Resident evil umberlla folds
This is another RE RP...but something has happened Umberella could never have anticipated. Lisa trevor has been turned back and she wants revenge...or at least I would
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THE Girly

Wait. . . . wait for it. . . .-Thinking. Oblivious right now. Can't help it.- The planes blow up? o3o

4/25/2011 #31

sort of

4/25/2011 #32
THE Girly

Good enough for me. .

But seriously -- I dunno what my charrie should do. XD

4/25/2011 #33

She could be on the plane to spain.

4/25/2011 #34
THE Girly

x3 Yay

4/25/2011 #35

hope she remembers her seat belt.

4/25/2011 #36
THE Girly

XD She can take care of herself -- watch. xDDDDD

4/25/2011 #37

she's pretty stupid...and she has the worst possible seat :D

4/25/2011 #38
THE Girly

WATCH. XD If the plane explodes, and if everyone is gonna be falling through the air, it'll be like a free skydiving trip for her. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

4/25/2011 #39

if she can survive a rocket launcher...cause she's in the seat where the rocked hits...closest to the explosion.

4/25/2011 #40
THE Girly

She smart, don't worry. FULL OF SURPRISES, KYA~

4/25/2011 #41

Alright then.

4/25/2011 #42
THE Girly

Hm. . .if there are gonn abe pilot zombies or whatever -- oh for goodness's SAKE. I'm just gonna let her brandish her sword! xD Cause thats what she does, darn it!

4/26/2011 #43
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(Oc cannon:redone cannon with altered history.)

Name: Elza Walker


Height:5.5 Ft.



Personality:a sports loving tomboy who enjoys a good challenge,she is an eccentric taking even the toughest of situations with a smile,and never one to worry never looking before she leaps despite the fact she is actually very smart.


Preferred weapon: 9mm Beretta 92F MOD.Samurai Edge(Given as prize for the Wolf-Creek City Skeet tournament),Hunting Gun(Shotgun Variant)

Current Job : University student/Garage employee(she is also a well known sports start at the collage.)

History: she is blonde, she likes motorcycles and attended Wolf-Creek University she is a star athlete and well liked by everyone she knows,a well known tough girl who is a home grown hero to many people in Wolf-Creek she is a skilled Motorcycle rider,and skeet shooter,her skills as a mechanic are also amazing and well known bringing in a ton of customers to the auto-garage she works in,she is familiar with nearly every part of Wolf-Creek and the surrounding towns.


Name: Calvin Lukern


Height:6.5 feet.

Weight:180 pounds



Appearance: (He wears a long green Trenchcoat alot and some steel toed shoes.)

Preferred Weapon: Beretta 8000 Cougar G ( )

Current job:Terra-Save investigation agent

History:A very darkly minded member of Terra-Save he was formerly Curtis Miller's Partner and went into a deep depression even more then his usual spooky manor after what happened with Curtis,he has been partnerless since then and has blown the lid on a few terrorist groups and has saved a few towns and people since then often uttering Cutris's motto:If you don't try to save one person you won't ever save any.

5/6/2011 #44


5/6/2011 #45
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

(good now post one of your OC's arriving in town. ;3)

5/6/2011 #46
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name:Alphone Benz


height:6.2 feet

Weight:220 pounds(Muscle.)


Personality:Twisted,sadistic,viewful,cruel,merciful, remorseless.


(During his membership in the UBCS):

Preferred weapon: Dual Ingram MAC 10 ( ),Combat knife,AK-47( ),Colt Python ( ) , STI Eagle 6.0( )

Current job:Terrorist,former French Special Forces,Former Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service

History: The Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service (UBCS) was a special forces unit owned by the Umbrella Corporation, specializing in rescue operations during biohazard outbreaks. It was founded by former Soviet Colonel Sergei Vladimir. Although the UBCS has been very successful in every operation but one, the unit suffers a high mortality rate due to the hazardous nature of their missions. Thus, the UBCS is comprised almost exclusively of convicted war criminals and mercenaries from around the world who joined the UBCS as an alternative to capital punishment for any crimes they may have been caught committing. The unit consists of about 120 operatives, divided between four platoons (with two or three squads per platoon).,Alphonse was among them and was a very skilled member one of the only members not killed during his time in the group after the fall of Umbrella he took several BOW's with him and many other things including research notes and fled,he is now a part of a terrorist cell,and commands a unit of Cleaner's.

