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This is for the people who have read the books, based off of the books, there's already a forum like this, but i think this one is better :3 hahahahaaa :3
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Taco Kickline
Yes this is where OC s will be made. I will allow as many dragon riders as I see fit, but you have to have a good reason for your dragon, where you found it, and you have to explain to me why you deserve a dragon. Also, no two dragons are exactly the same, so let's have diversity in color, I don't want three green dragons, thats boring.





Abilities: ((not too many, because that's god-modding))

Bio: ((breif history))

looks: please be very detailed or have a picture))

weapon of choice: ((no riders blades for humans, unless youve been to Ellesmera!!And get creative maybe it's not a blade, but it's an axe or something, also if you do have a riders weapon, explain how you got it))

where does your character live: ((spine, Urubaen, whatever))

If your character has a dragon

Where was the egg found:

How old is it:

Can it breathe fire or fly yet:

What color is it:

What type of dragon is it: ((can be made up by you, just explain some king of breif folklore, like chaos dragon who represents foul omens and is said to snatch children away from their beds, or something))


Do the Varden or Empire know of it:

ahh and as another last minute rule, why should I give you or your character a dragon?

To which side are you currently allied? Varden, Galbatorix, Both, Neither, or Undecided? ((If both, be prepared to live as a double agent. ^.^))

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Taco Kickline
Name: Kaida.

Gender: Female

Race: human.... Sort of...

Age: 17

Abilities: She is well versed in weapons, she can beat even elves with her swordsmanship, and she can hack into minds like a nerd hacks into computers, she can use a massive amount of magic, but she cannot control how her magic works or when. She is smart, so she taught herself how to speak many different languages. ((it was actually part of her princess training))

Bio: well she was born to an abusive parent somewhere in Uru'baen ((*cough* Galbatorix *cough*)) and was scarred many times by his hand. Her mother... Uh... Died when she was born. ((she sort of killed herself)) She ran away from home and is now searching for a way to get back at her dad for hurting her. Her father did teach her how to behave like a princess before she ran away and she holds herself high and regal because of the training drilled into her. When she left she stole some of her father's possessions, including a Rider's sword, and a brilliant war horse named Septimus. Septimus wears light, yet intimidating horse armor, and is a draft horse. ((basically a huge muscular RaWr thing, they are epic and awesome)).

looks: she is beautiful for a human, and has a flawless face, and pale skin that seems to gleam in the sun. She has long, pin straight blonde hair and a set of dark, black eyes. She has alot of her fathers features, and if you have ever seen her father you'd recognize her right away. She has a princess-curved body and where's tight black combat ready armor that is functional and form-fitting, it has red symbols all along it and is actually a dress at the bottom with leggings. She owns a black tattered Ra'zac cloak, which she wears while in disguise. On her left arm she has a burn in the shape of a G...

Weapon of choice: Riders blade, a black curved blade with a red symbol on the hilt, called Sirrush.

where does she live: well she travels alot on her horse, so nowhere, because there are wanted posters of her everywhere.

Does this character have a dragon: Nope, and she will not have one throughout the duration of this RP.


I just decided Septimus is intelligent enough to be a character.

Name: Septimus

Gender: Male

Race: Draft horse

Age: 17, but he has the body and mind of a horse in it's prime.

Abilities: Running fast, carrying Kaida. When he was born he was blessed by Kaidas mother with long life, and the uncontrollable urge to protect Kaida..

Bio: Born to a massive stalion named Cobalion and a mare named Wrenflyte, he was instantly the favorite of Galbatorix, and trained. That changed when Kaidas mother molded his mind in another way. He gained long life and intelligence, along with the desire to protect Kaida. He has been with Kaida ever sence, protecting her when she is sick and weak.

looks: he's a large black stallion with a 'G' branded on his back hindquarters. He has light blue eyes, and is well muscled. His mane is white, oddly enough, and he wears silver armor which covers all of his exposed flesh. The armor makes him look intimidating, and has saved him from many attacks.

