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In Nowhere, how should Lacus address Kira?
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2 Master Kira
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4 Kira
5 Kira-sama
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I have a Gundam Seed Kira/Lacus story entitled Nowhere, the first chapter of which is almost ready to be posted. It will be a historical/fantasy type setting in the vein of 'A legendary Knight' and 'Strike Samurai' and so forth. There is also one called Samurai Seed. I assume that is something similar, but since it is something I have yet to read, I can't say such with any degree of certainty. Anyway, Feudal Gundam Seed stories had always intrigued me since I first discovered them, although the number of such stories I have read can be counted on a single hand. I was never truly inspired to write one for myself. That was until I read something from a different fandom.

The Author was Tealover.

The Fandom was Final Fantasy VIII

The story was A Maid's Tale.

The story that was inspired, I call nowhere, which is a tribute to the Fiction Junction Yuuka song. The time in which it is set is somewhat unique and different for different parts of the world. Provinces allied under the Zodiac Alliance are set in a unique system of government similar to an empire. The wester world however, is a combination of Feudalism with a touch of Victorian England.

the heirarchy is perhaps as follows:

Church - Gods representatives on Earth, such as Gilbert Durandal Royalty - Kings and Emperors Major Nobles - Lords and the like, such as the Yamatos and the Zalas Minor Nobles - lesser officials, such as the Allsters Military - sailors, soldiers, and officers, such as Yzak Artisens/tradesmen - such as Kojiro Murdoch greater peasents - villagers, feild workers, and general commonfolk, such as the Campbells Peasents - lower than common folk, basically live-in servants. Usually work on the Noble's estates, such as Shinn and Stella Lesser Peasents - lowest of the low. homeless servants and residents of the workhouse. Basically slaves, such as Miriallia

Anyway, I will be writing this story, then I may also write some spin-offs. One will be about Stella before she comes to work for the Yamatos. I also have an alternative version of the story in mind featuring a Lacus/Miriallia paiting.

As with most of my stories, expect angst and violence. It may contain a few themes that may no be up everyone's alley, but that goes with most things that come to spawn within the depraved depths of my mind. The story will be told in three or four parts, and the first part will be a little light in terms of battle sequences. anyway, In the story, when it gets far enough, Lacus will become Kira's personal servant. That in itself has brought about a little bit of a problem. If anyone has an opinion to share, I'd love to hear it. My question is thus: How should Lacus address Kira? Does anyone have anny suggestions or preferences? And what do you think of the concept itself?

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