morbid333's Den of Debauchery, Violence, and Sin
A place to come and have some fun. Have a drink, shoot some pool, start a bar fight, wrestle, take a load off. And if you have time, feel free to discuss my stories, future stories, issue challanges, make beta requests, and the like.
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So, welcome to the den. Take a seat by the fire, look around. What do you think of the place? Brandy anyone? Vodka? Scotch? I have some white wine if you'd prefer. Or I have some iced green tea for you non-drinkers. Anyone else? No? Very well then. Let us begin.

This is my den. My place of depraved revelry. Finally, my doors are open and I welcome you all. you, who are willing to stop by and take advantage of my hospitality. Just try to endure the macabre decor and background music. You never know, it may just begin to grow on you, as it has on me. Loosen up. Open your minds, and open your mouths. Let everything go, and let the fun begin. But first:

First order of business: Welcome. The rules are simple. Feel free to stop by. You may read and/or discuss anything your heart desires. I have no intention to limit you. Anyone may post and create new topics. Feel free to issue challanges, story requests, beta requests, pitch ideas, and so-forth. Just stick to the general forum rules. You may freely talk about writing, fandoms, or prety much anything. I tend to go off on tangents a lot, so off-topic isn't something I am going to blow my top at. Although I may regularly prune the forum to keep it clean and tidy. Before you create a new topic, be sure to check the catagory. I have various catagories for challanges, beta requests, and certain stories of mine. I will also create more as they are needed. Like I said, anything goes. You may talk about anything you like. You may even use it as a medium to publically talk to me outside of PMs.

Secondly: I know what some of you may be thinking. Isn't this kind of a rip off of LOTLOF's forum? Well, yes. It is similar, but you have to admit. It's a great idea, right? So why not use it for myself? Sure, I doubt that mine will see as much use as his, but if anyone happens to need a place to come and talk about whatever, the den is right here.

Thirdly: Where does the title come from? Well, if any of you have looked at my C2, you may notice that it has has the name "We're Falling Off the Edge of the Norm." That title is a reference to the Black Sabbath song 'Falling off the Edge of the World.' Similarly, 'morbid333's Den of Debauchery, Violence, and Sin' is a reference to the Alestorm song 'Nancy the Tavern Wench.' I was going to call it 'The Morbid One's Den of Debauchery, Violence, and Sin,' but nomatter. I'm not sure which sounds better. Anyway, moving on...

And Finally: At the time of writing this post, The forum has no moderators. My C2 has only one. I'm not complaining about that, but if anyone is interested in becomming a staff member or moderator, simply send me a PM about it and I'll consider you. Not all whom apply will be accepted, but those I respect will have greater priority.

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