Weapon of choice: Hooves and teeth, because that's really all a horse has got.

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Taco Kickline
Name: Avestruz Skulblaka Shadeslayer. ((I know its a mouthful, she usually insists on being called Ave.!))

Gender: Female.

Gender: Elf.

Age: ???? Centuries and centuries, she is very old indeed, she was a part of the war between Elves and Dragons.

Abilities: Well, she's an elf, so superhuman abilities, Magic, and that junk..

Bio: She was born at the end of the dragon and elf war, and she was very sickly, so as a sign of good faith, the dragons healed her by touching her, three wild dragons bonded to her. After this, she and the first rider Eragon developed a small romance between them, and then when he vanished she fell into grief, and Galbatorix slaughtered all three of her dragons, she lived, just barely, but he believes she is dead. she is in constant pain, and feels empty, imagine feeling your soul ripped out of your body. That happened to her three times in a row... Because of this misfortune she speaks only by using her thoughts, like a dragon would, so if you do nit open your mind to her she speaks in facial expressions almone. ((she's mute duhhhhhhh)).

Looks: She has long, flowing white hair and her eyes are shaped like a dragons, from her exposure to the three dragons, she looks more beautiful than any elf. She has sharper k-9 fangs than normal, and she is relatively tall. She has a shapely body, and looks to be in her early twenties. Due to her exposure to so much dragon magic she ages painfully slow.

Weapon of choice: She has a multicolored Rider's sword called Aiedail, which Rhunon crafted for her years ago, and she also has possession of the first Rider Eragon's sword, a white rider sword called Nidhogg. She will use both when she attacks. ((dual Weilding!!)) but she will give away both swords if she finds a rider she likes, shell give her own blade before shell give Nidhogg away.

Where does she live: Just outside Ellesmera, in the caves where the slaughter of the dragons happened so many years ago.

Her dragons:

Names, in order of death: Raegami, Eibisu, Luthien.

Where did she get them: Wild-bonded.

How old: they were adults, no ones sure.

Fire and fly: Yes and they were awesome.

Colors: Blood red with black horns and talons, Faint Jade green with a hint of blue in the wings, Silver with gold horns.

Gender: male, Male, Female.

Do the Varden or king know: Well they did, and then they all died, the elves still know she is alive, but she likes to be alone.

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Blizzard Wings

HI FAN!!!! ... I mean TACO!!!!

Ok, so, I was gonna use this character that my sis made up, but she said no(coz he's too awesome), but I did manage to steal his name :D!

Name: Alviss (doesn't have a last name (lol, I can't think of one))

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Age: You know I'm not good at these (lol)

Abilities: ((not too many, because that's god-modding)) He's good at throwing things(knives, axes, ect) but he prefers to shoot arrows from his bow. He can sword fight but doesn't like to, if he has to do close-combat fighting it's with two daggers. He can also use magic.

Bio: ((breif history)) He was born in an Elven City, but when Galbatorix took over and the Elves retreated into Du Weldenvarden(sp?) he left with his best friend Armaia. At one point they were attacked by many of Galbatorix's soldiers and Armaia died using up all her magic. Alviss was left broken-hearted and he vowed to do whatever it took to help stop Galbatorix's reign. He wandered Alagaesia, making Allys with those who also wanted to halt Galbatorix's reign, thus making his own small rebel force. He went in search of one named Brom, only to find out that he had died. Eventually his rebel force broke up, many going to find and join the Varden, and he was once again left on his own. Ever since then he has wandered Alagaesia, doing whatever he can to help stop Galbatorix on his own, as he doesn't want to return to his own kind, fearing that those who knew him would disown him for leaving.

looks: please be very detailed or have a picture)) Ok, so since I couldn't find a picture: He has short spiky black hair, he wears a sleeveless green vest with a blue flame-like insignia over the chest and black pants. His bow is black and elegantly carved, it also has the blue flame-like insignia on it. His two daggers have red hilts with silver wound around it for grip and the blue flame-like insignia on the cross-hilt.

weapon of choice: ((no riders blades for humans, unless youve been to Ellesmera!!And get creative maybe it's not a blade, but it's an axe or something)) He wields a bow, but has two daggers strapped to his arms for when he's close-combat fighting.

where does your character live: ((spine, Urubaen, whatever)) He's a kinda a rouge so he has no set home, but he was born in one of the Elven Cities

He has no dragon.

