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Here you can discuss het pairings for Mirai Nikki. What is your favorite? Do you like any at all? Why would you consider a certain pairing?

Obviously the main het pairing in Mirai Nikki is Yukiteru/Yuno, but there are other canon pairings such as Nishijima/Minene, and Marco/Ai (the 7th). Or maybe Yuki's mom/Yuki's dad. Then there's borderline canon, such as Yukiteru/Tsubaki or Akise/Tsubaki. Maybe you think there's something going on with Deus and Muru Muru. Or maybe you like a pairing not listed here. This is the place to discuss that.

4/26/2011 #1

I love Yuki/Yuno ! There's something about this couple that hypnotizes me. I love how yuki feel protected and attracted for Yuno and love hoe Yuno tries to express his love for Yuki. Although their union has begun for mutual convenience was transformed into pure love.

I'm the first replay this (thath's sad ) but I wait you post new things in this forum! if not too much to ask :)

Sorry for my horrible english, I talk spanish :D

Atte. Ariadna

10/25/2011 #2
Mystia Katsuragi

Yes, Yukiteru and Yuno, obviously! That's the main canon one, isn't it?

Nishijima and Minene are really cute, too. I liked to read about them in Mosaic. I'm really happy that they're including parts of Mosaic in the anime.

12/23/2011 #3

Ehh... I actually don't like Yuno much, even though she is pretty cool. I think she just scares me a bit too much... yanderes tend to throw me off balance xD Her and Yukiteru do make a cute couple, though.

Tsubaki and Minene are my favorites overall... so yep. I could see Yukiteru/Tsubaki, even though it was brief, and I don't know about Akise/Tsubaki. They look cute together though.

And I also like Nishijima and Minene as well... they're friggin' cute. And Minene is kinda moe, which makes it even cuter.

1/3/2012 . Edited 1/3/2012 #4

UPDATE (double-posting, but whatever): AKISE/TSUBAKI! After reading paradox, I am seriously in love with these two. I don't even want to read the main story any more because it focuses too much on Yukiteru and Yuno and not enough on there two 8D;

1/29/2012 #5
Panic Abandon

I kind of do like this pairing, though not as much as Akise/Yukiteru which is why I hinted a bit at it in the beginning of Redemption of Service (:

4/11/2012 #6

I love the 7ts ;-; they were so cute, and they story 3

m... yunoxYuki .... I like them... but... well first i have to finish the anime xD

4/13/2012 #7

I like Yuki/Yuno. Truthfully, Yuno is loco. Well the 1st world one. but I still love this couple. Yuki does actually begin to care about Yuno so yeah. Plus it's one of the only manga/anime series where the main canon couple actually kiss. Seriously, it's hard to find a series where you don't have to wait an entire season or 50 chapters to see 1 kiss. I also like Nishijima and Minene. I love how at the end of the series their babies are flying. Random, but hilarious.

After reading paradox, I fell in love with Akise/Tsubaki. It could totally be canon if they meet up in the 3rd world. Heck she's even glancing at him in the last chapter of the manga (or maybe i'm just a crazy fangirl).

Also I have a question. So in the last chapter, the 3rd world Yuki is seen holding hands with some girl (forgot her name). What the heck happened to 3rd world Yuki considering 2nd world God Yuki went into the 3rd world? Did he just merge with 3rd world Yuki and break up with that chick or did he kill 3rd world Yuki? I so confused.

5/16/2012 #8

Mystia Katsuragi

Yes, Yukiteru and Yuno, obviously! That's the main canon one, isn't it?

Nishijima and Minene are really cute, too. I liked to read about them in Mosaic. I'm really happy that they're including parts of Mosaic in the anime.



6/12/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #9

I love Yuukki/Yuno. For me, their relationship was the main draw of the series and why I liked it so much! I love Yuno's all consuming love - even if it does make her crazy, it's a beautiful thing to see. And I love how Yuukki gradually grows from mistrusting her to realizing that really, he's all she has and then coming around to love her so much that he would chose her above everything else. It's just great.

