(RIDERSJET), Alexander Armstrong(MATHIAS777), Mr. Morris(NSSG)

Bio: He served in vietnam, as well on a NATO funded top secret special forces team code named only as GHOST. they delt with the usupernatural and the paranormal. Only 4 people know his full name and his history. 2 of those four are dead or missing. he secretly watches over his friends and they're families protecting them from major danger. He has only failed this job twice and he regrets it with every fiber in his body. He dosn't talk much but when he does it's usually for good reason. He had a daughter but lost her during an attack on his Us. Military base in soule.some viet cong set thrye on post naighborhood on fire causeing them to lose preety much everything they had. she got seperated from him in the panic.he was lucky to however be able to gain knowlege through people who witnessed the incedint and government technology. unfortunatly all he knows is She was put up for adoption, and her last name was changed to word starting with a C but at least she kept her first name. He also knosw she'd be in her twenties or thirties.he keeps a piece of her fur in a little pouch around his neck. he is an expert in hand to hand and close quarters combat. His allies pressumed him dead after a fatal accident. And was never seen again by those friends.

4/17/2011 . Edited 4/24/2011 #2

Name: James Morris

Age: 23, around the same age as all of the other important felines

Gender: Male

Species: Cat


Fur pattern/clothing/defining marks: Gray and white cat; same exact fur design as Leo Leonardo. Dresses mostly in all red, with the occasional blue or yellow splashed in many intricate designs. Wears T-shirts with band logos on them (like The Beatles or Joy Division or The Velvet Underground), but only rarely. Red jacket is common wear. Has ruby red eyes.

Muscular structure: Skinny as a twig, but canreallyfight when he's angry.

Nickname(s): James' nickname is self-titled, but his brother Peter thinks it fits him quite well. 'Ian', named after Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division. James looks up to Curtis as an icon. He loves to sing Joy Division songs and even act out Curtis' famous "epilepsy" dance. None of Leo, Aeris, Xander, Tyler, or Sarah ever call him Ian.

Occupation: Struggling musician, off and on. Can only sing, not play any instruments. Lives by himself, but very close to Xander and Tyler's house, sometimes asking them for a bit of money.

Affiliations: Used to have a crush on Tyler, but never followed through on it. Aeris' ex-boyfriend, who dumped her rather brutally hard. Gay for Xander, though Xander refuses to accept his love. Has weird feelings towards Leo; unknown if he's gay for Leo.

Bio: James is a very psychologically messed up individual, though he rarely if ever shows it. His brother Peter was his best friend all throughout his early years, and was his only salvation towards his rather strict and hard parents. Peter introduced James to many great bands, artists, authors, you name it. Peter was basically the perfect older brother in James' eyes, and he couldn't ask for anything better. Eventually, Peter revealed that he was gay. This was only when James was only in middle school. His parents kicked Peter out, and were forever onward much harder on James, always reminding him to not end up like his brother. Peter left behind some of his CDs and some of his books for James, requesting that he take a look at some of it. This was how James discovered Joy Division, and it became his favorite band, not only for the great music, but for the constant reminder of Peter. All of Peter's letters and messages to James were censored, so James lost all contact with him, and for a long time was lonely and depressed. He didn't have any friends at school at the time, and he was miserable.

Then Tyler came along and made friends with him, Xander close behind. James was happier and loved his two new friends extremely deeply, but he was still depressed over Peter, and would act out sometimes. Once, Tyler and Xander walked in on James, listening to Joy Division, twirling a big knife in his hands. Xander ripped the knife from his hand and threw it off to the side. They both screamed at James over how terrified he made them feel, and how much they didn't want him to hurt himself. James was so touched by this amazing display from his friends that he vowed to never again act like he was going to hurt himself, or do anything else that would scare them ever again. From then on, all three of the cats' friendship became strong.

James found himself falling for Tyler, but backed off once he learned of Xander's affection for her. Later on, James met Leo and Aeris, and developed a crush on Aeris. But secretly, James had been struggling with being gay for years, all the way back when he first met Xander. It finally came out when they were all in their 20s.

James has strong bonds with all of his friends. He loves them all incredibly dearly, almost crazily so. They all love his quiet, shy attitude, and his unwillingness to ever do something to hurt somebody else, although sometimes he is selfish and won't sacrifice his own happiness for someone else's. Over all, he's a great guy.

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Name: Alexander 'Xander' Armstrong Jr.

Age: 25

Gender: Male

species: Cat


fur pattern/clothing/defining marks: Same fur pattern as Leo, but instead of gray, his fur has a dominate black color. Likes to wear a black hoody (the hood up), black jeans, black sneakers, and black yin-yang hat under his hood. Carries around the charm that Tyler made for him when she was forced to move away at the end of middle school.

muscular structure: Slightly above average.

Nickname(s): Shades, Eagle Eye.

Occupation: Artist, not world famous, but known enough to get by.

Affiliations: Tyler, his girlfriend. Aeris, Leo, and James are his close friends.

Family (added this :P): Mother, dead. Father, disappeared when he was 4 and was never heard from again. Brother, twin and living as a rock star at various locations.

Bio: Xander had a pretty rough childhood. His father mysteriously disappeared when he was 4 and is steadily growing a smoldering hate for his father that abandoned him and his family (will be explained later). He changed his name to Xander, not wanting to have anything in common with the cat that abandoned them. He made a friend, a sand colored cat named Gavin, who left him for dead when they were faced with a bear when he was 7. His mother struggled to support their family of three. He was really depressed and lashed out at any one who tried to know him so they gave up... except Tyler. Eventually, she thawed his ice cold heart and he opened up to her. He lost most of his memories when Aeris accidentally pushed him off of a ridge and he landed on his head. He eventually remembers everything as time progresses.