And there you have it, Alviss Nolastname! Oh, and by the way, his little blue flame-like insignia is one he made himself(I haven't decided what for yet.... XD)

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Taco Kickline
^.^ Both awesome and Accepted, love the colors for the Dragon Shadow, awesome!!! Welcome to the R.p. Start anytime. :3
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Mrs. Semple

Name: Amri

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Age: 69 years old ( 18)

Abilities: Magic, gathering herbs and stuff, and combat.

Bio: Amri has no other siblings. Her parents had sadly died of some unknown factor. One day when she was wondering the forest, she came across a clearing that was wide open. Seeing a cave up ahead in a small cliff ridge; she began to climb. When she reached the entrance, she had seen numerous broken shells. She ventured further into the cavern and hidden in debris and covered with dust was a black/violet egg.


(Has Brown Hair.)

Weapon of choice: ((no riders blades for humans, unless you've been to Ellesmera!!And get creative maybe it's not a blade, but it's an axe or something)) Has a rider sword but is very different then all of the others. (Looks like Cynder's tail blade.)

Where does your character live: In the forest of the elves. Where she and her dragon live in peace.

If your character has a dragon

Where was the egg found: It was found deep in the heart of the elven forests.

How old is it: Zaviric is a year old.

Can it breathe fire or fly yet: Yes to both

What color is it: Raven scales, and golden horns, talons, and wing fingers. He is very muscular, and has very lard wings. He has a chin spike on his chin and four head horns al together. Two on his cheekbones that curve inward and to on the top of his head, that are long and sharp.

gender: Male

Do the Varden or Empire know of it: Yes

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Taco Kickline

Ohh, i like this one. so accepted, ^.^ if your still up to play, sorry for the lack of modding, my computer exploded.

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Mrs. Semple

Thankx! i have more characters but one is wild..... Oh and of course im still up to roleplay i'm more than happy to do so! And im srry about your computer...

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Taco Kickline

add as many characters as you can handle. and take a Canon Character if you think you can handle it.

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Name: Taya

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 16

Abilities: Somewhat kung-fu, great reflexes, excellent with the bow and arrow and her ax, premature dragon rider

Bio: When Taya's mom died by Galvatorix's hand, her father became an alcolholic and abusive, but only when drunk. Taya eventually became a young woman and that's when he started to hit her and by the time she was fifteen she has had enough and she ranaway from her house. Taya then traveled around for about a year and she then was resting in a field and she woke up by a bright white flash and she saw an great golden egg. As soon as Taya touched it the egg jumped around before it hatched and she saw a baby golden dragon. It stumbled over to Taya and she reached out to pet it and as soon as she touched its head a flash abrupted from her palm and she passed out. The rest plays out! :)

looks: Short A-cut with very dark brown hair, 5'6, Lightly tan, with very bright brown eyes that put into the right light look red, clothes are pretty much a pale sky blue cotton short sleeved shirt, brown cotton full pants/sweats.

weapon of choice: A medium sized ax and a bow and arrow, father gave to her to help hunt

where does your character live: In the countryside by the mountains (Near where the Resistance headquarters)

Dragon's soon to be name: Styke

Where was the egg found: In part of a field

How old is it: Hatchling

Can it breathe fire or fly yet: No

What color is it: Gold

What type of dragon is it: (Remove the two outside heads! Not my picture!) Supposidly the Golden dragon is the beast of the sun and of lightning, and shall carry out mother nature's orders.

gender: Male

Do the Varden or Empire know if the dragon: No

Why should I give you or your character a dragon?: Because Taya has had a rough life since the death of her mother and she wants to help stop Galvatorix and his evil empire, plus she doesn't fight unless she is forced to.

