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The Waterbender

Here we will debate about things (EX: Is Marluxia really a guy?) and pass rules (EX: There should be no usage of the F and S words on this forum)

4/25/2011 #1

What do you guys think Of the pairing Roxas x Larxene? I like it!

5/1/2011 #2
The Waterbender

Roxas X Larxene?

I don't know, if you wrote it well enough then I guess I would like it.

Larxene seems like too much of a totall b*** for Roxas to handle, It would be very funny to see a bipolar b*** Larxene and a scared Roxas together though!

I saw some author who likes the pairing: Yuffie X Riku

I think its a bunch O baloney

What do you guys think?,

The Waterbender

5/1/2011 #3

Well, yes it is a baloney because they didn't even met! But for a pairing, I think they would rather be realy good friends than that.

5/1/2011 #4
The Waterbender

Totally agree with ya there Joe!

5/1/2011 #5
The Waterbender

What about Axel X Larxene?

5/1/2011 #6

Well, yes, it is possible as a relationship but I like Roxas x Larxene more!

5/1/2011 #7
The Waterbender

I can't stand any Yaoi or Yuri

Whadda you guys think?

5/1/2011 #8

Yaoi is gross, the writers just ruin 2 charachters. While Yuri is good in some pairings

5/1/2011 #9
The Waterbender

Yuri feels like an exploit of my gender (ya i'ma girl)

I bet U feel the same way about Yaoi, right Joe?

5/1/2011 #10

yea kinda.

5/1/2011 #11

Hi! :)

joe333 told me about this forum and I decided to take a look.

I'm not a fan of yaoi and yuri, either, but I actually like Yuriku (YuffiexRiku). I mean, just because there isn't any scene in KH, doesn't mean that they couldn't have met in KH1, seeing that they both go to Traverse Town at one point and Riku even looks through the window of the Vacant House. I think it would be interesting to see them interact.

5/1/2011 #12

yeah but I seem them as friends

5/1/2011 #13
The Waterbender

You have a very valid point WishingDreamer5 but I'm torn since it all really depends on the writing of the story.

I don't know though since I don't see that pairing as being "funny" and I like the more funny pairings (EX: Roxas X Larxene if you wrote it right)

Thats a good argument though,

Welcome to the forum! :) You can have a lookie at the rules if ya want, but there's not much to em since rules suck.

Hallo to the world,

The Waterbender

5/2/2011 #14

what do you guys think of demyx x zexion? I dont like it!

5/2/2011 #15
The Waterbender


Are you kidding?

They ruined both Zexion and Demyx with that!


Sorry, had to blow off some steam there

5/2/2011 #16

Techically, they are not people, but nobodies. And yes, I agree with you.

5/2/2011 #17
The Waterbender

Good point

What about Axel X Roxas

*Quietly throws up in the distence*

5/2/2011 #18

They are BFFs, not gays! I know some people think its right and all, but to me is wrong. A simple Yaoi picture about them makes me feel grose for viewing it! I mean, if you like yaoi, keep it in some yaoi site!

5/2/2011 #19

Thank you Waterbender! :) I read the rules.

As for the yaoi pairings, I don't like any of them. Zexion and Demyx probably didn't even like each other, as far as that's possible for a Nobody. And 'Akuroku' is pretty much the same thing as 'Soriku' (SoraxRiku). I don't know why two guys just can't be good friends in some people's eyes. Sure, Axel said that Roxas made him feel like he had a heart, so he might have cared about him. Is it that impossible to care for a friend if you're a guy?

And I thought Riku stated that he liked Sora as a friend in the end of KH2...

Gosh, then everyone must've missed that.

I wish they had a yaoi site, but unfortunately, and since we all have the freedom to express our thoughts and feelings, we're stuck with it. I just ignore it as much as I can, and I made a poll for what pairings most readers like, not including yaoi.

5/2/2011 #20

I agree with you. Soriku is probably the most wrong pairing ever. Seeing them as a couple is just wrong. And yaoi people out there, create a site for your little perverted ideas cause those aren't ideas, those are gay fantasies!

5/2/2011 #21

Actually, not all of them are that bad. One of them even managed to get into my favorites, but that's probably mostly because it wasn't descriptive at all (thank heavens) I think there might be a handfull of good ones, but only the poorly written ones stand out.

And I think I know an even worse pairing: LeonxStitch. I feel REALLY bad for that man now.

Or AerithxGoofy *shudders at the thought...*

5/2/2011 #22

Aerith and Goofy? Cmon people, seriously?!

5/2/2011 #23

Lol, that was exactly what I thought, before I went to hide in a corner, figuratively speaking.

And I thought I was being experimental with crack pairings...

5/2/2011 #24

I'd rather like today's popular crap called music than make yaoi!

5/2/2011 #25

I don't think I can write yaoi, even if I try. It kind of goes against...well, what I'm used to read.

By the way: what to you guys think of the pairing LeonxYuffie?

5/2/2011 . Edited 5/2/2011 #26
The Waterbender

Love it! all the ones i've read rock!

5/2/2011 #27

It was my first favorite crack pairing ever, and I still love it. :D They're just so cute together, despite the age gap.

5/2/2011 #28
The Waterbender

Oh yeah, 19 and 25, There is a big diff there.

Meh, They're still cute together. Want me to send you a link of some of the better LeonXYuffie stories i've read?

5/2/2011 #29

Oh, but I thought Yuffie was 16 in KH1? That's what I read on wikipedia.

And sure, that would be nice. Chance is, though that I've already read some of them. :P

5/2/2011 #30
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