MegaTen Gundam: An Earth Divided
It is the year 110 of the Celestial Century... Mankind is once again at war. Enlist as part of the Earth League Forces or the Military Union and help resolve this at any cost in a Gundam mashup-slash-MegaTen mashup!
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THE RULES 1) No Mary-Sues.

2) No invincible characters/MSs/MAs. If they're immensely powerful, they must have some kind of Achilles heel/limited operation time/other thing that lets them not single-handedly end the war as soon as they're deployed.

3) Approved types of superhumans: Newtypes, Supersoldiers, Cyber-Newtypes, Genetically-engineered humans, Innovades, and Innovators. Yup, everything. Where this may place your character will be elaborated on later. ADDENDUM: PM me if you want to make an Innovator or Innovade. FURTHER: Cyber-Newtypes are locked for the moment.

4) The highest level of technology that can be achieved is ZZ Gundam-level. Panoramic cockpits, etc,. No SEED Freedom-spam. Phase-Shift Armor may be developed in the near future.

5) Minovsky particles and GN particles both exist.

ADDENDUM: Being in the presence of both magnifies the effects on electronics and energy weapons of each. In high enough densities, you may as well not be firing your particle beams at all. In extreme densities, the results may be ten times worse than that.

6) Psycommu is approved.

7) Oh, forget it. Everything that wasn't blatantly played as God Mode in a series can be used as long as it's below the level of the Nu Gundam can be used. That means funnels, and everything. Nu Gundam Fin Funnels are now available, but only in experimental forms.


In the year 110 of the Celestial Century, mankind has branched out into space, and constructed many colonies. Various technologies have been developed concurrently since then, not the least of which are Minovsky and solar reactors for powering ships, buildings, and most importantly, the greatest military advancement of the age, mobile suits. Versatile, adaptable, and allowing for many different templates, mobile suits became the dominant military presence among even insurgent groups. The Earth government consolidated its management into a single Earth League, governing the space colonies as well. However, eventually the advancements made their way down from mobile suits to humans. THe "Newtype phenomenon" had been observed in the space colonies, and had granted some of the people living there amazing powers, the types of which had been written off as occult propaganda many years before. Studies to duplicate these, and even surpass them began. Supersoldiers using quantum brainwaves to achieve the telepathic abilities of the Newtypes, artificially-created Newtypes, genetically-engineered humans, life-forms created by machines... All these were studied... And as such the drive to surpass one another divided the humans again. During a research session on the space colony known as Anatolia III, anti-Newtype insurgents activated a nuclear bomb within the area, killing all of its inhabitants. The men claimed to be of a group known as the Military Union, and identified themselves as pro-Supersoldier, "Coordinator", and "Innovator", believing Newtypes to be inferior. This event caused the Earth League to mobilize its military, and declare war on all nations, space colonies, and individuals identifying with the Military Union.

However, underneath it all, various groups move to use this conflict to their own ends... Groups that are versed in the occult, and ancient, unknown beings of the world. The world of Gods and demons...

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Shiaru Ishtar

Begun and held affirmed by the state of Washington on Tuesday November 21st of celestial century rotation numbering 10th of the lord. Read and summarized twice by the Court of Appeal to the Senate, The Department of Commerce, and The Ethics Committee.

AN ACT: Asimov's Principle.

An act to controlled the manufacturing, usage, owning and creation of artificial entities.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled.

The following rulings are hereby now to be associated with any artificial construct that fits a said criteria, or that is upon discretion of a special committee or power of Marshall law that such entity is in fact an artificial construct.

1.All such constructs must be registered with the Department of Extrahuman Affairs.

2.All constructs are divided into three categories, research, military, private.

3.Upon registration all information pertaining the construct must be relinquished to the state in duplicate with no alteration.

4.For a construct to be legal it must be registered, information must be relinquished and show of proof of a kill-switch must be shown.

All constructs are allowed certain rights upon derivation of their intelligence level. Such a thing is designated upon the following criteria:

A. It is able to think withing the restrictions of its original programing but incapable of learning.

B. Obedient to all orders but otherwise autonomous while compliant with section A.

C. Capable of learning at a restricted rate and/or programming. Compliance with previous sections.

D. Unrestricted learning curve, special permits required.


A and B level are not given any rights.

C Level Are given limited rights provided upon their utility.

D Level entities have revocable rights comparable to those of humans.

Non-compliance with the act results in incarceration with possible dismantling for the construct, depending upon level of construct.

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Shiaru Ishtar

Begun and held affirmed by the state of Washington on Tuesday November 21st of celestial century rotation numbering 10th of the lord. Read and summarized twice by the Court of Appeal to the Senate, The Department of Commerce, The Department of Defense, and The Office of the President.

AN ACT: Iron Initiative

An act to supervise, control and keep under guard all MS, MA in the power of the ELF.


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in Congress assembled.

Any and all Mobile Suits, and Armors, and Ships are required to be in compliance with the safety and security act known as Iron Initiative. To police, safeguard, and protect the Earth League of renegades and dissidents.

All groups, associations, and/or corporations manned by ELF citizens are required by law to abide to these provisions henceforth established by Congress:

All mobile Suits, and Armors, and Ships Are required to the registered with the Office of Defense, and all documents sent in triplicate to The Department of Defense. This includes but is not limited to:

1.1. Blueprints, manifest of parts, receipts, invoices, orders of transport, providence documents and all research notes.

Provided that it is requested one suit in complete must be delivered to the DOD.

2.2. Working members of the team that have assembled it should it be required are asked to cooperate.

2.3. Upon request said group manufacturer of a suit must aid on the hunting down and/or capture of dissident/renegade suits, armors, ships.

3.All suits not under these provisions as defined above are considered enemies of the state and part of the Union.

4.Capture and/or destruction of suits outside the law is priority number one for all parties under the jurisdiction of ELF.

5.Noncompliance with the act by a citizen of ELF is subjected to incarceration upon trial.

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