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Role play good or bad. Someone has stolen the Denmark royal jewels. Only a new group of smart talented teenagers can solve this problem. Can this new group fill in the other infamous group's shoes? Come and role play!
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Talk about anything without (())

5/4/2011 #1

Paramore! You abandoned me! DX

6/6/2012 #2

ahhhhhh sorry! i'm sick so i kinda randomly pass out :

6/6/2012 #3
Geez! Don't worry about it, then!
6/6/2012 #4

don't worry, i'm awake now!

6/6/2012 #5
Yay! XD
6/6/2012 #6


6/6/2012 #7
The One True Queen

You two are the cutest things, lol

6/8/2012 #8

I'm cute! Yay! XD

6/8/2012 #9
The One True Queen

lol, oorah for cuteness! xD

6/8/2012 #10

Hip hip hooray! XD

6/8/2012 #11
The One True Queen

What's new, Buenos Aires? lol

6/8/2012 #12
Si gracias. Y tu? XD I only know shallow Spanish XP
6/8/2012 #13

So sorry, but I have to go! I'll be almost all day tomorrow, so feel free to post whenever. See you then!

6/8/2012 #14
The One True Queen

Aw, buh-bye! *waves frantically and wishing you wouldn't go* Maybe if I click my heels together... but I'm wearing socks, and it'll hurt.... D{=

6/8/2012 #15
Sorry I wasn't on yesterday! There was a family get together for my Aunt's birthday. There's not much I can do until Paramore replies, anyway XP
6/10/2012 #16

sorry i haven't been on guys DX

6/10/2012 #17
The One True Queen

*Smiles at Broadway* Ez ok! I'm ok! lol

*huffs at Paramore* I can't believe you! my everlasting love just dwindling 5%! lol

((Is it possible that I don't even know what I was just talking about? xD))

6/10/2012 #18

nooooooooooooooooooooooo don't hate me! DX

it's not my fault!!!!!!!

6/10/2012 #19
The One True Queen

No! I don't hate you! I'm sorry! I take it back! *Hugs tight* lol *Such fickle emotions!*

6/10/2012 #20

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here! XD Sorry I left XP

6/10/2012 #21
The One True Queen

I gotta go at... 3:45 or 4:00. Trying to negotiate with my sister.... TT_TT PRAY 4 MEEE!

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #22

yay! not hated anymore!

do we all have the same time zones? o.O

6/10/2012 #23
The One True Queen

lol, I don't think so. It's 3:46 over here, Eastern Standard Time. I'm on the Eastern seaboard of the USA. You guys?

6/10/2012 #24

Same!so we have the time zone!

Broadway? What's your time zone?"

6/10/2012 #25

Dude! Me too! XD That's funny XD

6/10/2012 #26

wow! we're all on the same time zone! where do you guys live? I'm in New Jersey

6/10/2012 #27
The One True Queen

AWESOME! I'm in Virginia! *squeals with weirdness adn excitement* lol

6/10/2012 #28

I'm Florida! XD

6/10/2012 #29
The One True Queen

Coolio! lol. Sorry your so far south, buddy. But I'm kinda sorta not realy at all actually in the middle. lol.

6/10/2012 #30
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