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This is for the people who have read the books, based off of the books, there's already a forum like this, but i think this one is better :3 hahahahaaa :3
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Taco Kickline

Here are where characters with no real significance to the plot will be posted. They are the "filler" characters. Just so if we decide to use them again, we know who they are. Make them something like this:

Name: Marcus (Cant think of a last name)

Age: somewhere in his 20s

Looks: Short cut brown hair, brown eyes, has a good amount of muscle. Wears armor almost all of the time.

Race: Human

Personality: Foolish, and very racist. He is terrified of Elves and likes to make ignorant jokes about Dwarves, and any other races. He is usually mean. He can have his caring moments though.

Bref history: Born and raised in the Varden. He is loyal to the Varden and will (spoiler) serve them to his last breath.

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Taco Kickline

Name: Grant (no last name)

Age: Somewhere in his late thirties

Looks: He's albino, so he is pale with white hair and red eyes. He wears thick flowing robes, with some armor set into them.

Race: Human

Personality: He is blind, but he doesnt let that get him down. He was taught to use magic to 'see' his surroundings.

Breif history: he was bullied alot when he was younger, and many people thought he was the devil reincarnated. He has never let this phase him and continues onwards with a false smile on his face.

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Taco Kickline

((this one may be moved to the true OC characters, i like her))

Name: Neifna

Age: Younger than Alviss by 2 or 3 years. XD

Looks: long brown hair, and feirce green eyes. She always has a bow and arrow with her at all times. She doesnt tend to wear armor, because it slows her down. She is intoxicatingly beautiful, even for an elf.

Race: Elf

Personality: She is blunt and can be cruel at times, most of this is her anger and frustration. She had a little bit of a love interest in Alviss, but when he left, she decided she hated him XD. She is not like other elves, she uses the fact she is beautiful to bend men to her will, and get what she wants.

Breif history: She was always pretty, and alot of elves and men feared her beauty. Many people ignored her because of her beauty and avoided her. She grew bitter because of this and used her beauty to control people. She is more misunderstood than anything else, and can be very violent at times.

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