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Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Today, was not a good day for Jaden Yuki.

Well actually, it had started good, but progressively got worse and worse as the day wore on.

5/8/2012 #1

One of the causes of this was Paradox's third return.

5/8/2012 #2
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

After the second return, Jaden had been hoping that he wouldn't be seeing anymore of the time traveling duelist. Or that he wouldn't come after him again at the very least.

But either way, that was the main reason Jaden found himself on the rooftop of some building that was going to be torn down in a couple of days. "We're in trouble. .. Aren't we?" He groaned turning to Yubel.

Yubel sighed. "Yes. Yes we are. You have to keep moving Jaden."

5/8/2012 #3

Paradox, hadn't brought his Desert Eagle like before, this time having opted for something worse, a Pump Shotgun.

(Le Idea.)

5/8/2012 #4
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Which made it even more important that Jaden not stay in one place for too long.

Jaden nodded. "Right let's keep moving." It was a really good thing that Yubel's powers gave him a batman-like boost in physical abilities.

(What is it? :D)

5/8/2012 #5

Paradox seemed to share some type of ability, considering he was following without his bike for once.

( Girl starts seeing monsters, but she's been diagnosed as insane, so she doesn't think they're real, and if she tells anyone about them she'll be sent back tot he asylum where she spent 6 months, but they obviously are real.)

5/8/2012 #6
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Okay I'm interested so far. :D)

Jaden found that pretty freaky, but wasn't really that focused on it. He was busy thanking Slifer that the buildings were so close together. It made getting from one to the other easier.

5/8/2012 #7

(Would it make it more or less interesting if Fluttershy was this girl and Twilight was her best friend, but this would be a normal would, which is to say magic works differently.)

Paradox dove through a wall, not through a window, but a wall.

(Android ftw.)

5/8/2012 #8
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(More. MUCH more. :D)

"Holey-how did he-Okay what the heck!" Jaden's brain stopped working for a moment.

So Yubel took advantage of the fact that their souls were fused to partially take control of him, and keep him moving while he tried to make sense of Paradox driving through a wall and living.

5/8/2012 #9

(As for her insanity, traumatic experience she can't remember, though her friends know but try to not discuss it., Trick and Midnight would be my chars, *Is bringing Midnight to human mode* Also, WHY do I see Greed, Deceit and Mindfang all replacing the Hex Girls, with Deceit on Drums, Greed on vocals and Mindfang on Piano 0.o)

Paradox shot the shotgun.

5/8/2012 #10
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(O.o Well now that you mention it. . . I can too. . . And Twi would be my character obviously XD)

Jaden's brain had started working at that moment. Though it was pure luck that when he held up his arms to shield himself the bullet bounced off his duel disk.

Yubel made a note to ask Jaden why Duel Disks were practically invincible later.

5/8/2012 #11

(...How did you know I had Solid Slugs in Paradox's shotgun...PSYCHIC, THIS IS LIKE THE, 3RD TIME NOW. Also. Nightshroud would be another char of mine, though this is a different incarnation, as in HE HASN'T F*CKING POSSESSED SOMEONE.)

Paradox, now out of ammo, threw the shotgun at Jaden.

5/8/2012 #12
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(XD I had no idea I was reading your mind. But YAYZ! And sweet! :D Nightshroud not possessing someone!)

Surprisingly, this worked.

(Don't know how badly that would hurt but I'm guessing it would hurt a LOT. I just figured, since this is a 'Bad day' Jay needs some bad luck.)

5/8/2012 #13

(Ehh, Pump Shotgun, would be fiarly painful, it's more to stun so I can do-)

Paradox then tried to kick Jaden in the stomach.

(That. Also, Nightshroud would be the one causing the Monsters to appear, he'd be a Vedmak, he's a shapeshifter, immortal (to a point, if he were shot in the heart, boom dead, more appropriately, he can't age, but he changes form to look like he does, constantly changing looks to not bring attention to himself.) The thing is however, they're usually good people, they have healing powers and can bless people and bring good luck and even combat the spells of evil witches, however this is Nightshroud, so he'll do none of that. Vedmak also can preform magic, though it's Pegan Magic, meaning it's FAR harder to preform than normal magic, time wise and could not be done on the fly.)

5/8/2012 #14
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Thanks to Yubel, Jaden managed to avoid it.

(AWESOME! Also, Thank god for spirits who can control the bodies of teenage boys XD Yubel and Yami rock.)