5/6/2011 #47
RealWarpet may also want to do something about JC He isn't taking news well.

5/6/2011 #48
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Felix Jace


Height:5'8 feet

Weight:189 pounds


Personality:strict,loyal,formal,mission minded and analytical


Preferred Weapon: Heckler & Koch MK23 Mod 0 ( )

Current Job:Head of Security for S Cosmetics US Headquarters,Former US Special forces.

History:The head of security for S-Cosmetic's,a former member of the US Special forces,a skilled soldier and shooter,with a very strong sense of duty,he is known for never questioning orders and getting things done by the book,he was court Martial'd from the special forces for failing to prevent a higher ranked officer from using unnecessary force though the others in his unit did,he stated that he was merely following orders and that the others were the traitor's for going against their commander,he is strict and never goes against his principle's,yet at the same times follows orders.


Name:Gaignun Kuro





Personality:somewhat arrogant, flirtatious,charismatic


Preferred weapon: Mauser C-96 7.63mm semi-automatic pistol(Red9),Nambu 14( )

Current Job:CEO of S Japanese Branch,member of the board of Director's

History:A Japanese man that is an executive for the Japanese Branch of S he is calm,cool,and a bit of a womanizer,aswell as a brilliant bio-chemist,he is known for being a highly styled man and enjoys the finner things in life,loving a good drink and a sexy woman,he has been a member of S since the fall of Umbrella back in 1998 when S first began to take off and became an executive officer for the group and one of its director's after he fall of Wilpharma in 2006,he is not much for action but is not exactly a coward either he prefer's to look at every detail then act.


Name: Kirkland deblin



Weight:176 punds

Personality:Devious,cunning,intelligent loves to joke around


preferred weapon: Calico M-100P ( ),Steyr TMP [Tactical Machine Pistol]Custom (Br├╝gger & Thomet MP9)( ),Browning HP(both type's)( ), Beretta PX4 Storm( ),S&W Model 36 ( ),Dragunov SVD( )

Current Job:Board of Director's member for S,in charge of human resources and Conventional Weapons R&D,head of Canadian division

History:A young arrogant and dark young man and a skilled gunsmith and weapons expert,he has a major love of fire arms and is always polishing a weapon,he is known for being a severe sadist and genius with stocks he was put in charge of the Canidian branch because of it being in the isolated mountains so he could hunt all he wants,being made a member of the booard he is of course a skilled businessman.


Name: Nero Macloud




Blood type:AB Negative

Personality:Intelligent,greedy,skilled with a keen business sense,and strong determination.


Preferred Weapon:N/A

Current Job:CEO of the American HQ in Wolf-Creek,member of the board of director's,head of public relations

History:The head of the American branch of S and one of its board members he is by far the most stable one shown as of yet,and a very skilled merchant with a silver tongue skilled at talking his way through any obstacle and always having a back up plan and a back up for the back up,he is more concerned with money and the share holders then changing the world like most of the other directors who are crazy in some way or another and often is in charge of editing the truth for the media.

5/8/2011 #49


5/8/2011 #50
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Roy Darwin Joplin



Height:5'9 feet


Blood type:O Negative

Personality:Confident,know-it-all,by the book,and a bit of a joker


Preferred weapon: Sporting Int. Magnum Custom( ), Benelli M4 Riot-Shotgun( )

Current job: Police officer/Sergent

History:DJ is a young brash but somewhat of a bookworm,he is known for always having a no need to worry way about him and enjoys a good mystery. when he was young he would love to read crime stories and watch Crime TV Drama's. DJ has wanted to be a cop as long as he can remember and enjoys the fact he became one,he is one of Wolf-Creek's finest and is well on his way too yet another promotion,he may even make ROOST at this rate. DJ is also one of the best bomb experts and shooters in the Police department.

