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Here's the setup for creating your OC's


Nickname (if he/she has one)



Race (Ghoul or human):


Affiliation (who your character supports; NCR, the Legion or is independant)





5/3/2011 #1
Compement Core

Name: Patrick Kerrigan

Nickname Panda

Age: 16

Gender: M

Race (Ghoul or human): human

Appearance hair-blonde/-/;eyes-grey/-/;scin-pale/-/;shirt-white t with black sleaves/-/;pants-black jeans /-/; backpack-panda backpack

Affiliation (is independant)

Weapons: two dual weild katanas

Skills: im a docter

Bio: was kicked out of the vault because i was framed for a murder

Other: i don't think so

6/12/2011 #2

Name: Anthony Wade

Nickname: Ant

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Fair skinned, redhead with blue-grey eyes, light weight build. wears NCR Facewrap Armor, trooper helmet and authority glasses.

Affiliation: NCR

Weapons: Marksman Carbine, .45 ACP w/Slide, Combat Knife, 3x Frag Grenades.

Skills: Ant is a excelent shot and adequate fighter, his explosives skills reach only into being able to lob grenades. he is also able to maintain his equipment in the field with any similar weapons and parts he finds.

Bio: Ant was a New Canaanite who got tired of all the religious pull of his people and struck out to make a name for himself. he caught the eye of an NCR ranger when he easily defended himself against a small legion recon group. he then, through suggestion by the ranger, joined the NCR. now he travels through the waste on scouting missions and eliminates small encampments of legion troops when found.

other: Has a key to a suit a the ultralux which is attached to a keychain pokerchip from the Ultralux.

6/19/2011 #3
Compement Core

iz good to know im not the only-one waiting

6/21/2011 #4
Alex the Dragon

Name:Drake Dragunov




Appearance:Tall,Skinny,Jet black hair,Blue eyes,always wears a customized NCR Ranger combat armor suit,with reinforced fuel tanks welded to the back,with glowing green eyepieces,and the armor is specialized so only armor piercing or explosive rounds get through.

Affiliation:Works with his small faction called the Reapers.

Weapons:Flamer,Gauss Rifle,Grenade Machine gun,Anti Material Rifle,Minigun

Skills:Pretty much everything

Bio:He grew up in the remains of vault 101 after the door was opened,it fell into chaos and everyone but him left the vault. Years later he found some NCR Ranger combat armor and started customizing it. He then started forming a small faction called the reapers.


6/21/2011 #5
Compement Core

mor people its my lucky day :D

6/22/2011 #6

Name: Kristopher J. Hatfield

Nickname: Kris

Age: 12 going on 13

Gender: Female but looks male

Race (Ghoul or human): Human

Appearance: She has short messy brown hair and two different colored eyes one being gray green the other blue gray she tends to dress in a t-shirt and an old pair of overalls she walks around barefoot half the time she also has no chest and wears glasses on and off.

Affiliation: independent

Weapons: Cleaver,grenade launcher

Skills: Sells stuff and scavenges too

Bio: Kris was born to two loving parents back east in Kansas the two were travaling scavengers and merchants after she was born they traveled west(east if rp takes place in 3) looking for more fortune. As she grew her father and mother taught her the trade and when she was 6 made her first own trade with someone making 10 caps,sadly the happy family life didn't last long when she was 9 some fiends attacked her family's home/shop it didn't end pretty it left her alone a traumatized for awhile as she grew she took care of the families shop till one day she worked up the courage to up and leave. Now she travels the waste savaging and selling to anyone she can.

Other: She loves music,the grenade launcher she had belonged to her father,she doesn't like being touched epscially by men so you have to ask before you hug her or anything,

((their ya go)

6/19/2014 #7
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