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Taco Kickline
Uhh... Well I love how you tried to make the dragon all sweet and hydra-esque, but I think it should only have one head, I mean, three heads is just too much p'wnage in battle. You can still have him be the dragon that follows mother nature and such. LOVE THE AXE THING!! Before I accept, how often are you on?. I expect a dragon rider to try to post every day, or every other day. I mean dragon Rider's are a pretty crucial part of this story. And I hate having to explain everything twice. :{

So as a little reminder, delete two of the heads on your dragon, and tell me how often you are on. ^.^ I didn't do this for the others and I'm regretting it. ^.^*


9/26/2011 #11

I'm on a lot, and sure I'll remove two of the heads. THANK YOU gor letting me join the rp! :)

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Taco Kickline
Indeed. ^.^ welcome. Currently our characters are headed to a stronghold with Ra'zac. They are somewhere in the Haradac I think. Not completely sure. Kaida just collapsed, same with Alviss. ^.^ heh
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Blizzard Wings

Hey, a couple of questions before I decide to create some more characters:

Will Kaida and Alviss ever come across the Varden? And are we aloud to create wild dragons or do they have to have riders?

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Taco Kickline
Eventually, yes. They shall journey to discover why their brains are linked. And in the process reveal how Kaidas dad us Galby.And FINALLY!! SOMEONE WHO ASKED AN AWESOME QUESTION!!! the answer is yes, but said dragon would live way far outside of the Empire/Varden. Like in a special place, somewhere where Galbatorix can't get to them. I may or may not make a thread for that. If so, I'd put Freohr in there. He's so awesome. ^.^ anyways, like it says in Aves description. There are Wild dragons. And a wild dragon can choose a partner if they wish.
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Blizzard Wings

Yay! That means I can create some charaters I've been thinking about! But it might take me a while, so I'll post them in a separate post :)

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Blizzard Wings

Name: Khazel Thauris Jentra

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Age: Lol, um.... About the same as Alviss... If they were humans with human life-spans they'd be about 27/28/29/30ish

Abilities: He's really good at using his magic and he's a fairly experianced sword fighter, but he's not that great at anything else

Bio: He joined Alviss' rebel force and became the second in command, but he left Alviss with the rest of the rebels when they decided to join the Varden


weapon of choice: Sword

where does your character live: Farthen-Dur or where ever he gets posted


Wild Dragon

How old is it: Gah, stupid ages DX

Abilities: He can fly, can his fire be white? And is it possible for him to be able to heal other dragons by having mastered some sort of magical thing that changes his fire to healy stuff?

What color is it: White with golden vein-like lines spreading across his body and golden eyes

What type of dragon is it:

Gender: Male

Do the Varden or Empire know of it: No because it lives outside the Empire/Varden with the other Wild Dragons :)

Personality: I think he's not that conversational, depending on who he's talking to, he's wise and he is well respected. May or may not change :)

I may or may not make a Rider for him called Iarich, it depends on if I decide five charaters (including Saphira) will be too many or if I think it will be more fun to have someone else be his Rider.

Lol, it took me so long to do this because I got distracted XD

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Taco Kickline
Can said dragon have like pearly horns so we can tell him apart from Bid'aum, who is also a white dragon. But he's bonded to Eragon Sooo... Maybe they wouldn't meet. ^.^ Accepted even if you dont decide to change it, lol, oh but can you add some stuff to your dragon? Just copy the form I wrote below. ^.^.

Ready for my wild dragon? Here he comes ^.^

Name: Freohr ((this means death))

Age: A very young dragon, his egg was recently discovered by the wild dragons and hatched around 19 human years ago.

