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We all know the original story of Tangled. Here is where you can be a part of it! Adventures, the smolder, frying pans, magic, darkness, thugs, music. This place has got it all!
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Lita Aquaheart

They are characters from the actual story, if you didn't know. Please say which one you'd like, then say why you want him/her. Unless you're a mod. We get to claim them. But there IS a limit, alright? The limit is two.

Flynn Rider:Kiali

Rapunzel: Lita Aquaheart

Mother Gothel: MotherGothelFan01

Maximus: cupfulofstars

Guard Captain: Reverend Lovejoy

Stabbington Brother 1:

Stabbington Brother 2:

Pascal: Pomsfurever12345

*If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know.

4/20/2011 . Edited 7/9/2013 #1
scott mccalles


4/22/2011 #2
Lita Aquaheart

Please say why. I would just let you have them, but I'm trying to make things fair for others. Say why, please and he's all yours.

4/22/2011 #3
scott mccalles


I want him because he's, like, totally awesome and because you know how I enjoy rping Pascal. :)

4/22/2011 #4
Lita Aquaheart

*laughs* Deal. He's all yours. I'll edit your name in.

4/22/2011 #5
scott mccalles


4/22/2011 #6
Lita Aquaheart

You're welcome.

Thanks for joining, by the way.

4/22/2011 #7
scott mccalles

How can I resist a totally awesome Tangled forum?

4/22/2011 #8
Lita Aquaheart

D'awwwwww, thanks. :)

4/22/2011 #9
scott mccalles

Welcome. :)

4/22/2011 #10

I reaaaally wanna take Eugene, but I dunno if I'm gonna do him justice........

5/17/2011 #11
Lita Aquaheart

Somebody has to do it. So, say why you'/d want him and he's yours.

5/18/2011 #12

Sure. I might as well give him a shot. x_x

5/18/2011 #13
Lita Aquaheart

Yeah, I forgot, you don't need to say why you want him since you're a mod now. I put your name on the list.

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #14

Oooh maybe I should take Mother Gothel. Mwahaha. XD

5/18/2011 #15
Lita Aquaheart

You want to take the guard captain? You can have Gothel too, if you want. Though she's pretty much like this:

5/18/2011 #16


Hmmm...maybe I'll take Maximus instead lol.

Or just no one and I should watch the movie again. :D

5/18/2011 #17
Lita Aquaheart

Though we sort of need a better plot. . .I mean, we have one set up sort of, but I feel like we should add to it. . .Plus, somebody needs to play Gothel. . .

5/18/2011 #18

I can do both, until more people join. XD

We should start the plot? o.O

5/18/2011 #19
Lita Aquaheart

Until more people join, yes. I'll add your name.

Well, actually, if you have any ideas to add to the plot, please post them in the plot topic. I'll be sure to give you credit for ideas.

5/18/2011 #20
Mrs Snowball

Have you got a guard captain? I could RP him if you want.

7/13/2011 #21
Lita Aquaheart

That would be nice, thank you.

7/17/2011 #22

I am totally blown away by Mother Gothel. I would like to be her! :) She's got such a wonderful voice when she's singing AND talking. I love it when Flynn walks away to get firewood, and she goes "WELL!" What a voice! I mean, who wouldn't like that? I had an obsession with Maleficent because I was like 0.0 when she started laughing when she realized that her goblins had been searching for a baby for the past sixteen years, but after watching the Reprise of Mother Knows Best, I was like "DAMN! Gothel is so much better!" I think in some ways, she's more evil than Maleficent. Mother Gothel shares similar attributes with my favorite male Disney Villain, Frollo. I planned on writing a crossover, but I didn't know how to go about it. I always loved the two of them together. And you know how Gothel's hair is streaked with white when she goes through withdrawals? I think it's kind of awesome. Very Sweeney Todd-ish. She's kind of like a caring figure but at the same time you have to remember that she's only keeping Rapunzel because of her magic hair. Gothel's got some humor in her mannerisms too. "Oh look you're here too" "Blah, blah blah, it's very annoyng, I love you so much Darling." Have any of you ever listened to her sing in Spanish? It's almost better than the English version, but it's still so awesome.

Mother Gothel is the greeeeeeeeatest!!

9/1/2011 #23
Lita Aquaheart

She's yours!

9/1/2011 #24
Lisanna Strauss

where can i register???

5/30/2012 #25
Lita Aquaheart

Well, if you want to use a character that was already in the movie, just say comment here saying why you want to play that character. But if you want to make your own character, please go to a different topic titled RP Profile

7/29/2012 #26

Is the queen taken!?

6/17/2016 #27
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