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So, how about that thing where the stuff happened?

4/27/2011 #1

So, how about that thing where the stuff happened?

Oh, I remember that. Then that one person from that other place started saying stuff and- Yeah! XD

4/27/2011 #2

I know, it was awesome. :D

4/27/2011 #3

It was indeed. X)

4/27/2011 #4


In all seriousness, anyone else going to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4?

4/28/2011 #5

My mother has every intention to see it, as well as make the rest of us see it (except for maybe my youngest brother). :)

4/28/2011 #6

What do you make of it?

4/28/2011 #7

Well, to me it sounds rather interesting. I mean, it's inspired by a book, it has Jack trying to find the "fountain of youth," and Ian McShane is playing Blackbeard. :D

4/28/2011 #8

Plus it has Barbossa, which is always a plus. :D

4/29/2011 #9

Indeed. :)

4/29/2011 #10

Sorry I missed this. I'm lazy, I freely admit that; always have.

Anyway, I do have an interest in seeing the film. Right now though, Thor is number one on my summer must-see list. Oh, and E3, did you see the Transformers 3 trailer?

4/29/2011 #11

My brother saw Thor. He really liked it.

I saw the trailer. I am stoked. :D

4/30/2011 #12

Really? Is your brother looking forward to Captain America as well? It's being released this July.

4/30/2011 . Edited 4/30/2011 #13

Yep, he is.

4/30/2011 #14

It gets better next year; get ready for The Avengers. That's right, Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, The Hulk and Nick Fury are teaming up.

4/30/2011 . Edited 4/30/2011 #15

So my brother was right about them making a team-up movie with those guys! :D

Black Window

... Who is Black Window? That sounds like a lame super-hero name.

4/30/2011 #16

Sorry, that was a typo; it's Black Widow. She works for SHIELD and appeared in Iron Man 2.

Also considering Disney owns Marvel, Walt Disney Pictures is the distributor for said film.

4/30/2011 . Edited 4/30/2011 #17

Also considering Disney owns Marvel, Walt Disney Pictures is the distributor for said film.

And you're telling us this because-?

5/1/2011 #18

Just wanted to let you guys know that.

Speaking of Disney, there's going to be a movie about the Magic Kingdom. No really.

5/1/2011 #19

Bad news. :(

5/1/2011 #20

Well, my brother will certainly like that. Arsehole. *shakesfist*

5/1/2011 #21

Yeah! Everything was ready to go but some killjoy had to ruin it! *bangs fist*

5/1/2011 #22

Darth Vader "NOOOOOO" scene goes here.

5/4/2011 #23

The only bright side is that it's only a portion but still, that script thief made a lot of enemies.

But the good news is, Thor's out today. :)

5/6/2011 #24

I'm kinda confused... Anyhow, for people who have never met me, I'm Dimentio713, a fan of slice-of-life anime, video games, and using an iPod for forums. I'm a member of PI, and looking forward for what this RP has in store!

5/10/2011 #25

Ohai Dementio! Nice to see you. :) I guess some introductions are in order...

For those who don't know me, I am Cartoonatic55. As my name implies, I like cartoons, but I also like other things like movies, some video games, a couple of tv shows, a couple of comics (either real ones or webcomics) and a few other things. I am also a Wholigan (read: a fan of The Who), among a few other singers and bands. (Those who know me well know who I'm currently fascinated with right now. X3) I, too, am looking forward to what this RP has in store. :3

5/11/2011 #26

First things first, I'm a procastinator... 20 days and I've been on other sites... Anyhow, nice to meet you Cartoonatic!

5/31/2011 #27

It's nice to meet you too. ^^ I've seen some of your reviews on E350's Happy Fluffy Reviews and Tohokari Steel's Outta the DVD series.

(Sorry for the late response; I've been looking at other places on the Internet lately. :P)

6/10/2011 #28

Hi dude.

And guess what? I have bought my first Doctor Who DVD, actually two of them. I have Genesis of the Daleks and Silver Nemesis. And I also bought these other DVDs.

The People Under The Stairs

Yumeria Vol. 1: Enter The Dreamscape

Turtles Forever.

6/13/2011 #29
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