5/17/2011 . Edited 5/19/2011 #51
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: Alice Abernathy

Alias:Alice,Queen Alice,Captain Alice




Weight:180(mostly muscle)


personality: somewhat strict,cold,emotionless and robotic in her mannerisms and speech


(Actually a pic of a wesker sister but I wanted a pic of her in sunglasses and this is the best I could find.)

preferred weapon:2x Machete,2x Beretta 92F's FS ( ),10x shuriken,3x MP5(custom)( )

Current job:ROOST Commander/Security analyst for S-Cosmetics/S-Cosmetics researcher

History: Alice has access to "security codes, surveillance plans, the works",of S-Cosmetics and has some connection to Project Wesker,she is the commander of the elite police unit of Wolf Creek called:ROOST she is also its finest agent in peek condition displaying near super human skills with just about everything,she is a true genius of everything and consults with the head of S's security many times,and may be secretly on their payroll,she is never really known for wearing her formal uniform instead wearing a unique style described as horror movie attire,she is stated to be unapproachable to the opposite sex due to her boyfriends having either vanished or ending up hospitalized,she is also a genius with medicines odd since she had no formal education into the subject of medicines. Alice retains high level confidence and fighting skills as she without her powers, using her own cunning and skill to complete missions single handedly.

5/18/2011 #52
Mithos of the blue sky and sea

Name: James Shade

Alias:One,Mr.One,ROOST A-1



height: 6'4

Weight:200 pounds

Blood type:A

Personality:he is a silent, businesslike demeanor, keeping his cool under fire, and his unquestioning understanding of the chain of command. he loves order and dislikes things that just come up,being a very analytical person.


preferred weapon: Survival knife,Heckler & Koch AG36 Grenade Launcher(custom),Desert-Eagle

Current Job:ROOST captain/Former Marine

History:The evident incompetence of the Wolf Creek Police Department by not having various new terrorists on their file since they were a new entry greatly angered him, since as an officer he enjoyed order. He fills most rookies in on how things go on in ROOST and the city of Wolf Creek in on the situation's at hand and what they were doing in the ROOST. He greatly impressed them with his leadership skills and amazing athletic skill. He was a long-time friend of Felix Jace and may have served with him during operation Desert storm. He does not enjoy serving under a younger woman like Alice but respect the chain of command.


Name: Chad Caplin

Alias:12,ROOST A-10



Height: 5'8

Weight:167 pounds

Blood type:AB

Personality:he's always talking about time, very nervous and easily frightened,when it comes down to it though he will do anything to save his friends,despite his fear.


Preferred weapon: MP5K.(Custom),Colt 45 ( )

Job: ROOST Officer/Computer technician/Pilot

History: Chad Kaplan was a computer technician who worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation before Police Chief Timothy Cain offered him a position in ROOST, Kaplan took Cain's offer and eventually became the second-in-command of a unit which was led by One. Even though Kaplan was the second-in-command, he had seen no prior action and was the only rookie on the team. Despite this, One evidently trusted Kaplan enough to tell him his real name, James Shade. Kaplan was a competent computer technician (not competent enough for Olga Danilova, who often complained about how slow he was),he is a skilled pilot of heavy machinery,vehichel's,and choppers,aswell as being very good at getting out of tough situations.


Name: Yuri Loginova

Alias:6,ROOST A-6



Height: 6 even

Weight:205 pounds

Blood type:O

Personality:A skilled and devoted peace-keeper,he enjoys working on the edge,fighting and working in dangerous situations and keeping a cool head while he does

Appearance: .

Preferred weapon: M4 Carbine( ) ,various grenades,SIG Pro SP2009( )

Job:Roost officer/Former KGB(defected to the US)/Explosives expert

History:Formerly a young KGB Agent he defected after the fall of the Soviet Union and came to America for a new life,he then joined the Wolf-Creek police department and quickly became a member of ROOST,he has great knowledge with explosives and Russian made equipment,he feels more at home on the edge of death then anything else and feels that he is truly making a difference for the city and possibly the world.


Name:J.D Salanis

Alias: 5,ROOST-A 5



Height: 6'2

Weight:179 pounds

Blood type:A -

Personality:arrogant,confident,loves to constantly polish his weapons,very flirtatious and grabby with women


Preferred weapon: Heckler & Koch G36K (Custom),Beretta 92F's FS

Current job:ROOST officer/ROOST Marksmen/Former U.S Navy seal

History: Prior to joining ROOSt J.D. Salinas served as U.S. Navy SEAL ,he was personally recruited by the Mayor of Wolf-Creek. and assigned him to the team led by One; the team charged with Anti-Terroism Operations, His weapon of choice was a Heckler & Koch G36K. He is shown as being a good friend and possibly romantically involved with fellow commando Rain Ocampo,though due to his arrogance and being a huge flirt and groper he is often berated and yelled at by her.


