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We all know the original story of Tangled. Here is where you can be a part of it! Adventures, the smolder, frying pans, magic, darkness, thugs, music. This place has got it all!
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Lita Aquaheart


So, if your character is in the snuggly duckling, here is where you RP them. This is mostly for thugs.

4/20/2011 #1

(Enters the Snuggly Duckling)

Saix had found himself in a dimmed lit room, his eyes scanning the patrons who sat busily in their stools chatting up a storm. However, the moment his foot reached the bowels of the tavern the commotion ceased causing everyone to snap a glance towards him. Skilled in keeping a low profile he ignored the stares and proceeded to an empty seat. Sitting himself down he let his elbows rest on the dusty tabletop fully aware he was being watched. He knew he would stick out but that was his plan. He wanted someone to approach him. The first thing he needed was information and with that he needed a participant. Not a second went by from once he sat a dark figure rose behind him. This was his chance.

5/28/2011 #2
Dragon Claw92

(Katlyn enters the Snuggly Duckling)

The door swung open then, and someone else entered. Tall, thin and rather pretty, the teenager glanced around before proceeding further, ignoring the fact that a fair few people were looking at her now. Her hatchets hanging at her sides and her lute over her back, she kept a close eye on everything, and everyone. After glancing around, she shrugged, turned around, and left.

(Katlyn leaves and goes to the village)

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Lita Aquaheart

((You don't need to do that, you know. Only if you change topics.))

6/11/2011 #4
Dragon Claw92

(Oh. hehe, okay. Thanks for letting me know. ^_^')

6/11/2011 #5
Delete in Progress

((Ursula from palace to Snuggly Duckling))

Ursula came walked into the Snuggly Duckling,and quickly hurried to her place behind the bar counter.

6/13/2011 #6

((Dawn/Dusk from forest to Snuggling Duckling.))

Dawn/Dusk walked in and followed Raptor to their usual table in the far back corner. Raptor laid down under the table as Dawn/Dusk sat down, watching the crowd of thieves, hagglers, and outcasts.

After sitting there for a maybe an hour Dawn/Dusk got bored with talking with some familiar people and drinking so once Raptor was done with a steak, Dawn/Dusk persuaded the bartender to get, they made their way out. 'Waist of my time, the client was a no show,' Dawn thought as she walked out.

((Dawn from Snuggling Duckling to village.))

6/14/2011 . Edited 6/14/2011 #7
Delete in Progress

After a couple of hours of working,Ursula started heading back to the palace to get to bed early.

((Ursula from Snuggly Duckling to Palace.))

6/14/2011 #8

Saix rolled a coin from his satchel onto the ground soon grabbing the attention of the one who stood over him. He could tell there was no feasible information lying in wait as he hoped. He watched as several other characters entered and exited the small tavern hoping to see if any of them looked as if they were important. One caught his eye, a pretty flower to whom his interest was ensnared. She seemed to be looking for something for she stood at the doorway but a moment or two and quickly turned in place. He lifted himself from his seat watching the thugs and thieves wrestle for the coin he dropped and followed keeping his steps light. Once she exited the tavern, the door swinging shut behind her he pressed himself against the window watching with curiosity of her next move. He watched as she made her way towards the village. The village? Was there something there that could help? He could tell by her garments and tools she was no damsel. The hatchets at her waist was evidence of that. Was she also a thief? If so, what was she after? Who was her accomplice? The questions began to swarm his mind and soon an opportunity rang at his door. He had to follow her. Finding a fellow thief was a rare event, he thought, and should not be passed. He turned to see the brawl that was now ensuing behind him and with that he slid outside and began his shadowing. Hopefully with luck and some cunning, he could find what he was looking for.

6/15/2011 #9
Lita Aquaheart

((Di immortales, that's a long post. O.O Summarize, por favor?))

6/15/2011 #10
Dragon Claw92

(haha, and by the sounds of it he has his eye on fair Katlyn. xD This could get interesting. Basically what he's saying, Lita, is that his character is curious about Katlyn, and is intending on following her.)

(A quick note to Soulimpared, Katlyn is now back in this thread. ^_^)

(Katlyn from village to Snuggly Duckling.)

Katlyn, in the meantime, had wandered back towards the Snuggly Duckling, her gaze fixed on the scenary, and her hands fumbling with a pretty ring she'd 'borrowed' from someone. She didn't really notice the Snuggly Duckling appeared to be her location yet, as her mind was wandering off to other things, such as what she was going to do for the rest of the day.

6/17/2011 #11

Her movements were odd, he thought. She was neither in a hurry or being chased which was strange for a thief. He sat in a nearby tree using his hand to delicately push away at a branch to gain a better look. It was obvious she was not a wanted woman. Then what was her purpose? He could not pinpoint her motive but he could feel his own motives begin to take hold. Could it be she knew he was following her? Could that explain why her movements were off? He needed someone to act as his informant or for that matter a guide to this new kingdom. He had just arrived not but a few days and he knew nothing but of this tavern he wandered into. Then again, he disliked confrontation and he knew there were characters out there that could lead him astray and away from his goals. Skillfully he maneuvered out of the tree without making a sound. He took in a breath as he walked over to her.

"Pardon me," he said.

6/19/2011 #12
Dragon Claw92

Hearing his voice, Katlyn had pocketed the ring and drew her hatchets as she turned, looking at him with suspicion, though she soon put her weapons away. "Sorry about that...can I help you?"

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6/21/2011 #14
Dragon Claw92

(...uh...I think you're post is missing. :S)

6/21/2011 #15
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