Abilities: He breaths fire and flies lol, he's one of the best fliers of the wild dragons, even in his youth. He has the ability to sence natural disasters before they happen, and when he takes to the sky, everything grows darker.

What type of dragon is he: Well he's a chaos dragon, a very rare and dying breed of dragon, only born in extreme situations where much darkness is involved.  At his age, he is Massive, and is already rivaling the size of some of the smaller adolescent dragons, which is awesome considering he will be a fledgeling until he's at least 100.

What color is he: Ebony scaled, and his eyes are black with a slight silver ring around the edge. His fire is of course, black. ((essentially he looks like this: 

do the empire/Varden know of his exhistance?: slightly, when he was born, the world was dark for one day. (eclipse) so they have their suspicions, but neither of them can prove a thing.

Personality: Strong willed and defiant, he won't stop trying to get what he wants, he can be a bit cold at times, but is overall a very cheerful dragon, despite his looks. He is however, drawn to natural disasters like a moth to flame, which is why many people beleive chaos dragons cause the disasters. He is a prankster at times, and is disgruntled because alot of dragons fear him too.

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Blizzard Wings

I edited it :)

10/2/2011 #19
Taco Kickline
Yeah he can heal other dragons, but I think it should make him tired or something.
10/3/2011 #20
Blizzard Wings

How about he gets tired and he can't fly? Just to make it fair :)

10/4/2011 #21
Taco Kickline
Okay that's cool then. He's a Drake or a lambton worm ^.^ yay
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Mrs. Semple

Name: Baliriah (Everlasting Flame)

Age: 130

Abilities: well she breathes fire, can fly, and has the ability to control this dark powerful ability. Fear. It's a red mist that consumes its victim and instills fear into it's very core.

What type of dragon is she: Baliriah was once apart of a prosperus dragon species'. But she is actually the last or one of the few left of ones that can control another ability beside's the standard fire.

What color is she: She is a pure black with a red underbelly, along with her wing's. Her eight long horns atop of her head along with her wing fingers, and dangerous tail blade are and ivory white.

do the empire/Varden know of his exhistance?: She was once close to being fully captured by the empire when the war was waging on against the rider's and the empire. The varden and the empire both believe her to be non existant.

Personality: She can be cruel at times. But only when she is pushed to the limit. Baliriah is a kind dragoness but usually stays alone. She can be protective at times and is a skilled fighter.

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Taco Kickline
Oooooh cool ^.^ accepted. I think I'll make a topic for the wild dragons soon.
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Name: Hellgrind

Age: 25 (Still very young)

Abilities: Running very fast, Strength, Size, Able to burrow very fast, Blowing very hot blue fire, Scales are almost invulnerable

What type of dragon is she: The now rarest and largest breed of Dragon ever sighted, called the Mountain Brawler.

What color is she: (For a size comparison to a human:

do the empire/Varden know of her existance?: No not yet, but should eventually.

Personality: Protective of her territory, feels like a freak when compared to other dragons. Pretty much a gentle giant, but will fight and kill if she has to.

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Name:Aiedail, Gender:F Race:human Age:14 Abilities: ((not too many, because that's god-modding)) She's a skilled archer and quick running. She's agile and fast. Bio: ((breif history))Aiedail was born to a middle-class family. When she was ten her parents died of a fever and she's been taking care of herself ever since. looks: please be very detailed or have a picture)) weapon of choice: ((no riders blades for humans, unless youve been to Ellesmera!!And get creative maybe it's not a blade, but it's an axe or something, also if you do have a riders weapon, explain how you got it)) bow and arrows where does your character live: ((spine, Urubaen, whatever)) The Spine If your character has a dragon Where was the egg found:The forest How old is it:5mo. Can it breathe fire or fly yet:It can fly What color is it: Silver What type of dragon is it: ((can be made up by you, just explain some king of breif folklore, like chaos dragon who represents foul omens and is said to snatch children away from their beds, or something)) A dream dragon said to bring good dreams to good children. gender:F Do the Varden or Empire know of it:No ahh and as another last minute rule, why should I give you or your character a dragon? Because I really, really want it. To which side are you currently allied? Varden, Galbatorix, Both, Neither, or Undecided? ((If both, be prepared to live as a double agent. .)) Varden
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Name: Shadow pandera

Gender: Female

Race: Elf

Age: 17, human years, looks 15.

