MegaTen Gundam: An Earth Divided
It is the year 110 of the Celestial Century... Mankind is once again at war. Enlist as part of the Earth League Forces or the Military Union and help resolve this at any cost in a Gundam mashup-slash-MegaTen mashup!
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On Earth: Earth League

Tallahassee Base: Main command center for Earth-stationed ELF soldiers. Doubles as a testing ground for new mobile suits and technologies.

Juneau Base: Main mobile suit creation factory for the United States area.

Kyoto Base: Main mobile suit factory for the Asia/Europe area.

On Earth: Military Union

Ethiopia Base: Main command center for Earth-stationed Union soldiers.

Moscow Base: Main mobile suit factory for the Asia/Europe area.

Turkey Base: Main mobile suit factory for the rest of the Eastern Hemisphere.

On Earth: Neutral/unaffiliated areas

Central and South America: Under the control of anarchist groups and in a state of chaos. The Earth League has not been able to pacify the region, but is not so concerned, because these scattered groups are not unified and do not possess very advanced mobile weapons.

Antarctica: Owned by private military contractors and research facilities.

In Space: Earth League Colonies

Anatolia I: Main League command center for space forces. Also the main shipyard. The Anatolia colonies comprise Side I, the colonies closest to Earth.

Aretha IV: Main space mobile suit/armor development area, along with Aretha II and V. The Aretha Colonies comprise Side III, the middle colonies distance-wise from Earth.

In Space: Military Union Colonies

Side IV: A cluster of colonies with the designations Sydney I-V. Main space base, mobile suit/armor development facility, and Supersoldier/genetic research facility.

Side V: A cluster of colonies with the designations Jaburo I-III. The colonies furthest from Earth. In charge of Innovator and Innovade development. All projects have failed so far, however.

In Space: Neutral Colonies

Side II: Comprised of the colonies Maxwell I-V, these have a private mobile suit and armor force, but have abstained from either side of the conflict, and provide refuge for those seeking shelter from the war.

Anatolia II-V: Civilian areas, but under the jurisdiction of the ELF. Aretha I and III: Similarly to the Anatolia colonies, these are not actively participating, but still ELF property.

In Space: Other Locations

Barton Colony: An asteroid colony where Newtype research was being conducted. The very cause of the war occurred here when Military Union soldiers nuked the colony and killed everyone in it.

Oldsmobile Colonies: A set of space colonies near Mars that were abandoned due to having little payoff at the time. THe Union has not seen fit to fund them either. They are a recognized self-governing entity, and have been promised the planet Mars in the future by both governments.

Other Locations

The Fault--A massive crack of mysterious origin in the Shibuya area of Tokyo, scientists have studied it for centuries and found absolutely nothing that could have caused, or even what it could possibly do to Japan's environment. Some occultists say it is a source of demonic energy.

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