The 100th Hunger Games, RP
So this is a Hunger Games RP, I've never done a Hunger Games RP before, but I've done plenty of other ones! *Closed!*
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Every tributes is brought up from the ground on a metal plate. Everyone is arranged in an order. District 1 girl, is next to District 2 boy. District 1 boy next to District 2 girl. (So it's pretty much girls odd with the boy from a higher district, and girls even with the boy from the lower district. Just to change it up a bit) The arena's smell is overwhelming. The smells from the meadow which the cornucopia sits on waifs over to the tributes. Filling there noses with the sweet smell as they wait there 60 seconds. About 2 Km away from the cornucopia is a huge forest. And on the other side of the cornucopia is a long river.

5/18/2011 #1

Kiers began mentally counting down, waiting for 60. Stan was nervous, but ready.

5/18/2011 #2
Fally Is Lazy

Taryn stood on her plate looking to see the guy from 3.

Vatten was was beside the girl from 5 waiting for the 60s seconds to be over.

5/18/2011 #3
Logan:(looks next to him and sees tayra and lisday next to him)
5/18/2011 #4

Lupe fidgeted slightly as she stretched her arms a bit. She was basically ready to run for it as she mouthed each second that passed.

5/18/2011 #5

Rozalin looks around, trying to spot her pray. '10 seconds down, 50 more to go' She thought to herself. She saw Marora. Blond, short, has to be her. Rozalin smirked, she was ready to kill anyone who stood in her way.

Etna sighed, she hated waiting, so this was just killing her.

Marora looked around she looked at the cornucopia and saw it. A bow and arrows. 'I'm running, that's mine.' She thought.

Flonne looked uneasily at Taro, and he gave her the same look back.

5/18/2011 #6
Leon:(sees he's next to Mary and wispers) maraon's weapon is a bow and arrow(he saw her) if need be grab it
5/18/2011 #7

Kiers stared at the cornucopia, noting positions of each item. Stan looked at a sword, thats definitely mine. Stan thought.

5/18/2011 #8

Nami nervously waited for her chance to run.

Obi waited silently, looking at his surroundings calmly.

5/18/2011 #9

Lupe internally frowled as she realized that she couldn't grab that rope basically dangling from a tree. She looked over to her right and looked for Marora. See ing her fixated on something she mae a don't movement with her hands. she never noticed what she was fixated on.

5/18/2011 #10
Fally Is Lazy

(Life just goes down :P)

Taryn began to angle her self the best possible way to angle and get a weapon and medical kit.

5/18/2011 #11
(Kinzie you play Lilly if they don't come) caden:(nerveus and hopeing that the last dose of morphling will last)
5/18/2011 #12

Etna smirked, looking at the stuff. 'Rozalin won't go after me, so I'm golden, I can get what ever I want as long as I kill Alejandro.' She thought.

'5,4,3,2,1!' Marora thought, the gong sounded right after the one. Marora started sprinting for the cornucopia. 'It's mine!' She thought getting closer and closer.

Rozalin was running full speed after Marora. She grabbed a rock and through it at her, knocking her to the ground.

Marora kept running, she was surprised no one was even getting close to her.

(Confused? Don't be xD)

5/18/2011 #13
Sadico:(thinking of who he will kill first)(Mary):(looks at Maraon and mouths "let me get tge bows and arrows you just run")
5/18/2011 #14
Fally Is Lazy

Taryn ran dodging any tribute.

Vatten ran and managed to get a spear and then looked for his partners.

5/18/2011 #15

Kiers went full sprint, which was a considerable speed what with his light-weight, and tried to reach the Cornucopia. Stan dashed for the sword.

5/18/2011 #16

Lupe growled as she burst into a sprint after Marora. "Idiot got owards the stupid trees" she hissed under her breath as she ran up sort of behind her, picking up a stick if need get sto it. "this is really useful" she though sarcasticly as she tried to catch up.

5/18/2011 #17
Logan:(runs over to Stan, punches him in the gut knocking him out. He throws him over his shoulder and grabs some kunie knives an axe the sword that Stan wanted, and 3 bags and then hoofs it out of there)
5/18/2011 #18

Obi slowly stepped backward, instantly begining to run, but was hit by something small, it wasn't even a second before he noticed it was Nami. So young, why make her suffer? Obi grabbed her so quickly she didn't have a second to react.

5/18/2011 #19

Rozalin runs to the now dazed Marora and pulls her up by the hair. "Now your going to die, so scream all you want, because I don't care!" She laughed grabbing a knife from the ground.

"FLONNE!" Taro screamed as he saw his sister in the hands of the worst person. 'No, she can't be killed by her, she can't die this way' He thought, trying to run.

5/18/2011 #20

(Just going to say, a warning would be nice next time)

The last thing Stan remembered was pain in his side and his head hitting a rock before he blacked out. Kiers grabbed a backpack and a spear. He shot off for the trees.

5/18/2011 . Edited 5/18/2011 #21
Vatten:(sees Logan running with stan over his shoulder)(Mary):(grabs some knives and runs away)(Sadico):(swings an axe at Taro)
5/18/2011 #22
5/18/2011 #23

Lupe grabbed a knife and the stray rope while stayign behind marora. Might as well grab something useful while having to watch her she figured.

5/18/2011 #24
Sadico:OH LUPE (takles lupe is about to kill her when Mary throws a knife from the side of him leaving a gash on his back large enough to leave a scar he then stands up and walks away)(Mary): you ok
5/18/2011 #25

Marora got to the bow and arrows first. She grabbed them as quickly as she could. She ran off into the trees before Rozalin could find her. She perched herself up in a tree and waited until she saw Lupe.

Etna grabbed a few knifes and a pack. She got out of there was quickly as she could.

Rozalin ignored Flonne's screams and brought the knife to her neck. "Any last words? No, good!" She yelled gliding the knife acrossed the young blond's throat. The blood splatter everywhere, and Flonne's body went limp.

"NO!" Taro screamed, but it was too late to save Flonne, and himself for that matter because Lanae was right on his tail. Before he could do anything he felt a sharp pain in his head. Then nothing.

"I got the boy!" Lanae yelled to Rozalin, looking down at the now dead Taro.

5/18/2011 #26

(It's alright, I just would prefer if you warned me first.)

Despite the backpack and spear, Kiers managed to run full sprint still. Reaching the trees, he continued running. Putting as much distance between him and the careers as possible to set up his plan.

5/18/2011 #27

Lupe growled as she found her arm ensnared in her own rope. "I'm fine watch out for Marora she took off on me towards the cornucopia and I was following her just fine" Lupe said in a rush of words as she untangled her foot and arm.

5/18/2011 #28
Fally Is Lazy

Taryn managed to head to the cornocopia and get a backpack and only a cross bow without any arrows.

Vatten followed Logan.

5/18/2011 #29

Obi didn't hesitate as twisted, hearing the snap of Nami's neck, dropping her and running.

5/18/2011 #30
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