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XD I was asleep. Lousy alarm clock didn't go off. Everything seems normal, if you exclude the mutant powers. And then to my surprise, there! My sisters had both lost their powers! God, they still haven't gotten over it. Should I feel bad for keeping my powers while most of my mutant friends didn't? (Er... this is what this forum is for, right?)
12/17/2005 #1
yes this is what this forum is for. I feel for your sisters. Tell them to seek advice from storm kay?
1/5/2006 #2
Mystic Vixen
I don't think you should feel bad for keeping yours. From what you said, it sounds like they made a choice not to keep their powers and you can't help it if you don't have the same view as them. (By the way, you may think I'm stupid but what's M-day?) I wouldn't give my powers up for the world. I'm sorry for your sisters. In know what its like to have your powers taken away. While I was captured by Sinister, my son's girlfriend, took my powers. Michael, my son was the one who restained me and simply watched while Renee took my powers away from me. I don't know what hurt more, the fact that i was power less or that my only son didn't want to be with me or the x-men. He truly wanted to stay with sinister and now there wasn't a thing I could do about it now since he was more powerful than I. I've since regained my powers with the help of Wolverine(my father)and the other X-men. Once we were able to break out, fought Renee for my powers and got them back. Even thought I have my powers I still know how they feel and they may never get over it. Tell them to take up martial arts and learn how to use a weapon(gun, knife, staff).
1/8/2006 #3
M-Day? I was vacationing in Maui with my friends. Actually, my best friend was flying when her powers got zapped, and if it hadn't been for my own telekinetics, she would've died. It was terrifying. She's still upset over it, too. Both of my other friends lost their powers, too, but they're ok physically. I'm glad I got to keep mine, though. Don't know what I'd have done if I'd lost 'em. They're like an extension of my body, y'know? It'd be a lot like losing an arm or something. Which I just don't want to think about.
6/3/2006 #4
I was down in N'Orleans with my brother Remy visiting some old friends and doing what a LeBeau does best. Luckly we didn't lose our powers, but we came close, hommes. We then high tailed it back to the mansion.
12/13/2006 #5
I was still in England and I'd put silence and darkness over a shopping centre but my powers stuttered and I had to run, they came back but I'm not as good with them as I was. I used to be able to affect myself as well but now I'm always cold. I'm just lucky I can still hide.
12/18/2006 #6

I was riding some water (hydrokenisis) and i started to lose control, but i regained it. It was the scariest thing ever. I know i couldnt live without my powers :/

9/2/2010 #7
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