7/12/2012 #10
I know! 95% of the fics in this fandom are goddamn Akise/Yukki. I mean sure, fine, I get it, yaoi fans want them together, but WHY, OH WHY, HAVEN'T THEY GOTTEN BORED OF IT AFTER THIS MUCH! I wasn't able to even find Mao/Hinata! With so much Akise/Yukki I thought it might be prevalent, but no, everyone's obsessed with the androgynous Akise's psychological infatuation with Yukki and want him to have OOC homosexual tendencies. Granted, I'd find it more amusing to read one-sided Mao/Hinata. That's what made it funny.
10/20/2012 #11

What I dislike about Akise/Yukki is that their relationship had no development on the show whatsoever. After knowing Yukki for ten minutes, Akise said his feelings for him go deeper than friendship. I thought we would get more development about that, but nope. Deus made Akise and gave him feelings for Yukki. For me, that's not very compelling at all. There's no actual reason for Akise to love Yukki besides the feelings he was created with. They barely even have time together on screen, and they don't have any meaningful conversations besides that one before Akise died. And by then it's too late for any development. Idk, their relationship is just boring.

Plus 90% of the fanfics about Akise and Yukki make Yukki incredibly OOC. All of a sudden he realizes Akise is the one he loves, and he's a-ok with killing Yuno. This is the same boy who just gave her a light slap when she drugged and kidnapped him, and wanted to show his love for her a day early even after realizing she had lied to get him to kill all his friends. Even if he did suddenly decide he loved Akise for whatever reason, I doubt he'd be ok with killing her just like that. It's just wish fulfillment for the author, and its stupid.

10/21/2012 #12
Kaizen Kitty

I hate Yukki/Yuno, because Yuno is a creep. Killing all of Yukki's friends to have him all for herself was NOT okay or romantic. Yuno behaves selfishly and maniacally throughout the show/comic -- that's why I dislike her character.

Yukki would be better off with Akise Aru, because Akise is not insane, and actually cares about Yukki's feelings, instead of forcing himself on Yukiteru (like Yuno did). Akise only confessed his true feelings for Yukki when he knew he was going to die (he had many opportunities to do it earlier, but respected Yukki's feelings/space, and left him alone). So, Yukki/Aru shippers are not crazy yaoi fangirls, it's the Yuno/Yukki shippers who are out of their minds. Seriously, if you met Yuno in real life, would YOU date her??? O_O (I sure as hell wouldn't).

got nothing against het pairings. Hell, I ship Nishijima/Minene

12/14/2013 . Edited 12/14/2013 #13

It's one thing to bash a pairing, and another to bash its fans. Honestly, you're on a discussion thread for het pairings. If you were simply laying down the reasons why you don't like Yukki/Yuno, that'd be fine, but do you have any idea how rude and disrespectful of others' opinions it is to insult the pairing's fans for their individual preferences? I personally ship it because of Yukki's tumultuous feelings towards Yuno. I think how they fluctuate between fear and trust is interesting, and how for part of the game, he mainly relies on Yuno for survival—or, to some extent, uses her as a shield of sorts. Their relationship is based on his dependence on her and her extreme, wholehearted devotion to him (which makes her a yandere). I don't know, Yukki/Akise is interesting too, so I suppose I ship both.

About your comparison of Yuno to RL... Obviously none of us would want to date a yandere. But the point is, this isn't real life. And you sure as hell aren't Yukki, either. Shippers ship pairings within the context of the series. Here, we're putting Yuno in a setting with a boy she's so infatuated with she'd do anything for him or to protect him, even if it means sacrificing lives. Not only that, but we're taking Yukki's side of the relationship into consideration, too.

Shipping has nothing to do with the shippers' mental states, and frankly, I'm offended—because majority of shippers seem to think others are obliged to ship their pairing and everyone else can scram. Even if you're referred to as a 'crazy yaoi fangirl', there's no reason to retaliate. Just calmly defend your ship. Too many users I've seen seem to have the mindset that fighting fire with fire is okay.

