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Zack Hiwatari-Chan

The team was on a mission.

So naturally there was tons of Teen drama going on over the mind link. Which had become more like an internet chatroom for them then a way of communicating that couldn't be hacked into.

7/25/2012 #1

It was pretty simple, some person had tipped off the League that a League of Shadow's member had been spotted in Spain, and the LoS were never good.

7/25/2012 #2
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

So naturally they sent the team in. Since they were technically a Stealth Team.

Despite the fact that almost every mission they had ever been in was a complete stealth failure.

7/25/2012 #3

And yet they never stopped sending them into stealth missions.

7/25/2012 #4
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

'So where is this Shadows guy? We've been staking out different area's for hours.' Kid Flash complained.

'Hey, For all we know their already gone.' Artemis reminded.

'But the tip off said they were seen just a few days ago.' Miss Martian blinked.

'Believe me, that's more then enough time for someone in the League of Shadows to disappear.' Robin said.

7/25/2012 #5

Almost on queue, someone fitting the description walked by.

(In the 2 years he pretty much lost all his Stealth Elements)

7/25/2012 #6
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

'There's your Guy Wally.' Superboy said.

'Follow him.' Aqualad said.

7/25/2012 #7

He was way to far away to notice them.

7/25/2012 #8
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

So they were able to follow him pretty easily.

7/25/2012 #9

Eventually he paused near a restaurant and sat on a bench.

7/25/2012 #10
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

'And now what?' Kid Flash asked.

7/25/2012 #11

After three minutes he pulled out what looked like a remote detonator, followed by the Restaurant exploding.

7/25/2012 #12
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

'Now!' Aqualad ordered.

'Better late then never.' Robin commented throwing Birdarangs at the guy.

7/25/2012 #13

He was pretty good at dodging.

7/25/2012 #14
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Artemis launched some arrows.

7/25/2012 #15

He drew sub-machine guns, but then failed to dodge.

7/25/2012 #16
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Miss Martian was glad that Artemis had used her normal arrows and not her explosive ones. She used telekinesis to try and get the Machine guns away from him.

7/25/2012 #17

He evidentally had a good grip because he managed to keep ahold of them, he fired them, the rounds exploded a couple seconds after hitting something rather than immediately.

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #18
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

Luckily, the most one of the explosions did was ruin Superboy's Jacket.

7/25/2012 #19

Eventually he lost the guns.

(...Eh Imma let him keep the cloaking device.)

7/25/2012 #20
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


Artemis shot a Net-Arrow at him.

7/25/2012 #21

He kicked to parry it, his shoes had a small hidden blade in them.

7/25/2012 #22
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(. . . . Mind block. . .)

7/25/2012 #23

(...That awkward moment when the exact same thing happens.)

7/25/2012 #24
Zack Hiwatari-Chan


(Well I'ma go do some more reading for my AP Class, and then pass out kay? I think my mind block is due to the headache I have from being tired.)

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #25

When your back, how would Twi react to Slendy killing her brother?)

7/25/2012 #26
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(. . . I slept for a Solid twelve hours. . .

Anyway, Badly. Like, Jaden being killed in front of Yubel badly.)

7/26/2012 #27

In that hour I realized why Nightshroud in G5 Is smart.))

7/26/2012 #28
Zack Hiwatari-Chan

(You did? O.o)

7/26/2012 #29

Nightshroud and Skin Taker aren't the same person.

Nightshroud is more like a third person.

Bookmark somehow made Skin Taker stupid.

But when he died, Skin Taker came back full force.))

7/26/2012 #30
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