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"I'm moving so I neglected to check the timer."

6/15/2012 #91
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


6/15/2012 #92

"But now that I know it works I can level my brothers home, while he's in it hopefully."

6/15/2012 #93
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


6/15/2012 #94

"Me and him don't...get along well."

6/15/2012 #95
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Oh." Fluttershy blinked.

(Watching Amdrag. and DAMN I hate Jakes Family!

6/15/2012 #96


"If your wondering why I wanna blow him up and not just stay away from him, he comes here all the time asking for bombs. It's annoying and I swear to go he's never gonna find that bear."

6/15/2012 #97
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


Twilight rolled her eyes. "Great. Nightshroud with bombs. That's worse then the MILLIONS of magical explosions he causes weekly."

6/15/2012 #98

"I'm never dumb enough to give them to him, well, Mindfang yes, but she has a gun and is semi competent."

6/15/2012 #99
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Yeah." Twilight nodded.

6/15/2012 #100

Mr.Fester had been watching a Centipede this entire time.

6/15/2012 #101
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"I'm going to go get Twilight that Energy drink." Fluttershy said.

6/15/2012 #102

(Hmmm, You know what Burn notice means to a spy?)

"I should go with you." Mr.Fester said.

6/15/2012 #103
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(They get burned, literally?)

"Okay." Fluttershy smiled.

6/15/2012 #104

(They drop you in a random city, destroy your credit, freeze your bank accounts, erase your job history and give you and FBI tail, who watch you constantly so you can't leave.)

(And then my brain explodes *Calm Zim voice.*)

6/15/2012 #105
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


6/15/2012 #106

(Yeeees. *Eats Chips Ahoy*)

6/15/2012 #107
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(n_n Brains explode rather easily.)

6/15/2012 #108

...Gruntilda was released from my copy of Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts.))

6/15/2012 #109
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(O.o I'm guessing that means now is a bad time to mention that I just made Alexis's deck on DN XD So, how bad is this 'Gruntilda' person? And by that I mean, who do I have to send out to put them back in the game?)

6/15/2012 #110

.....I can't say anything.....The Rhyming might kick in.)

6/15/2012 #111
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Kay. Wanna duel? I'm Dying to test out Lexi's deck, it doens't have an Synchro's. But it dose have a Monster that blond Turbo-Duelist from 5D's had. But since Lexi is rich and her older brother's best friend is a successful pro-duelist. It's not that much of a stretch to say that the "Sorciere De Fleur" was a birthday present or something. XD Man I just rambled that info off for no reason! That rootbeer must be kicking in. . .)

6/15/2012 #112

I can't, I gotta go pretty soon, Laser Tag.))

6/15/2012 #113
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(Cool, have fun!)

6/15/2012 #114

My computers clock is hour late, to Dueling Network Post Haste........FUCK IT'S HAPPENING!))

6/15/2012 #115
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(XD Awesome. At least Danny isn't here. Poor Phantom HATES Rhyming. Blame Ghost writer XD)

6/15/2012 #116

(They walk to the nearest store while Adrian and Twi talk about....something I guess?)

6/22/2012 #117
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


"Is there a store nearby?" Fluttershy wondered, she didn't leave Ponyville often.

6/22/2012 #118

"Canterlot." The Owner yawned.

6/22/2012 #119
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

"Oh. Well let's go then."

6/22/2012 #120
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