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Starts role-plays here. A couple rules, because I'm such a goody two-shoes. 1 Please, no swearing. It annoys the crap out of me when people dedicate their fanfics to the F-bomb, and I really don't want it repeated. 2 No sexual scenes. I mean, ew I
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Post your character here. Details encouraged.
4/30/2011 #1

Name: Othello

Age: 15-ish

Gender: Female

DNA in her: 5% Wolf, 3% Bat, 2% Feline

Apperance: Vibrant curly red hair (soft curls, not the fizzy wild kind), almond shaped grey eyes. Tall and really pale (she's pale or she burns :P). Around 5 ft 7 inches. Snow white wolf ears, a very fluffy white tail and large bat wings.

Personality: Dark, and silent, but not timid. Doesn't speak unless spoken to. Tends to keep to herself, and stays out of crowds. Likes jokes and funny stuff, but not dirty jokes. The tough bad girl on the outside but somewhat sweet on the inside. Very sarastic and mocking. SHORT temper, and get's annoyed/irritated very easily. Cold sometimes, and mean. Doesn't consider other's emotions well.

Likes: Gum, silence, animals, nature, flying and jokes.

Dislikes: Loud, cities, small spaces, being touched, helplessness, and not being able to get up and fly away

Abilities: When she touches something, she gains its abilities, but the moment she lets go, it's gone. But if she eats it, then she gets the abilities

Talents: Doesn't fight fair

History: Escaped the School very recently, and lives in the Canadian wilderness. Her mother dropped her off at a foster care system, where the Whitecoats picked her up when she was 2 months. She is the product of an affair between her mother (who is married) and some guy. She also has a twin brother, Jared, but he is human and is still living with Othello's parents. She was an experiment to see if abuse and trauma would effect a person with animal DNA in them as badly as someone who is normal.

Her birthname is Lily


5/12/2011 #2

Name: Light

Age: 14

Gender: Female

DNA: 5% avian (she has wings) and 95% human.

Appearance: Has dark brown hair and dark eyes. She's not stunning, but she's pretty. She usually looks bored, but can be eccentric. She has pink lips and thin wrists. Her name is rather ironic because her hair and eyes are dark. Her skin is pale.

Personality: Light is very stubborn. She doesn't smile much and doesn't speak. It's not because she's antisocial, but because she's kind of autistic in a way.

Likes: Music, writing, reading.

Dislikes: Silence... she always have to have some sort of music.

Abilities: She's a good singer (like Dylan in the series).

History: Just got away from the School. She sang the whitecoats to sleep and got a whitecoat's baby to unlock the door.

5/21/2011 #3

Name: Matthew (Matt)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

DNA: 97% Human, 3% Avian

Appearance: Short black hair, emerald green eyes. Tall, about 6' 2". Sort of Muscular, not overly muscled but still. Tanish skin color.

Personality: Sort of a Loner. Stands up for people if he knows them. Very quiet. Get's angry really easily.

Likes: Being around people, but not talking to them. Singing.

Dislikes: Being around too many people.

Powers: Omni- linguism, empathy.

Abilities: Has a fairly good singing voice.

History: Escaped from the School when he was 13. Has been on the run with a few scrapes with Erasers. When he was born he was sold to the School by a nurse at the hospital. Had spent his life hiding his powers, but felt the pain that the other's felt when being tortured.

12/19/2011 #4

Age: 14

Gender: Female

DNA: 94% human) and 4% avain, also she is 2% unknown

Appearance: Short layered red hair and blue eyes. Not too pale skin but its light

Personality: Stubborn, hot-headed and she doesn't trust easily

Likes: Being alone, flying (of course), music, singing but she never does it around other people, the moon, and night.

Dislikes: liars, bananas, the sun, being bored, and using guns

Abilities: She can take and give energy to and from people. She hates using it though.

History: Broke out of the school a year after was made. She was made to store alot of memory and be smart and adaptable. She fooled the scientists easily by pretending to have a broken wing from trying to escape. She then ran off and is still on the run now.

12/24/2011 #5
Name: Monstuā Gender: Male Hybrid: 94% Human, 3% Dove, 3% Grey Wolf Age: 16 Appearance: his wings are white with a small tint of light blue. Powers: able to breathe underwater, super hearing, super strength, enhanced smelling. History: Stolen at birth, he was put through many tests, enough to make a normal person insane. When they were trying to upgrade his sight, he went blind(Like Iggy). When it wa late at night, and the White-coats were gone, he used a gained skill to break the door of his crate and run, using the wall as his guide. Personality: Cold and rude at first, but when he gets to know you, he let's down his wall, being energetic and adventurous. Other: He named himself 'Monstuā'(Japanese for Monster) because of what they did to him, the wolf ears and tail, the wings, and powers. His nickname is also 'Monā'.
8/26/2012 #6

Name: Amberley but unless you have a death wish call her Amber.

Age: 12

Gender: Female

DNA: 2% Avian and 2% Red Kelpie

History: She was taken during a routine school fire drill at the age of 6 and was taken to the school where she was made into a Canine-Avian-Human hybrid. After 5 years of careful planning she escaped just over that age of 11 and has wandered Western Sydney since.

Personality: She is a reserved person normally but if you get her into an argument she is determined to win. Amber will fight for what she loves, but unlikely as it seems she is more of a follower than leader.

Appearance: Amber has bright orange hair, ears and tail. She wears a blue hoodie and black jeans.

Powers: Amber along with all the usual bird kid powers Amber has super smell, can morph her nails into claws and as her main ability she can shape shift into a Kelpie.

Other: Her motto is 'I'm a lover not a fighter, but I will fight for what I love'

So there you go! :)

10/19/2013 #7
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