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5/13/2011 #1

I am thinking of writing a Sasuhina story (it would be my first one .. and my first fanfiction in a looooong time), but I'm having trouble starting the story. I have the layout, but I'm not sure how to start it. What do you usually think of (and this question is directed to anyone) when starting a story?

5/19/2011 #2

When I start a story, I usually try to use a significant event to capture the reader. If it's a humor, I try to use something amusing/controversial. If it's a drama or angst, I like to use something dark or hectic. Sometimes it's fun to use something that broadcasts or foreshadows the plot. Then again, I'm a bit of a drama-queen. ^^; If this doesn't prompt any ideas, a little more insight on your story may help.

5/20/2011 #3

I began writing an adventure Pokemon story, but i don't know if it's worth reading to others. May i send you parts for constructive critisism?

7/19/2011 #4

I'm not very familiar with pokemon anymore, but you can send me an excerpt for general feedback if you like. :)

7/23/2011 #5

how to handle writer's block, or not knowing where you want the fanfic to go?

9/26/2011 #6

Hey guys, I'm new to this site and have just began writing my first crossover fanfic. I am having a bit of trouble writing action scenes for it and my beta reader says they are too choppy. I'm not exactly sure what that means, or what I can do to make them flow better, so can anyone give me some advice to help me out? Thanks.

9/28/2011 #7


I'm a relatively new writer, and I'm seeking some advice on how to write action scenes in fiction? I have read that shorter is better, to choose adjectives wisely, and to be clear about what is going on. The question I have is, when writing an action scene, should it be turn based as in what is used in the usual RPG game style narration, or should it be simply observation.

I understand that how I write it, strongly depends on who is involved, and the voice I am choosing to use for it. Third person, first person, omni etc. I was just wondering if anyone had some suggestions that I can use to avoid "cliche" and try something refreshing.

Thanks :)

12/10/2011 #8

I've found the best way to overcome writer's block is to keep writing. Possibly put away one story and start a different one. Or try challenging yourself to writing something completely different. Try using online writing tools to help, and if you're stuck with a particular scene or how to present a subject, do some research. Read up on what you want to write about before actually writing, this might help jog some ideas and help you find what you are looking for. Having a *beta reader helps too. Someone who will sit down and read your work and give you honest, thoughtful, and helpful critique is priceless. No matter what we do in life, having someone who will help us become better at it, is always a good thing.

You can always go back to your original story, and you may want to re-read it to change and revise what you wrote to make it better or clearer to you.

Taking notes helps. Making a real quick outline of your chapters, what you want to accomplish, and having notes of your full story including character backgrounds, places, etc is so useful! Every published writer has a notebook filled with ideas somewhere, that is possibly as long as the finished work (if not longer). It is a tool to help keep thoughts straight, prevent or reduce continuity errors, and refocus the story when it get's sidelined by too many sub-plots. It also helps the writer keep the characters they are using "in-character" and can be used to reduce "Sueisms" in original characters.

12/10/2011 #9

Hi! I'm a very new to this site, but I'm already addicted to everything about it x) I'm looking for an answer to my question about writing a story: How do you create the line that's visibly splitting the writing? (yep, that made no sense, gotta love my english x.x) Basically I mean, let's say I'm writing about one day of a person and then I want to start another day, but to make it clear, that the next paragraph does NOT follow immediately after the previous, there is this line or something. I've seen it in many stories, but I just don't know, how is it created. If anyone knows what I'm even talking about and cares to answer, I'd be happy. If this is not the place to ask, then I'm stupid & feel free to delete it and laugh at me x.x Thanks

5/22/2013 #10

Just make a transitional sentence.

'The next day he spotted Harry on his way to school. "Harry!" he called out, etc, etc.'

'The next morning...'

'The following afternoon...'

'A few days later...'

'It wasn't for a month that he...'

Or you can make a page break, if it's appropriate.

5/22/2013 #11

(I'm honestly not sure about action scenes. I try to use lamens terms as I'm not familiar with fight moves. I also try to be crass about injuries to hold interest, and put characters in seemingly perilous situations. -blood bubbled and gurgled up from the deep throat wound- I use words like cuffed, struck, caught (her throat) with a (backhand), simple things like that. For falling, collapsed, crumpled, simple terms. Sorry, I'm not the most helpful in terms of fight scenes)

5/22/2013 #12

I need help with a problem that I've been having for a long time. I want to upload a fanfic (after I deleted my old one for content reasons) , but it won't let me. It only lets me re-upload the first chapter of the fanfic I deleted. Can someone help me please?

1/21/2014 #13
Daydreamer B.A

Did you read and accept the 'Rules and Guidelines' in Publish? That's when they let you put/write in a new story.

If you're asking how to publish a new/first chapter in a story, you need to actually have the new chapter in 'Doc Manager' before you try to set it in a story or else it's just gonna keep displaying the same old chapter/chapters you had for your previous story.

Basically you have to have the first chapter written somewhere (Microsoft Word is the best) then go to 'Doc Manager'.

Scroll down to where it says 'Create New Document', make sure you choose 'File upload'. Not 'Copy and Paste'. Then click 'Choose file' and you have all the documents you've written in Word.

Click 'Story' not 'DocX' unless you're trying to send it to a specific person. After that, click submit Document and bam, there's the new chapter.

To post it in your new story, make sure you fill out all that story stuff (Category, Title, Summary, Genre, etc.) then at the bottom it says 'Select document'.

Of course you already have your new document already saved. So click on 'Select Document' and scroll down to the new chapter you've written and planned on writing into your new story. And bam, there's your new chapter in your whole new story. Do you get it now?

1/24/2014 #14

someone should make some new naruto/stargate fanfiction , I have some ideas for some but to be honest im not much of a writer myself.

Idea 1: Naruto's planet was attacked and destroyed but naruto and a few others escaped in a ship the stole and starts a space colony

Idea 2: Naruto taken to become a host to a goa'uld but is able to overcome the goa'uld years later and takes over its domain and serches for his home world

Idea 3: Naruto is the goa'uld known as Yu.

there is a good one out here is you have not read it. it is called :The (questionable) burdens of leadership of a troll emperor. it is pretty good but I would be looking forward to see what other people could do with it.

... and these are just off the top of my head i have many more please dont hesitate to message me for more , and if you want the idea you can have it. just do me a favor and let me know when you make it

8/5/2017 #15
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