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Who is everyone's favorite Ninja Storm ranger and why?

3/27/2010 #1
Mrs. Kasey Prime

Mine would be Blake. He is one of the hottest male ranger on the team and plus navy is my color.

9/4/2010 #2

Blake is pretty hot but Hunter is far hotter! And I love how he always looks out for Blake. He is definitely my fave!

9/4/2010 #3
Psycho Tangerine

My favorites are 1. Dustin - because he's cute and a total goof. I especially loved his episode with Marah. 2. Cam- because he is such a serious guy and I really enjoyed the whole thing about him wanting to be a Ranger.

7/23/2011 #4

I totally agree with you about Dustin! And Cam's cool too! Love the dynamics between him and Hunter! But Hunter Is and will always be my fav!

7/25/2011 #5

Let's see, First would have to be Hunter, because he's really cute and I hated it when Choobo turned him evil!

In second would have to be Tori, one of the best girls PR has ever had and I love her attitude!

Thrid is Dustin, cause he's also really cute and a sweet guy!

Fourth is gonna be Cam, because he's a lot like Billy and I love his glasses!

Fifth is Blake, he's cute and I like him paired with Tori!

As for Shane, I'm not really fond of him, but he's better than others!

2/5/2012 #6

I would say that my favorite rangers from Ninja Storm are Shane, Cam, and Dustin.

They're awesome! :)

2/24/2012 #7

Yes they are, But Hunter is the BEST! Then Blake, Dustin, Tori, Shane, And Cam!

2/24/2012 #8

My favs are: Hunter and Tori.

2/24/2012 #9

They all are great, but I still think that Hunter and Tori are #1.

2/24/2012 #10
OMG I love Cam because he is really smart and most people thought he was jyst there but when you least expect it he becomes a ranger and through the series he becomes more open to everyone else. I also love Hunter because he is cute but also because at first he's kind of distant from everyone then he starts warmingin up to them but alsobrcause they show not just as brother to Blake but everyone else to
7/11/2012 #11
Hunter !!!! For a lot of reasons, but mostly about the fact that he helped his brother with everything and always protected Blake. Second Tori! favorite femal ever !!!
1/15/2014 #12

I so agree Casey and lily fan!

1/15/2014 #13
1/15/2014 #14
Mine is Tori because I act just like her.
4/19/2016 #15
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