Abilities: Magic and good hand to hand. Gets along well with the other species but never bothered to learn the manners of her own.

Bio: ((breif history)) She was born in the human lands and was lost after her parents were attacked by urgals, so she grew up with humans. Shes searching for her parents now, and hopes to find them soon.

looks: She is around 5 foot 9, with yellow green eyes and long white hair reaching her hips, and normally has a grin on her face. She also has senstive eyes, so she often wears a hat, or something with a hood.

weapon of choice: She has a normal human blade. She is hoping to get a better one soon.

where does your character live: She lived with some nomadic groups, the same group that used to go to carvall, however she has not met eragon more than just saying hello or selling him something.

To which side are you currently allied? Undecided

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Hey, is this chat still working?

If yes, I need help (sorry but it does not include RP-stuff or OC).

I have been writing an Eragon based fic and I wonder... have you ever heard of a something called "Walker"? It is a dragon in its human form.


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Name: Bella Frost

Gender: Female

Race: human

Age: 18

Abilities: She is a shadow dancer. Last one of her kind. She can sneak through any shadows even yours and kill you. They are assassins but like the top rank level.

She is good at using dual weapons and a good fighter.

Bio: Being the last of her kind she has been fighting for her life. She has no family and pretty much alone. She found her dragon while running at the age of 13. She tripped over the egg. That was when it cracked. She thought it was dead so she took it to eat it. Right about to cook it, it hatched and well there you go.

looks: She has red frizzy hair, her skin is honey color. She is about 5'10 but even with her height she is verily graceful. She has piercing baby blue eyes. Her top lip is smaller than her top like.

weapon of choice: She uses the dark draggers she got from the bones of her first dragon she killed. They are sharp and have the aura of death. She uses those or her bow. If she feels ruthless then her ax.

where does your character live: ((spine, Urubaen, whatever)) Just came from her region so no where

If your character has a dragon

Where was the egg found: in the night running from her home being destroyed

How old is it: 5 years old

Can it breathe fire or fly yet: yeah

What color is it: black

What type of dragon is it: The dragon is a night spirit. Like shadow dancer they can hide in the night due their black skin. They are shift and attack quickly. Some can't see it flying when in attack mode because of the speed.

gender: male

Do the Varden or Empire know of it:

(No she has been hiding)

ahh and as another last minute rule, why should I give you or your character a dragon? Because I like to rp with you guys

To which side are you currently allied? Varden, Galbatorix, Both, Neither, or Undecided? Niether she is new to the place

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alanna of olua


Name: Elestel Legolasiel (Starhope: Daughter of Greenleaf)

Race: Elf

Male/Female: Female

Age: 250 (Human Years: 36)

Family: One half-brother named Elearello Legolasion (Star from the Sea: Son of Greenleaf)

Sword description: Mithril blade engraved with a leaf pattern, with a ebony stone held, and a green diamond infused to the stone at the bottom of the ebony stone.

Sword Name: Eldome (Stardusk)

Other weapons: Two short sword are called Megilborerin (Wood Handle Swords), Bow and Arrow.

Armor: The armor that Legolas wore in the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

Rider description and characteristics: Friendly, not all quick to judge in less forced to do so, enjoys talking to the trees and animals in the woodland realms, is also very soft spoken, and enjoys reading history not just of the elven culture, dragon culture, and any other culture so that she can fit in even if she is a female elf. Elestel is about 6'1" tall. She had long flowing silver blonde hair with several different streaks of colors mixed in they are: Black, Red, and Brown. She wears breeches and tunics when not at formal events. For the formal events she wears a modest dress that is fitting for a Elf Princess and a Dragon Rider.