5/8/2012 #15

Which left him open for a counter attack.

(As for how he's doing this, he's summoning various monsters to kill people and steal their hearts for him, this is way to risky to do himself, as for why he's doing this, if he can kill 100 people and collect their hearts, he can open a casket hidden in a mausoleum, which contains a grimoire that has magic that makes Twilight (Canon one) look like an infant. Hense why NOBODY on earth would want him to have it.)

5/8/2012 #16
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(O_O Yeah. Twi better stop him before he finds that Grimoire.)

Jaden was generally against violence, but this was one time he kind of had to make an exception. He tried to kick Paradox.

5/8/2012 #17

His Killcount is 42, His Heart count is 34, He didn't know about the hearts, he's been doing this himself, but this has been 40 years so far, hense why he's begun using monsters, also Monster Summons will be a few days apart, theres a different summoning ritual for a different monster. Oh and this Nightshroud is kinda weak, he doesn't like getting his hands dirty.)

It was like kicking an iron plated wall.

(So, so far what else do we need??)

5/8/2012 #18
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Don't think we need much. How dose Twi fit into this if magic works so differently?)

He hadn't been expecting that. At all.

"Ow!" Okay, now Jaden was freaked out. How was that even possible?

5/8/2012 #19

(Basically, first monster, I was thinking should be a magic user, Twi could find a book with magic and find out she has some innate magic power, as for how it works differently, that only really applys to these things -Teleportation -Magic Blasting. I was thinking it should go more traditional, like you need a wand or something for that kind of magic.)

(Also we need time, and setting, both of which I might have, unless you do.)

Paradox proceeded to try and uppercut Jaden.

5/8/2012 #20
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Sounds good! And I have nothing XD)

Jaden backed up.

"You need to get out of here. Physical combat isn't your specialty." Yubel frowned.

"I know that Yubel!" Jaden groaned trying not to get distracted.

(Jaden's not a fighter by nature, Haou is though. But since Paradox is an Android, he's kinda screwed XD)

5/8/2012 #21

(Well, he's meant to be humanoid, he is totally defeatable.)

He tried to punch him in the face.

(Time - Early Fall, Setting - Modernized version of Ponyville, complete with highschool. Also Midnight is going to be Goth, and have a somewhat large knowledge of monsters. Since all goths do XD.But seriously I am doing that.)

5/8/2012 #22
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Yes but, this is Jaden. He's a scrawny kid who plays card games for a living. I think Paradox has an advantage either way. Also, Awesome! XD Goth Midnight!)

Jaden continued backing up. Yes he was aware that he was probably going to reach the edge soon, but honestly he was only good at thinking ahead in a duel.

5/8/2012 #23

...For a second, I was considering giving Midnight the ability to be a cat at any point XD, but that would be stupid, also Imma make him related to Trick, since this isn't canon to the main universe...I just realized something though.))

Paradox had noticed this, he wasn't acting like he had though, he knew Jaden was....well for lack of better words, Jaden.

He tried kicking.

5/8/2012 #24
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

This worked.

"Ow- Whoa Yubel chill!"

Yubel had been about to use her mass spiritual power on Paradox. But Jaden reminded her that she wasn't supposed to use it unless he was teetering on the edge of life.

5/8/2012 #25

He tried to kick again.

(How is Fluttershy going to fight the monsters ^^;)

(Oh and Trick and Midnight are 2 of three of the Siblings, all of which are notorious for being kinda trouble makers. The third of them shall be a surprise.)

5/8/2012 #26
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Fluttershy. . . Monsters. . . O_O Um Yeah I have no idea. . .)

Jaden didn't get out of the way. This was seriously not his day.

Yubel growled. "Jaden!" She was showing more self control then you'd think someone who did what she did was capable of.

'Don't get involved don't get involved Don't get involved.' Jaden pleaded in his head.

5/8/2012 #27

(...Her insanity created an alter ego that comes into play under extreme circumstances and she gains courage, basically Dragonshy Fluttershy + Gala insane Fluttershy, oh and a baseball bat?)

He punched, this time opting to try and hit Jaden in the stomach.

5/8/2012 #28
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


Jaden hadn't been expecting that.

(Wannd know what I think the end result of this will be? Yubel get's involved XD)

5/8/2012 #29

He followed this by trying to knee Jaden.

(So uh, what else do we need...Title only right??)

5/8/2012 #30
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