Name:Vance Drew

Alias:12,ROOST A-12




Weight:173 pounds


Personality:a rigid military attitude ,,very stern and quiet not speaking up much and pretty much being a mindless soldier,he is well liked by his comrades and co-workers.


Preferred weapon: SIG 556( ),"S&W M629C.( )

Current job:ROOST-Officer/Weapons specialist(Gun-work)/Former NYPD

History:A somewhat young former NYPD officer who moved to Wolf-Creek to be in a small town safe for his new wife and daughter,he is a strict guy and has a bit of a soldier-type attitude,he was also recruited by Chief Timothy Caine,and moved to wolf-creek to make more of a difference in the small city.


Name:Olga Danilova

Alias:Miss-4,ROOST a-4




Weight:138 pounds

Blood type:AB+

Personality:reserved,caring,kind,determined,and never hesitating in helping others.


Preferred weapon: Walther P99. ( ), Combat knife

Current job:ROOST Officer/Medical officer

History:she is a woman who is of Russian decent her parents both immigrants straight from there,as a result she has a somewhat heavy accent,having come from Russia herself when she was young,she always enjoyed helping animal's and people and studied medicine in collage becoming a medical officer for ROOST,she loves to take care of people and hates seeing others suffer,she is competent and quick thinking


Name: Alphonse Warner

Alias:3,ROOST A-3


Height: 6'1

Weight:198 pounds

Blood type:B

Personality:A very strict man,,he enjoys keeping things running smoothly,and has a very good respect for authority.


Preferred Weapon: M202A1 FLASH Rocket launcher( ),2x Glock 17L ( )

Current job: ROOSt officer/Heavy weapons expert/interrogation expert/Former Chief prison Guard

History:A former prison guard known for being able to get anyone to crack under his questioning,he sadly folds under pressure and is more of a delivery boy then a real mission operative,he may be skilled but he is just to prone to fall to pieces,he often has supplies and ammunition to give to the other ROOST members,he used to work at Wolf Creek Prison.


Name: Rain Ocampo

Alias:7,lucky 7,ROOST A-7



Height: 5'4

Weight:150 pounds

Blood type:O+

Personality: extremely volatile and confrontational,she wants to prove that a woman can be as good as a man,a real tough girl from the get go she never panics and keeps a smirk on her face at even the hottest of situations.


Preferred weapon: MP5K.(Custom),2x M-100P( ),Survival nife

Job: ROOST officer/Weapons and tactics expert/Sharpshooter/Former LAPD officer

History: Rain was extremely volatile and confrontational. She used to be a member of the Los Angeles Police Department and had to prove her worth to the entire department there, because they held prejudices against her, thinking that a woman would not be as good a policeman. She was given an offer by Chief Timothy Cain to join the force, and she accepted because her gender kept her from being accepted in any SWAT teams. She was the group's most skilled marksman, and had at least one close friend in J.D. Salinas. She did not like Chad Kaplan, the only member of the group who had never seen action, A tough young woman from the get go, Rain was still determined to prove her worth as a valuable asset to the team of survivors. She taunts her targets often and kills many of them,she is also a bit of a hothead and hates players yet she seems to have a crush on JD,she is one of he only Female ROOST officers.


Name: Michael Guthrie

Alias: 8,Cowboy-8,ROOST A-8




weight:192 pounds

Blood type:A

Personality:A joker,and louder energetic rowdy cowboy type,one look at him and one listen to his voice and you just think"Redneck"


Preferred weapon: Accuracy International L96A1(No data), "S&W M19. The M19(Custom)( )

Current Job:ROOST Officer/Sniper/Academy instructor/Former US Marshell

History:an all around all American guy who is a home grown ace he became a US Marshall and was fired even though he had done nothing wrong,infact he did something right he found out that a Superior was stealing confiscated weapons and drugs and tried to bring this to light,he was then sent home and deemed incompetent,he is by far the very best sniper in ROOST,he claims he can shoot the wings off a fly thats a quarter mile away without killing it(though this is an exaggeration.),he can of course shoot upto nearly a mile and a half with ease and often shouts stereotypical souther catchphrases such as Yeehaw,and such,he is described as an all around Red-neck but is a really fun guy and he never judges a person by how they look or dress,but how they act.


Name:Ryan Henderson

Alias:Chief,Boss,2,ROOSt A-2




Weight:210 pounds

Blood type:AB-

Personality:Responsible,tactical,fatherly,prone to mentoring the younger officers,with a strong will and unwavering inner strength and wisdom.