Background: Father was the king of a elf kingdom in the northern borders of Alagaesia. Sadly Elestel mother was killed during the war with Galbatorix. Her father remarried to another female elf which is were Elearello her half-brother comes from. Left home because of the unpleasant feelings between her and her step-mother. She speaks with her father once and a while but for the most part avoids speaking to him. She does send regular letters to her half-brother they are on really good speaking terms.

Elestel spent time with Brom of all people. (I don't know how much into the future you have Alagaesia being.) She went into hiding with her dragon to protect him from death. Elestel wanted to travel with Brom when he was carrying the dragon egg. But because of her dragon she remained hidden in one of the southern woodlands in almost completely alone. When she heard of Brom death she greatly grieved for the death of a such a strong dragon rider. Elestel came out of hiding after the war with her dragon having thought it was safe. She only came out because when she tried using magic to search for Brom to speak to him she could not find him.

Elestel returned to her father court on the back of her dragon. She was accepted by her hundred and fifty year old half-brother more warmly then her step-mother. Her father was shocked to is his daughter return after not being able to find her in his woodland realm. When he asked her why she had come back she claimed that she felt it was safe for her and Lossnaur to return to there life as a rider.

Elestel first task was to find out what she could of the new Dragon Rider order. And to find out what her post would be from with in. While most of the newer riders would think she was cowardly for going into hiding Lossnaur her dragon was only a few months old when the war broke out so he was not in the state to carry her in flight that was why they went into hiding.

Elestel bonded with Lossnaur when she was 225 (Human years: 30). She was most likely one of the last chosen for the clutch of eggs before Galbatorix had the dragons and riders destroyed. Her mother was killed in that attack so was her mother dragon which was the mother of Lossnaur. Elestel managed to grab Lossnaur egg and fled the nesting grounds. She was shocked when she returned to her father palace with the egg scared and unsure but she had touched the egg with out thought and pretty much stolen from her mother dragon.

Elestel mother name was Erudessa (Woman of God) her father name is Legolas (Greenleaf). She was unsure if any of the other nest of eggs survived because her mother told her to take Eldome and the egg she grabbed and to flee the area. So when Elestel got in contact with Brom and found out he had a dragon egg that was passing between the different Elven Cities as well as Human location she had hoped it was a egg from her mother dragon clutch of eggs. But she never saw the egg because Brom always visited her when he did not have it so she did not know.


Name: Lossnaur (Snowfire)

Male/Female: Male

Color: Solid snow white with red talons. His wings are white on the top and red on the underside.

Eye Color: Sparkling emerald green

Fire Color: Blood red color flame with hints of green and silver.

Family: Lossnaur mother name was Gothweniel (Strife). Lossnaur father name was Glandur (White).

History: Lossnaur parents were both dragons with riders. The funny thing is Gothweniel and Glandur riders did not agree on anything with in the Dragon Riders Order so it was a shock to them when there Dragons mated with each other.

Age: 25

Characteristics: Friendly, not all quick to judge in less forced to do so, and is also very soft spoken.

Allied: Elestel and Lossnaur are neutral and were in hiding they stayed out of the Empire and Varden way while they fought.

As to giving a Dragon: If you read my character back history you will find that Lossnaur was from the clutch that Elestel mother dragon had. So they were meant to be dragon and rider. Also Brom knew about them but he may have kept the fact they were alive hidden because it was not the Varden business if a Rider with a young dragon did not want to fight or not.

(Personally I felt that the Varden pushed Eragon and Saphira into fighting in the war. While I know he wanted to fight as well he did not have the experience as a rider till have he trained in the Elven Kingdom to fight.)

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