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Name:Jim & Tim Dublin





fur pattern/clothing/defining marks:

Jim has yellow fur with white splotches he also has a slight reddish tint to the fur on his head he also has dark yellow eyes he often opts to wear green cackies with white tennies and wear a blue t-shirt has a deep irish accent

Tim has white fur with yellow Splotches he also like his brother has a slight redish tint to his hair. He has idigo colored eyes. He often opts wear red cargos with steel toe boots and a yellow tinted t-shirt has a deep scotish accent

muscular structure:above average

Nickname(s):Dublin brothers, Jimmy and Timmy

Occupation: none

Affiliations:none known

Bio:the Dublin bros. Are extremely michevious and often play pranks with there identity often relying on the account of being identical twins till about two years when Jim had his fur color medically altered. This didn't change much other than the ability to differentiate between the two. They love to spend time with each other and never left each others sides. They are so close that they can at will speak in sync or complete one anothers sentences. They both were born in Ireland. But had to move by themselves to Toronto due to family situations. They hoped there lives could better than they where so until two weeks past they left for Toronto Canada. They assimilated well and even made friends.

4/21/2011 . Edited 4/21/2011 #5

Name: Alexander Armstrong

Age: 54

Gender: Male

species: Cat

Primary/expendable/filler: Primary

fur pattern/clothing/defining marks: Has the same fur pattern as Xander. Likes to wear army camo, after all he was in the Military. When he was in the militry, he tended to wear a handkerchief over his mouth and nose to hide his identity. He also wore a Yin-Yang hat which he passed on to Xander when he was forced to leave. He has many scars the cover his body, but the most noticeable are the two that criss-cross his face, making his right eye milky white while his other one was his regular red. received it while serving Death.

muscular structure: Above Average

Nickname(s): Alex, Oreo ( only by wife)

Occupation: Engineer on most things, but mainly does guns and cars

Affiliations: Married to Samantha Armstrong, has two sons (Alexander Jr. and Dakota), served in the army with Leo's dad and Tobias Blackwell

Bio: He had a pretty normal life. He served in the military when his was 18-28 (fresh out of high school) and served with Tobias Blackwell. After he served and turned 29, he married Samantha and had two kids, Alexander Jr. (Xander) and Dakota (Cody). When they came back from their honeymoon, they got into a car accident which resulted them in falling off the edge of a cliff, Samantha holding on to one of his arms while Alex was holding on to tree branch. Death came by and offered him a deal: he would save their lives, but their first born (Xander) would have to inherent his eyes and serve for him for 20 years when Death called. He was called when Xander and Cody were only 4 years old.

When he was in the military, he preferred the sniper rifle. He was usually in mission where he had to gather Intel or snipe from afar. He was the number 1 sniper in the military.

4/24/2011 . Edited 4/26/2011 #6

Name: Sarah Ryan

Age: 21

Gender: Female

species: Cat

Primary/expendable/filler: Expendable

fur pattern/clothing/defining marks: Orange Cat. Wears a necklace her former friend Cody gave to her when they were children. Dresses rather well. Not very tomboyish, unlike Aeris. Had a normal childhood. Has anger problems, but only when romance is involved. Plays guitar, though not very well. Blurts things out very often; not one to hide her true feelings. Easygoing, funny, and clever.

muscular structure: Womanly, attractive and skinny body

Nickname(s): Cookie, given to her by Cody.

Occupation: Teaches yoga.

Affiliations: Cody's former friend. Leo's girlfriend for a while. Disliked but not hated by Aeris. Xander thinks she's cool, but a little fast with new relationships and a little quirky. James is in awe of her.

Bio: Was best friends with Xander's brother Cody. Their relationship was way better than Leo and Aeris' had been when they were kids. Sarah and Cody had been more affectionate, but not very lovey-dovey. She fell for him after they were well into their high-school years. Then, Cody got a girlfriend, who Sarah felt was a total sk*nk. When she expressed her concern to Cody, he put her off. They had a huge argument. Later on, Cody called Sarah to beg for her forgiveness and graciously be with him, instead of the other girl. He said he loved her and everything. Sarah was not so easily swayed, so she turned him down. She never saw him again.

Since then, she has been trying to fill the void left behind. She goes out to clubs and is always eager to meet new "candidates". That's actually how she met the gang, when she first met Leo at Xander's infamous Halloween party. By that time, she had a good amount of practice. Their relationship didn't last too much longer, but Leo contacted her afterwards and they patched things up. The breakup hadn't been as bad as when she did it with Cody, so she became an off and on member of the gang. She's attracted to James, but never acts on her feelings knowing that he is gay.

Sarah's big thing is that she never wants to be forgotten by the people she meets. It's complicated as to why, but she does. It's a theme in her personality, to never forget anything.

4/24/2011 #7

Name: Cole McTyre

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Species: Cat


He's a Australian Mist cat, Breed in Australia. Doesn't have the Accent. Gray fur and thin black lines. Has a scratch over left eye. Wears a flannel shirt, white tee underneath, fedora, and cut up blue jeans. White shoes as well.

Not very muscular, but not weak

Nickname: TK

Occupation: Author. Though nothing had worked out.

Family: Distant Relative to Leo. Mother and Father dead. 14 year old sister.

Bio: Lived a rough life. At fifteen his parents died in a car accident. His Little sister, Melany took ill. She was in a hospital for months. She ran the money they had dry with her disease. She lived, but was no homeless with her brother. Lived like that until the world went to Hell. She died in the first wave.

Name: Skyrah Taylor

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Species: Cat


Fur pattern: None. She has solid red fur. Like Red hair. She has a beauty mark on her butt.

No Muscle

Nickname: DollFace

Occupation: Stripper

No Family. Make her and COle Get together or something.

6/20/2011 #8
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