Preferred weapon:Colt Anaconda( )

Current job:ROOST Captain/ROOST 2nd in command/Former SWAT team captain/Former Police Chief/Former Army Sergent

History:A vetren officer and family man,he has a wife,3 daughters and a son at home and is very devoted always carrying pictures of them,he was also in the army and received several medals of valor and such,he never leaves a man behind and gives great advice,he is the de-facto true leader of ROOSt in that although Alice is the leader he is the mission planner and mentor to everyone in the unit,he is greatly respected by the community in general as a hero,and is a great tactician. he is always one step ahead of everyone else and is in good condition for a man his age and can even outdo most young officer's.


Name: Peyton Wells

Alias:11,ROOST A-11



Height: 6'3

Weight:215 pounds(Mostly muscle)

Blood type:AB

Personality: Determined,skillful,loyal and somewhat eccentric he is a solid man with a solid core


Preferred weapon: Beretta PX4 Storm ( )

Current job:ROOST Officer/Communications expert

History: A loyal friend to the other members of ROOST and a brave man with a solid will and strong body and mind,he is by far the ROOST member in the best shape,and is a skilled code breaker and communications expert that can speak several different languages,thus he is more then a mere strong man,he is also very skilled with a fire arm and hand to hand combat.


Name: Alexander Slater

Alias:9,Umbrella-Boy,ROOST A-9




Weight:189 pounds

Blood type:A

Personality:dutiful,scheming,tactical and loves to play games such as chess,a very smart guy but doesn't act like a now it all.


Preferred weapon: FN Five-seveN (Punisher),Raging Bull Model 500( )

Current Job:ROOST Officer/drug and poison expert/Former Umbrella researcher and executive.

History:Captain Alexander Slater was an Umbrella Corporation Executive, serving as the second in command of Umbrella's Science Division and, the North American Research Facility. Slater being a former Umbrella researcher he is an expert with all forms of Bio-Weapons and is the ROOST force expert in Bio-Terrorism,he very skilled at talking things out and scheming things,a brilliant tactician he is more of a supporting member of ROOST and may or may not be loyal to Alice.


Name:timothy Cain

Alias:Chief-Cain,Major Cain

Age: 37


Height: 5'9

weight:190 pounds

Blood type:AB

Personality:Dark,easily angered and very controlling and cruel,yet he has a deep sense of loyalty to those he has served with during his days in military.


Preferred weapon: Smith and Wesson Model 500"Han-dcannon"( )

Current job:Wolf Creek Police chief/Former Army major

History: Cain was born in the Warsaw Pact-allied Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) under a different name in East Berlin. He, along with his siblings, emigrated to the United States at their father's behest, who also gave them new Anglicanised names and would beat them if they used their old German ones. Cain's childhood in the United States was filled with suffering, as while he learned fluent English fairly quickly, he spoke with a thick German accent, causing Cain to suffer bullying problems.

On his eighteenth birthday, Cain immediately enlisted into the US Army and soon began serving and fighting in the deserts of Iraq during Operation: Desert Storm. It was here Cain felt more emotionally alive than he ever had, and soon gained remarkable skill and a reputation for success during military operations, which resulted in a promotion to Sergeant and gave him the nickname of "Able", due to Cain believing he had discovered life's secret; it was cheap. After finishing his tour of duty, Cain gained his officer's commission and enlisted in OCS. After years as an officer, Cain reached the rank of Major.

Cain was approached by representatives from the Umbrella Corporation, who wished for Cain to become the new head of their Security Division. Cain agreed and left the US Army, but on the condition he retained his hard-earned rank.

Cain often preached efficiency and productiveness to his subordinates. While Cain gained the respect of his fellow soldiers, many others felt he was grossly incompetent, having no sense of collateral impact on decisions and was short-sighted. Nevertheless, Cain soon ascended to become both Umbrella North American Operations Director & Vice President in Charge of Operations, after Umbrella fell he was without a job and thus he left his home and took residence in Wolf-Creek where an old friend of his from the army James Shade was a police officer, After becoming the Police chief he decided to build an elite police unit he called ROOST bringing together many skilled ex-military and government agents and skilled police officers recommending his old friend from his Army days; James Shade, to become one of the leaders of ROOST.