12/24/2013 #14
Kaizen Kitty

@ attack-on-chocolate:

Even if you're referred to as a 'crazy yaoi fangirl', there's no reason to retaliate
... do you have any idea how rude and disrespectful of others' opinions it is to insult the pairing's fans for their individual preferences?

It is very interesting how you think calling other people "crazy yaoi fangirls" is not insulting. First of all, you're implying that all Akise/Yukki shippers are girls [wrong], second you're implying we only like Akise/Yukki because it's yaoi [also wrong]. I'd like to remind you that I haven't resorted to name-calling Yukki/Yuno fans, what I said was:

So, Yukki/Aru shippers are not crazy yaoi fangirls, it's the Yuno/Yukki shippers who are out of their minds.

And this is my opinion. If you can call me a 'crazy yaoi fangirl', I have all the right to say Yuno/Yukki shippers have lost their minds.

As I said, I'm not against het pairings at all. If you had actually read my post you'd have known why I dislike Yuno/Yukki.

12/26/2013 #15

I don't know why people bring "you wouldn't date her if this was real life!" into conversations about fictional people. It's...not real life. So how is that relevant? I can enjoy an unhealthy ship if I want as long as it's fictional.

Also, you know what? If this were real life, Yuki/Akise wouldn't exactly be healthy either. I wouldn't date either Yuno or Akise.

Just curious, who is calling you a crazy yaoi fangirl? The only thing I see here referred to here is "yaoi fans" not "crazy yaoi fangirls."

12/26/2013 . Edited 12/26/2013 #16
You know if you had just refrained from calling Yukki/Yuno shippers "out of [our] minds," we could have avoided this confrontation entirely. Let's not start a flame war here. Everyone apologize. P.S. In a sense, the Yukise ship isn't entirely Yaoi, because despite his homosexual tendencies around Yukiteru, Akise is certain of his heterosexuality.
12/26/2013 #17
Lesser Master
Well since it seems this has died down a little in thought I'd throw in my hat and see if I can stir up something. I started looking up some stories recently but I seem to find a lot of YukkixAkise pairings. I understand people like that pairing but when it fills up the whole place and leaves no other pairings it makes it boring. I'm a fan of YukkixTsubaki. You see it a little bit that there maybe something between them, or she could see some good in the invisible world. I saw there are some other fans of these two. Would anyone care to tell me why you care for this pairing?
1/17/2014 #18
i 100% agree this Akise/Yukki thinng is ridiculous!Yukki show no intention of even considering Akise as a lover, he chooses Yuno everytime single time yet all there is are Akise/Yukki fanfics
6/24/2014 #19
Seriously guys this is a place to speak your personal opinion not a place to have a fight just because your OTP wasn't canon (that's why people have made meme of fangirls #notinsulting) (and that's why I am a fanboy) YunoxYukkii was an interesting (and creepy) pairing tbh, but even though on one of those nights I scream like "FCK YOU YUNO I HATE YOUUUU!" You can't just blame third world yuno for first world yuno fault. Seriously. (But I do wonder did Yuno's still yandere after she get her first world memory's back...) No, for those who didn't like this pairing, don't hate me. I didn't ship them okay. Just... Guys stop faulting third world Yuno ;-; My Pairing would be TsubakixAkise, even though I haven't read the manga (but ill, trust me) and I still bat my eye on YukkiixAkise and YukkiixTsubaki. Those were just an interesting pairing (or just like love triangles .-.) So, yep. I'm good. And please nomore insulting of other people pairing or ill use this axe *chuckles* Ps : Flying babies? Genius!
7/3/2014 #20

My favorite pairing is definitely Yuno x Yukki... Why you may ask. First it's the main canon pairing. Second Yukki waited 10,000 years for Yuno if that ain't love nothing is...(watch redial for this). Third Yandere to me are hot for some odd reason. I think I need help with insanity lol

7/7/2014 #21

Also the flying babies were a nice touch.

7/7/2014 . Edited 7/7/2014 #22

I used to obsess over Yuno x Yukkii, then it faded when Akise came, but I don't hate it

I just prefer innocent Yuno x Yukkii :3

8/14/2014 #23

How about Akise/ Yuno?

12/18/2014 #24
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