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Well, that's the current working title. Feeling Filthy. I was going for an alliteration of the leter F Dirty Dancing is an okay title, and would be fitting, but that's been done. Both as a movie, and a a fanfic. Well, this may have been partially inspired by that. As well as another story I happened to stumble across. Although this one of mine is unmistakably dirtier... smuttier, if you will. And a hell of a lot more complicated, as seems to be a necessity with me.

The story centers around a strip club owned by Tolle, who is in his early Twenties, and his dancers, most of which are aged seventeen. The story will be told through a series of entries. The first will be a Lacus/Miriallia pairing. There will also be a Kira/Lacus one, and possibly a prequal. Although, I'm not sure of that one yet. The pairing will be either Lacus/Stella, or Neo/Stella, depending on whom I decide the story should revolve around.

It will deal with issues such as rape, drug dealing/use, and pregnancy.

The main pairings throughout will be:

Romantic: Miriallia/ Tolle, Kira/Lacus, Shani/Stella, Athrun/Meer, Shinn/Stella(one-sided), and maybe Cagalli/Ahmed

Implied/Past Romantic: Kira/Fllay, Neo/Stella(one-sided)

Friendship: Lacus/Stella, Lacus/Yzak, Lacus/Dearka, Lacus/Luna, Lacus/Meyrin, Kira/Athrun, Kira/Shinn

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