Cain used his success and obscene wealth to benefit his family. First, he bought his beloved father a house in Florida, secured Michael a position as head of security at the FBI Chicago office (after being shot in the line of duty for the CPD and going slowly insane after his injuries got him reduced to desk-duty) and tracked the long missing-Anthony down to a crack house and paid for his detox. When Mary divorced her husband upon finding out he was cheating on her, Cain paid for one of Umbrella's high-priced lawyers to take him for all he was worth ("and then some"), and later tracked him down and murdered him in revenge. Caine takes care of his family and what few friends he has,Caine is a user and a killer.

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5/19/2011 #54
The Ghost Child

Name: Delilos Fire

Age: 21

Height: 6'4

Weight: 195 pounds

Blood Type: O

Personality: Delilos is a quite man who is quite capable of holding his own against anything in his path, as he was a test subject for Umbrella whom turned him into what he is today. He tends kind to those who accept him for what he is now and a rather effective assault man. Sadly he doesn't show his softer side much anymore is it would make him show himself to the world more, but he still makes a living by testing cures for Bio weapons like himself now, sadly none have been able to return him back to normal yet. In his free time he kills other bio weapons.

Appearance: A 6'4 semi tan man with a licker's claws and tongue, a hunters scales covering his normal skin, two chimera's arm blades on each arm, the ability to clime walls like the licker, the strength and agility of the hunter, the flexibility of the licker. He wears a red and blue unbuttoned shirt to show he has a six pack, a pair of black cargo pants, black army boots.

Weapon of Choice: Himself and he finds his tongue makes a good ranged weapons along with his arm blades when he uses them like boomerangs.

Former/ Current Job: Former test subject, current Super Bio Weapon.

Bio: Delilos is the first test subject for umbrella's T-Virus, it mutated him dramatically as then they opened a series of test to prove what they had done to him..though at the time he had not regained the use of his body as he was battling for control with the T-Virus. After the tests and they got a sample of his DNA Delilos regained control of himself again only to find out he was now a monster and broke out of the cage they had him in. After that he broke of the facility they had him in and met of with his hero and brother Fenix Fire who also worked for umbrella as a guard after his years of work in the army and being a hitman. Fenix a few years later was killed by Umbrella for leaking info to Delilos after killing a six hundred or so bio weapons. After that Delilos t*** refuge in his other brother's house whom used his far above the normal IQ to try and cure Delilos of his curse, but sadly it wouldn't be long before that brother t*** ill and died.

Extra: I'm sorry that it's's been a while since I used him. He broke out of Raccoon city's branch. It's going to take more then a hydra shot to take him down.

6/3/2011 . Edited 6/11/2011 #55

hmmmmm I'm not sure on this one...if your gonna have a bio weapon I should probably have a History section required.

6/10/2011 #56
The Ghost Child

I'm on it sir!! I do have a human form of Delilos but he;s a bit to young.

6/10/2011 . Edited 6/10/2011 #57

Don't call me sir.

And now he's fine.

6/11/2011 #58
The Ghost Child


6/11/2011 #59
Lt.James lugnerische

Name: Adam Wade

Age: 26

Height: 6 even

Weight: 206 (due to armor and weapons)

Bloodtype: O

Personality: he is calm and collected, and doesnt speak much

Appearance: blonde hair, icy blue eyes, and a black USS Uniform

Preferred weapons: G-36C 5.56mm NATO chambered Assault Rifle with a Surefire tactical light (mounted on right pitciny rail, and a Laser Devices BA-2 green laser sight on the bottom of the handguard)

Sidearm is a 9mm SIG P226

Former or current job: Ex-USS Soilder

History: N/A FILE DATA NOT FOUND (will fill in later)


Name: Angel

Age: 18 (4 but appears 18 due to genetics)

Height: 6 even

Weight: 265

Bloodtype: O

Personality: she can be happy and cheerfull at times, but enjoys eating and massacreing people

Appearance: crimson red eyes, snow white hair, pale complection

Preferred weapon: her limbs

Former or current job: B.O.W

History: FILE DAMMAGED, PARTIAL RECOVERY: Project Angel was an attempt to create a seemingly human yet weapon resistant B.O.W which incoperates Iron into her body at a higher level than normal, makeing her more weapon resistant, and allows her arms to turn into weapons, and she also can eat various metals, but chooses not too, prefering to feed on the blood and bodies of humans. (more to be revieled later)

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