Heist Society RP
Role play good or bad. Someone has stolen the Denmark royal jewels. Only a new group of smart talented teenagers can solve this problem. Can this new group fill in the other infamous group's shoes? Come and role play!
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awesome!! you're sorta ishly in the middle! Virginia has nice beaches!

Broadway you're the farthest south, but you're in Florida! lucky... *pouts*

6/10/2012 #31

Yes indeed. But it gets old, trust me XP Florida is really not the vacation destination that people make it out to be XP

6/10/2012 #32
The One True Queen

lol, I've never been farther south than newport news n farther north than new york

6/11/2012 #33
The highest north I've ever been is Ketchican, Alaska and the farthest south I've ever been is Key West, Florida. In other news, vollyball is incredibly intense! I injured myself sliding today XP
6/11/2012 #34
The One True Queen

*Squeals* I PLAYED VOLLEYBALL LAST YEAR! lol, but I was too lazy to get a phsyical this year. But I might play next year; I recently joined drama, and i love it.

6/12/2012 #35
I LOVE DRAMA! XD My school just finished their production of Anything Goes and I was one of the principal roles XD
6/12/2012 #36
The One True Queen

awesome! I was in The Worst High School Play In The World this past spring, and I love every minute of it.

6/12/2012 #37
What a funny name! XD What's it about?
6/12/2012 #38
The One True Queen

Squirrels, Magicians, and Monks! lol. I was a squirrel as well as a human cast member. I loved it. So much fun.

6/13/2012 #39
Sounds like it! XD
6/13/2012 #40
The One True Queen

I sorry! It's been a busy few days! We went out thrusday for my Dad's gifts adn cards, then it was his Birtday friday, and we went to DC, then a friend came over while we were out againg on saturday, then we all went to another friend's birthday party, and hten it was father's day yesterday and i went out again!

6/18/2012 #41
This place looks so empty! DX WHERE DID PARAMORE GO?!?!
7/11/2012 #42
The One True Queen


7/12/2012 #43
7/12/2012 #44
Hey, guys. I dunno if you're curious at all, but my friend drew up an excellent picture of Devan for me. If you're curious, you can find it here:
7/13/2012 #45
The One True Queen

I like it, lol. And I like that you like to, too! *thumbs up*

7/24/2012 #46

Hey, my friend just created an rp site: crosscontamination.proboards.com We need a couple fans on there.

4/14/2013 #47
The One True Queen

What's it about?

4/15/2013 #48
Ok I just got every reference in this RP. Broadway do you like the mortal instruments series? :)
6/4/2013 #49
The One True Queen

I can't wait to see that movie!

7/17/2013 #50
Somone please tell me this forum is still open I just fell into the "heist craze" playing games like gta V stuff! Well someone please answer
3/19/2015 #51
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